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Bravo Media announced the return of Flipping Out and its 6th season premiere date via press release on July 18th, 2012. Jeff Lewis has become a stalwart on Bravo programming with two separate Bravo shows to his name, Flipping Out (six seasons) and Interior Therapy which debuted earlier in 2012. Season 6 will see the marriage of his long suffering assistant, Jenni Pulos and previews hint at the possibility that Zoila Chavez might be let go.

Throughout the last three seasons, Flipping Out has consistently averaged over 1m viewers which basically guarantees a renewal, and so providing Season 6 manages greater than that, look for a 7th season in 2013.

Update November 29th Although the Season Finale Scores Second Highest Ratings the Chances of a Seventh Season Seem Slim

Flipping Out wrapped up its sixth season Tuesday night, and although when it premiered we wrote that as it had “consistently averaged over 1m viewers which basically guarantees a renewal, that providing Season 6 manages greater than that, look for a 7th season in 2013“, however now that this season has aired, we’re not so sure a renewal is as easy as that.

While the finale scored the second highest ratings of the season, 1,253,000 (18-49 demo 0.50), this season has limped along with the lowest 18 to 49 year old demo audience of its six seasons. Combining those ratings declines with Jenni Pulos now married and seemingly having legal spats with Jeff Lewis, and I’m not sure that Jeff & Zola (with Andrew) are enough to keep a seventh season sustained. The season average did exceed 1m viewers per episode; 1,141,333 to be exact, but just 601,583 of those were aged 18 to 49 and that’s a decline of almost 1/3 of viewers in that age group versus 2011’s season five.

Update – November 21st Flipping Out joins Interior Therapy as Bravo Media Shows’ with Oldest Skewing Audience

This most recent season has limped along with less than stellar ratings, and although Bravo PR issued a press release after its premiere, it had to spin the numbers hard to do so. The fact is, that as the audience on Bravo TV has reduced for Jeff Lewis and his antics, it is in the 18 to 49 year old demo where they’ve fallen away the most.

Last night’s eleventh episode of the season drew 1,096,000 viewers but just 0.40 in the 18-49 demo. Season to date Flipping Out averages 1,131,182 viewers and 0.46 in the 18-49 demo, and the actual number of 18-49 years old watching averages slightly over 600,000. With that being only 53% of its entire audience Flipping Out skews as the oldest audience of any current Bravo Media show. (Unless of course the rest of the audience is made up of teenagers, but we think not). Earlier this year Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis averaged a disappointing 894,900 and just 0.37 in the 18-49 demo. The raw number of 18-49 year old’s, 473,400 per episode, also represents just 53% of its viewership, seemingly proving that Jeff has lost his mojo with the younger audience.

Update – November 14, 2012 – After a Week’s Break It’s Still Weak Ratings for the Tenth Episode

Last night’s tenth episode unfortunately continued this season’s downward ratings trend as it only attracted 1,083,000 viewers, with 0.50 in the 18-49 demographic. Season-to-date it is now showing a increased deficit against Season 5 of -15.43% and a larger -30.88% in the 18-49 demo. And with that Bravo Media can’t be pleased.

Oct 31, 2012 Update – The Honeymoon doesn’t last as ratings drop below 1m again

Just a week after Flipping Out saw a 41.15% week-on-week increase in its ratings due to Jenni Pulos’ wedding, Tuesday night’s 9th episode saw its viewership again drop below 1m viewers as just 974,000 people, aged two years and over, tuned in. With an 18-49 demo percentage of just 0.40, these are the 2nd worst ratings of this 6th season, which is now shaping up to be the worst rated Flipping Out season in several years.

Season 6 is now showing audience declines against Season 5 of -11.93% in total audience levels and a larger -28.81% reduction in the 18-49 demo. These declines are despite the premiere ratings for this season which Bravo PR heralded as The Most Watched Premiere! which kicked off Season 6.

Episode 8 – Jenni’s Wedding update October 24, 2012

Last night Flipping Out included footage of the wedding of Jenni Pulos but unlike most weddings on Bravo (see Bethenny Frankel & Kim Zolciak) this one wasn’t a ratings bonanza. While 1,156,000 viewers (with an 18-49 demo percentage of 0.50) tuning in to see Jenni walk down the aisle, was certainly an improvement on last week’s disappointing ratings of 819,000 (0.30), it’s still below the season-to-date average of 1,161,250 (demo 0.48).

Season Six of Flipping Out is still showing significant declines against Season 5 and Season 4 and given that this season is more than half way over, it’s probably too late to reverse them. Total audience is in negative territory of -8.63% versus Season 5 and -6.21% versus Season 4, however it’s in the advertiser significant 18-49 demo where the declines are most worrisome, as these are down -26.92% and -20.83% respectively.

Update 17th October 2012

Presidential & Vice Presidential debates can have quite a striking impact on Cable TV’s ratings and seemingly on Bravo’s in particular. When Barack Obama and Mitt Romney first took the stage their debate coincided with the debut episode of ‘Life After Top Chef’. Of the three episodes that have aired, the highest rated LATC episode was the one scheduled against the Presidential contenders. When the Veep debate took place, the downward spiral of RHoM was temporarily halted as its audience grew when compared with its prior week. Presumably this increase in ratings for Bravo occurs as the competing offerings on other networks is diminished, as over 10 channels including ABC, CBS, & NBC are all airing the same programming.

