‘Don’t Be Tardy for The Wedding’ FINALE & ‘Kathy’ for Thursday June 14th, 2012 – Bravo Ratings

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In the special hour long finale of ‘Don’t Be Tardy for The Wedding’ featuring the wedding of Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann filmed last November on 11-11-11, the question we had at BravoRatings.com was just how many Bravo Rating Records could Kim earn as an additional wedding present from her fans?

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Well, see below to see what records Kim broke but….Tardy’s finale drew 2,347,000 beating both Bethenny’s aired nuptials from 2010 and

Jaime laurita’s aired last Sunday on Real Housewives of New Jersey. We’re checking but we think that’s the most watched Bravo wedding EVER! Congratulations Kim and Kroy!

In yesterday’s post we outlined these questions:

1) This week on Bravo – the highest rated show was Sunday, June 10th’s airing of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ which also featured a wedding (a same-sex one) which was watched by 2,293,000 viewers. Will Kim beat that? UPDATE: WELL, SHE BROKE THAT BY 54,000 VIEWERS

2) Will Kim beat fellow Housewife spin off queen Bethenny Frankel in viewers? in this years 3rd Season of ‘Bethenny Ever After‘, the highest rated episode drew an audience of 1,302,000 and Kim’s already beaten that for 6 of the 8 episodes that have aired so far, so I think we can say that’s a certainty. UPDATE: THAT WAS EASY! KIM BROKE THAT BY 1,045,000 VIEWERS

3) Bethenny’s nuptials which aired in the 1st season of her solo vehicle ‘Bethenny’s Getting Married?‘ drew 2,259,000 viewers and with Zolciak getting 2,026,000 for her episode two week ago when she lifted her wig, can Kim’s wedding garner more viewer bouquets than Bethenny’s did in 2010? That might just be on the cards for Kim.THIS WAS THE TOUGH ONE AND THE ONE TO BEAT! KIM BROKE BETHENNY’S WEDDING RATINGS BY 88,000 VIEWERS

4) One record we don’t think Kim can match is breaking Bethenny’s first season average for ‘Bethenny’s Getting Married‘ In that season Bethenny averaged 1,794,000 viewers throughout her 10 episode first season, and for Kim to equal that average she’d need to have 4,015,600 viewers tonight, based on that we think it’s safe to say that that laurel will remain with Bethenny. Don’t you? THIS WAS THE IMPOSSIBLE ONE AND KIM MISSED THIS BUT HER SEASON AVERAGED A VERY HEALTHY 1,609,000

So, Kim broke the first three but as we expected not the fourth…..but that really was a tall order, not even Kim could climb.

Following Kim & Kroy, ‘Kathy‘ benefited from her best lead-in of the season and that combined with the first of Kathy’s new celebrity guests saw ‘Kathy’ climb a healthy 110,000 viewers or 15% over last week. Lance Bass & AJ McLean joined Kathy and next week Anderson Cooper swaps his oft frequented WWHL chair with Andy Cohen to sit with Kathy.

  • Ell

    I love watching Kim with her family. Her baby is adorable, her girls are cute and Kroy is great. I hopw that Bravo continues to let us see into Kim and her families life. I watch all the Housewives shows, but I love Atlanta and Beverly Hills.
    This season of Atlanta – I loved watching Kim and the birth. I am over NeNe Leakes. She acts like she is better than the others. Phaedra and Kandy are so entertaining. More Kim and less NeNe will make me happy!
    There is a group of us that watch and we had a vote 27 wanted more Kim and 2 wanted less NeNe. !!!