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Gallery Girls

In April 2013 Bravo Media announced their 2013 slate of new and renewed programming and we’re afraid that Gallery Girls wasn’t on it. To see the other nine shows that also missed out on renewal and their ratings which acts as a guide to the audience size that a show needs to succeed on Bravo TV click here.

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Full Season Summary

After 2 seasons of the ill fated and ill rated “Work of Art”, Bravo takes another stab at the art world, this time with Gallery Girls. This show concentrates on 7 young women who work in and around the New York art scene. With the seven’s living arrangements separated by the East River which divides Brooklyn & Manhattan, Bravo gets another chance to milk the Manhattan is ‘king’stereotype. The show stars Amy Poliakoff, Angela Pham, Chantal Chadwick, Claudia Martinez, Kerri Lisa, Liz Margulies and Maggie Schaffer.

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Early reviews from both the media and viewers is so far not positive at all, but with the relatively poor ratings of Miss Advised (whose lead-in was RHoNY Season 5), the ratings benchmark to beat should not prove too much of a struggle…..or will it?

Finale Update October 2nd, 2012

Gallery Girl’s finale unfortunately shed 100,000 viewers compared with the previous week’s penultimate episode and just 537,000 saw that Girl’s end their season. This was their second lowest rated episode as well as their lowest retention percentage of their RHoN lead-in. Last week we mused that they might have been growing their own following but with them retaining 29.22% of RHoNY’s 9pm audience, we’re not so sure. For the full eight episode 1st (and only?) season they averaged 589,625 viewers per episode and a disappointing 0.31 in the 18-49 demo. Given the age of the cast one would have assumed that they’d have higher in that age group which only represented 64% of their viewing audience.

Update September 18th, 2012

Showing that Gallery Girls is building its own, albeit small audience, its ratings of 637,000 viewers, was the third consecutive week in which 630k+ have tuned in. This week gained 5,000 on last’s despite the 289,000 drop in its lead-in audience and was on par with our projection of between 600k & 650k. This was the 2nd highest rated episode this season and season-to-date after 7 episodes, it is averaging just under 600,000 viewers with 0.31 in the 18-49 demo. That average puts Gallery Girls into marginal renewal territory for Bravo.

Update September 18th, 2012

Gallery Girls at 10/9c didn’t score a placement in the nightly Top 100 Cable TV shows and so we’ll need to do some further digging and will report back later on their ratings.
UPDATE Monday’s Gallery Girls improved by 1,000 over last week to reach a audience of 632,000, but dropped from last week’s 0.40 18-49 demo rating to 0.30. That 0.10 drop in the demo is a reduction of some 97,000 viewers aged between 18-49, which given the demographics of the cast of this show is surprising, to say the least. Season-to-date GG is averaging 590,500 viewers with 0.32 in the 18-49 demo which probably isn’t high enough for a second season to be commissioned. Anything less than 0.40 in the demo is probably doomed.

Update September 11th, 2012

After last week’s season low ratings, Gallery Girls, recovered somewhat and had their second best ratings of their season, with 631,000 viewers watching. Even better than that was their highest 18-49 demo percentage, as they scored 0.40, besting their four prior 0.30’s. After only retaining 26.6% of the RHoNY lead-in last week, we didn’t expect them to improve that much, as we’d forecasted a range between 500-500k, but they managed to retain 35% this week and therefore seem to be beginning to build their own audience.

Update September 6th, 2012

For their fourth episode, Bravo TV’s Gallery Girls had their highest lead in to date (RHoNY‘s 14th episode set a new season high of 1,928,000), yet the girls from Manhattans & Brooklyn’s art world will be groaning today, as their ratings for Monday night’s episode were their lowest yet. Just 512,000 viewers tuned in at 10pm Monday, and that represents retention of a miserly 26.56% of the previous hour’s RHoNY audience. The three prior week’s retention percentages were 33.31%, 33.27% and 36.64% respectively. One of the secrets of Bravo TV’s success over the last few years, has been creating hits (or at least reasonably rated shows) by scheduling them to air immediately after one of the Real Housewives franchises, however, a freshman show seeing a decline in its audience at the same time that its lead-in is growing, means that Gallery Girls is not going to be getting too much attention from the Bravo Press Office and anymore assistance to help grow these ratings.

Update August 28th, 2012

On the back of the improved RHoNY ratings, Gallery Girls‘ audience grew by 118,000 to 668,000 however its demo of 0.30 stayed flat across all three episodes that have aired so far. However it is closing in on its predecessor in the same time slot as Miss Advised at its highest pulled 700,000 viewers, and so if RHoNY can continue to grow, then the Gallery Girls should top that.

Episode 2 Update – 7:00pm EDT 21 Aug 2012. Gallery Girls for its second episode posted identical ratings to its premiere last week, with 550,000 viewers tuning in and scoring another 0.30 in the 18-49 demo. It’s certainly good news that their ratings didn’t drop from last week but they didn’t climb either retaining just 33.27% of the RHoNY’s lead-in. An art blog queried why we’d made a ratings comparison to Miss Advised in our initial post as one was about three single sex columnists/radio hosts/advisers and this is about the NY art world. The comparison is only valid in as much as both shows aired on Monday nights and had RHoNY as a lead-in. After 2 episodes Miss Advised was averaging 586,500 (with a smaller lead-in from RHoNY) whereas GG is of course averaging 550,000.

Premiere Ratings Update – 7:00pm EDT 14 Aug 2012

Gallery Girls pulled 550,000 viewers last night and 0.30 in the 18-49 demo, which is almost identical to the premiere of Miss Advised on June 18th, 2012 with 556,000 & 0.30. Where there is a slight difference was that on June 18th, Miss Advised retained almost 41% of its RHoNY lead-in whereas Gallery Girls audience retention rate was just 33.31%. And that’s probably reflective of the negative publicity and reviews that it received prior to airing, which will make it harder to build on that as their season progresses.

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Episode# Time_Aired Date_Aired Episode Name Total Audience 18-49 Demo
S01E01 10:00 PM 13-Aug-12 All Tomorrow’s Parties 550,000 0.30
S04E02 10:00 PM 20-Aug-12 What Goes On 550,000 0.30
S01E03 10:00 PM 27-Aug-12 Wild Child 668,000 0.30
S04E04 10:00 PM 03-Sep-12 I’m Not Sorry 512,000 0.30
S01E05 10:00 PM 10-Sep-12 I’m Set Free 631,000 0.40
S01E06 10:00 PM 17-Sep-12 Who Loves the Sun 632,000 0.30
S01E07 10:00 PM 24-Sep-12 Beginning To See The Light 637,000 0.30
S01E08 10:00 PM 01-Oct-12 Wrap Your Trouble In Dreams 537,000 0.30
Season 1 Average After 8 Episodes 589,625 0.31

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers and/or TheFutonCritic