Bravo Ratings for Monday July 2nd, 2012 – RHoNY and Miss Advised

2 shows with poor ratings
RHoNY S5 & Miss Advised
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Considering that RHoNJ dropped 20% this Sunday from its previous showing, RHoNY did surprisingly well all things considered and only dropped 5.2% against its fourth episode . The fifth episode of the 5th season of RHoNY did score a new season low at 1,386,000 but more worryingly dropped to just 0.40 in the 18-49 demo. In our weekly projections we’d suggested a range of 1.2-1.4m and so it came in at just below our upper estimate.

Season to date it’s now trending 22.4% down against Season 4 and 19.25% down against Season 3. But it’s the ad buyers 18-49 demo where Bravo will really be feeling the pinch. That’s down 33% versus last season through five episodes, which means that Bravo could be losing as much as 1/3 of their advertising revenue during RHoNY airings. At Bravo Ratings we estimate that by firing Cindy Barshop, Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord and Jill Zarin, Bravo might have saved as much as $50,000 per episode in talent fees, but they would be losing that much plus a lot more just in lost ad dollars in just the first airing. You could say so much for all that social media research Andy Cohen likes to snort up. What have you thought of this new season? Please feel free to post in the comments and at Bravo Ratings we only edit for spam and profanity and unlike other websites not for your opinions.

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Later last night the 3rd episode of Miss Advised aired and as usual it failed to score in the nightly Cable Top 100. We’ll be able to track down their ratings through other sources and will update when we have them.

UPDATE: 7.30pm July 3rd Miss Advised dropped 161,000 viewers week on week down to a new season low of 446,000 with another 0.20 in the demo. As we mentioned in our weekly projections, scoring a 2nd 0.20 might mean Bravo pulls it from the 10pm hour and replaces it with a Real Housewives repeat. Miss Allison, Miss Morse, Miss Laurent and producer Ashley Tisdale, can not at all be very happy with how this show has rated

Don’t forget while RHoC takes a break tonight, Rosie Pope’s Pregnant in Heels has an all new episode.

Happy Independence Day for tomorrow, please be VERY safe around fireworks and we’ll see you back on Bravo Ratings on Thursday.

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers and TheFutonCritic

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  • Thomas

    I really hope Miss Advised’s ratings get a boost next week…

  • Ashely

    Ramona sucks, that’s why. She is a mental case. You could have left some of the old ladies who actually were half way normal instead of giving them all the boot. Love Sonja, the new ladies aren’t bad. Ramona ruins the entire show for me. JMO!

  • Jana

    I tried watching the first RHONY with the new ladies, & once again, but it was just awful. They should have kept Jill & Alex! They need to bring them back, I will not watch till they do!

  • Kari K

    I don’t understand why Bravo drops these new smaller shows for low ratings but will continue the RHNY and play it twice. Im gonna be totally honest. They should have let Sonja, Ramona go. I dont think they shouldbve even continued with Ny franchice. In their attempt they really made veiwers mad by keeping some and not others. I think they shouldve kept all but maybe one added addotion or laid off all and made a whole new cast. Another thing is theu need younger woman. More in their 30s and more realistic. I would rather watch any of Jeff Lewis’shows, love broker, Rosie Pope all in one night than RHNY. I had to find something on E channel as I fall asleep everytime Ive watched it. He needs Bethannys talk show, shouldve picked up Kendras new show now shes not with E. Celebrity Apprentice, Guiliana and Bill, Aubrey Oday had a cute show for a season on Oxygen. Bravo is only gonna sink if they keep running Ny. I do love BH, Atl they are the two I see lasting a couple more seasons.

  • Dawn Keye

    Can’t wait to hear how Miss Advised did!

    • Cindy’s Contempt

      Spoiler: It did badly. And it caused small dogs to go deaf. #PETA #ShameShackles

    • admin

      Dawn, They ratings have just come in and we’ve updated the post. They’re not good, we’re afraid.