Bravo Ratings for Sunday August 12th, 2012 – RHoNJ

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
scored season low ratings this week

Last week WWHL aired but not RHoNJ and this Sunday it was the other way around as WWHL starts its end-of-summer hiatus until September 9th. Up against the Olympics Closing Ceremony delayed telecast, the 15th episode of this 4th season posted its second lowest ratings, with just 2,231,000 viewers tuning in for the 10pm original broadcast. It managed to hold on to a demo rating of 1.0 and the season is now averaging 2,448,800, some 4.29% lower than Season 3 and 4.62% down against the second season.

Great Camera Deals

Replacing WWHL at 11pm was an immediate repeat of the 10pm show and that was viewed by 973,000 people, which was higher than Dina Manzo & Pauly D’s appearance on WWHL last Sunday. Almost without exception, every Bravo show that has returned, is trending into negative ratings territory versus its prior season and that phenomena must be worrying Bravo programming executives. The two non spin-off freshman shows that rated reasonably well; Shahs of Sunset & Chef Roble & Co, benefited from the lead-in of Bravo’s highest rated show; The Real Housewives of Atlanta and so it’s hard to judge them purely on their programming quality.

With both the Top Chef franchise & Real Housewives franchise reaching the end of their lives, Bravo is desperate for a new franchise success and based on the buzz (or lack thereof) of Monday night’s Gallery Girls debut, it seems that Bravo still has a lot of work to do to find the ‘next big thing’.

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Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers

  • Koopla

    I wish Bravo would atleast try and keep their original idea of the housewives being rich and classy and leading exciting lives. More class and less trash.

    • http://Thisone WallE

      But trash brings cash! (to Bravo)…

      Although we all know “Money Can’t Buy You Class” say it with me now!
      (Notice I said ‘say’ it with me, not ‘sing’ it with me… Gotta be true to the original…)

  • Biangsi

    The dip RHONJ and Bravo’s roster in general has seen over the last couple of weeks is fairly insignificant considering it’s been contending with the highest rated Olympics ever. I doubt it’s anything to worry about.

  • Jackson

    I have to agree that the Real Housewives heyday is over. No longer must see tv. Just more of the same – middle aged women acting like children. The only housewives i find tolerable are Gretchen rossi, phaedra parks, Carole radziwill and heather.

  • LJ

    You really think the Real Housewives franchise is nearing the end? I doubt that.

  • Heidijo

    Probably a combination of both, however, viewers are finally getting tired of the never ending ‘family feud’ in addition to the never ending Caroline & her brood constantly bashing Teresa………. Past two seasons have been nothing but a free pass to bash Teresa & it’s getting old for many of us…….

    • Lookers

      You’re so right. I’ve had it with the constant never ending trashing of Teresa. I’ve been done with this show. The Manzos are boring.