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In April 2013 Bravo Media announced their 2013 slate of new and renewed programming and we’re afraid that Miss Advised wasn’t on it. To see the other nine shows that also missed out on renewal and their ratings which acts as a guide to the audience size that a show needs to succeed on Bravo TV click here.

Full Season Summary

The cast of Miss Advised Bravo Media’s latest in a long line of matchmaking shows are three matchmakers in three cities; Amy Laurent in New York, Emily Morse in San Francisco, and Julia Allison in Los Angeles. These gals will be hoping to avoid the fate of the last show that debuted on Monday’s at 10pm as Lori Zaslow’s NYC based “Lover Broker‘ was pulled from Bravo’s schedule after just two episodes. Love Broker had the 3rd season of ‘Bethenny Ever After‘ which averaged 1.1m and 0.51 in the 18-49 demo as its lead-in and ‘Miss Advised’ will have ‘RHoNY‘ which after 2 episodes is averaging 1.545m & 0.70, as its.

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Update – July 31st, 2012

Last week Miss Advised received a nice bump from the 8% jump in RHoNY ratings’ lead-in and scored a respectable (and season high) viewership of 700,000. Although RHoNY this week grew further, Miss Advised plunged 28% down to 504,000, their second lowest rated episode. As the season is now 7 episodes in, with just next week’s finale left to air, they’ll no doubt stay at the 10pm slot. The following week Gallery Girls takes this slot and we wonder if they’ll be a better bump for WWHL as we’ve no doubt that Miss Advised’s poor ratings have adversely affected the ratings for the Monday WWHL episode. Only once since RHoNY came back on the air has WWHL rated high enough (Sonja Morgan’s episode) to score a nightly Top 100 Cable Show listing and if RHoNY had aired at 10pm that surely would have translated into higher ratings for Andy Cohen.

Update – July 24th, 2012

Monday’s episode of Miss Advised hit a season high with 700,000 viewers but still just scoring another 0.30 in the 18-49 demo. That is a gain of 83,000 or 13% compared with the previous week. With RHoNY having gained 8% (113,000 viewers) week-on-week, that meant that Miss Advised retained 46% of its RHoNY lead-in. That mid 40’s percentage lead-in has been consistent for the last 3 episodes which just shows how important increasing RHoNY’s audience is, not to just RHoNY but the The Miss Advised cast as well. Still no figures for Julia, Emily & Amy’s WWHL clubhouse appearance.

Final Update August 13,2012

At 10pm, ‘Miss Advised‘ aired it’s finale, which retained just 38.58% of its RHoNY lead-in. 556,000 (0.3 demo) tuned in and that meant the overall season average came in at 573,750 and 0.26 demo. This show never seemed to hit the mark, and while the negative attention directed at cast member Julia Allison, seemed to have drawn many viewers, at Bravo Ratings we’d be surprised if a 2nd season is commissioned. With this show airing at 10pm as WWHL’s nightly Tuesday lead-in, it has also hurt the ratings for WWHL as only once during its 8 week run as WWHL rated in the nightly Cable Top 100 shows.

Update – July 17th, 2012

Miss Advised’s ratings are in for episode 5 and they seem to have settled in around the 600k mark, with this week’s episode being watched by 617,000 and importantly 0.30 in the 18-49 demo. The season to date average is 566,000 and would be almost exactly at 600k but for the poor ratings of the episode which aired during the July 4th holiday week. Pregnant In Heels first season averaged 598,000 and it was renewed for a 2nd season, so all is not yet lost for Miss Allison, Laurent, & Morse.

Update – July 10th, 2012

After falling last week by 28.45%, Miss Advised climbed 24.4% this week, almost back to its 2nd week’s ratings and this week scored 594,000 viewers. Most important though, is that it managed to score 0.30 in the 18-49 demo, something it hadn’t done since its premiere episode on June 18th. With it getting a 0.30, it’s certainly bought itself at least one more week of Monday airings, and may well have kept the 10pm time slot as well. Also in its favor is that WWHL was able to build on its 10pm lead-in and rate in the Top 100 nightly cable shows (again Miss Advised didn’t), for the first time since RHoNY and Miss Advised took over the Monday schedule on Bravo.

Update – July 3rd, 2012

Later last night the 3rd episode of Miss Advised aired and as usual it failed to score in the nightly Cable Top 100.

UPDATE: 7.30pm July 3rd Miss Advised dropped 161,000 viewers week on week down to a new season low of 446,000 with another 0.20 in the demo. As we mentioned in our weekly projections, scoring a 2nd 0.20 might mean Bravo pulls it from the 10pm hour and replaces it with a Real Housewives repeat. Miss Allison, Miss Morse, Miss Laurent and producer Ashley Tisdale, can not at all be very happy with how this show has rated

Update – June 26th, 2012

Miss Advised ratings are in and they are both good and bad. The overall viewer totals grew against last week’s premiere; gaining 7.2% or 41,000 but worryingly the 18-49 demo dropped from 0.30 to 0.20. It was two weeks of scoring 0.20 that caused Bravo to pull Love Broker from its March schedules, as Bravo could simply run another Real Housewives repeat and more or less be guaranteed to score a 0.40 demo figure and thus earn more advertising dollars in that hour.

Update – June 21st, 2012

We’ve just got the numbers for the premiere and they are not good BUT, and this is the only positive, they aren’t as bad as the premiere of ‘Love Broker‘. Lori Zaslow’s New York based Matchmaker vehicle, debuted in March in the low to mid 400k’s and 0.2 in the demo and was pulled from the schedules after just two episodes. The premiere of ‘Miss Advised’ was watched by 566,000 viewers, scoring 0.3 in the demo. That 0.30 demo percentage was important as 0.20 was the number ‘Love Broker’ couldn’t get above and although ‘80 Plates‘, ‘Pregnant in Heels‘ & ‘Kathy‘ might have larger total audiences they too often only have 0.30 demo score. For the moment it’s fair to say that ‘Miss Advised’ is safe from experiencing the same fate as ‘Love Broker’. ‘Miss Advised’ kept 40% of the still reducing ‘RHoNY‘ lead in and with news that NY’s 4th episode next week is a great one, let’s hope that RHoNY’s audience grows and therefore gives “Miss Advised’ a bump too.

Update – June 19th, 2012

An inauspicious debut for ‘Miss Advised’ culminated in it not palceing in the cable Top 100 last night so BravoRatings has to dig a little deeper to find out how many viewers watched. It seems this premiere didn’t get much of a lift from its lead-in as the 3rd episode of RHoNY scored season low ratings this week with just 1.39m viewers watching its 9pm airing.

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Episode # Time_Aired Date_Aired Episode Name Total Audience 18-49 Demo
S01E01 10:00 PM 18-Jun-12 Old Flames and New Beginnings 566,000 0.30
S01E02 10:00 PM 25-Jun-12 Breaking All The Rules 607,000 0.20
S01E03 10:00 PM 2-Jul-12 What’s Your Type 446,000 0.20
S01E04 10:00 PM 9-Jul-12 Kissing, Drinking, and Dancing 594,000 0.30
S01E05 10:00 PM 16-Jul-12 True Colors 617,000 0.30
S01E06 10:00 PM 23-Jul-12 Eat, Pray, Fight 700,000 0.30
S01E07 10:00 PM 30-Jul-12 The One? 504,000 0.20
S01E08 10:00 PM 06-Aug-12 True Love, True Life 556,000 0.30
Average Season 1 573,750 0.26

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TheFutonCritic

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