However, when the 2nd Presidential debate aired on the same night as Flipping Out that trend was reversed. Already struggling this season with the 18-49 demo, Tuesday 10/16’s episode of Flipping Out dropped to its lowest ratings in years, as just 819,000 viewers tuned in. Just 419,000 of those were aged 18- 49 years which represents 0.30 in the 18-49 demo and that is FO’s worst ratings score in over 4 years.

Update 10th October 2012

Last night Flipping Out aired it’s sixth episode of season six, and 16.76% of last weeks audience decided not to tune in for it, as its ratings dropped to a season low of 1,063,000 viewers. With an 18-49 demo rating of just 0.40 (a low that’s not been achieved in its last few seasons) now sees it sink further into negative territory, when compared with both Seasons 5 and 4.

Season to date the overall audience is now just above where it as last season after six episodes. Average viewership is 1,219,167 compared with 1,210,333 in Season 5 but is down against Season 4 which was 1,276,333 after 6 episodes. In the 18-49 demo, this season is now down -21.05% from Season 5 and -18.92% from season 4.

Update 3rd October 2012

Season 6 of Flipping Out, seems to have stabilized with the last four episodes all rating within 4% of this season’s average. On Tuesday night, 1,277,000 people watched this 5th episode and it scored another 0.50 in the 18-49 demo. So far this season the average audience is 1,250,400 and a demo rating of 0.52. The total audience is showing almost 8% growth over Season 5 but a -3% drop on Season 4, however both seasons had higher viewership in the 18-49 demo. Season 6’s 0.52 shows a drop of -13.33% versus season 5 and -16.13% versus season 4.

Update 26th September 2012

Flipping Out’s 4th episode of its 6th season and the 2nd this season at the 10/9c time slot, improved slightly in total audience numbers over last week, up 11,000 people to 1,208,000 viewers but showed stronger growth in its demo. Our ratings projection was 1.1m to 1.2m and so we weren’t that far off. This week’s 18-49 demo percentage of 0.60 was the first time this season it’s reached that high, despite the first two episodes having higher overall viewer numbers. That certainly seem to show that the move from 9/8c isn’t hurting Flipping Out’s ratings but where it’s definitely having a positive effect is on the 11pm airing of WWHL.

Update 19th September 2012

While the move to 10/9c didn’t seem to do much for the ratings of Tuesday’s Flipping Out, it certainly seemed to give Andy Cohen and WWHL a necessary boost. The 3rd episode of this sixth season of FO dropped 27k from last week with 1,197,000 viewers but held at 0.50 in the 18-49 demo. As the comparable episode from last season only scored an audience of 949,000 and despite this episodes’ week-on-week decline the season to date average improved to 15.02% over season five at 1,255,667. The 18-49 demo for all three episodes has consistently stayed at an 0.50, however that’s a drop of -16.67% versus last season, which can’t be going down too well with advertisers.

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Update 12th September 2012

After last week’s 6th season premiere of Flipping Out, where Bravo PR insisted that it had the best premiere ratings ever and we pointed out that in the audience that matters (the 18-49 demo), they were the worst since 2008, all eyes were going to on how this second episode rated. It’s total audience fell by just over 9%, down 122,000 viewers to 1,224,000 this week and somewhat encouragingly, the 18-49 demo didn’t fall any further from last week’s 0.5. Two episodes in, this season is up 10.35% in total viewers and down 23.08% in the 18-49 demo. It’s those demo declines that we are seeing across the board with Bravo’s current slate of programming (RHoNJ slightly excepted), and that has to be hurting both their bottom line as well as causing some consternation with their NBCUni & Comcast bosses. In our weekly projections, we suggested a range of 1.1-1.2m, and it just beat that by 24,000.

Update 6th September 2012

Tuesday’s premiere had the highest total audience of any season and was watched by 689,000 people aged 18-49, which equates to a demo percentage of 0.50. Looking back at prior season’s ratings, which exist within the Bravo Ratings database, the 6th season premiere actually rated lower in the 18-49 demo than the fifth season (18-49 demo % of 0.60) and the fourth season (also a 18-49 demo % of 0.60), as well as the third season (760,000 viewers in 18-49 demo). To find a lower rated season premiere you have to go back to the 2nd season premiere on June 17, 2008.

Episode# Time         Date          Episode Name Total Audience 18-49 Demo
S06E01 9:00 PM 4-Sep-12 A House Divided 1,346,000 0.50
S06E02 9:00 PM 11-Sep-12 Showdown in Chi Town 1,224,000 0.50
S06E03 9:00 PM 18-Sep-12 Drawing the Line 1,197,000 0.50
S06E04 9:00 PM 25-Sep-12 The Talented Mr. Coleman 1,208,000 0.60
S06E05 9:00 PM 2-Oct-12 House of Lies 1,297,000 0.50
S06E06 9:00 PM 9-Oct-12 Bad Move 1,063,000 0.40
S06E07 9:00 PM 16-Oct-12 Cleaning House 819,000 0.30
S06E08 9:00 PM 23-Oct-12 Windy City Wedding 1,156,000 0.50
S06E09 9:00 PM 30-Oct-12 Barbie Bitch 974,000 0.40
S06E10 9:00 PM 13-Nov-12 Grandma’s House 1,083,000 0.50
S06E11 9:00 PM 20-Nov-12 Cabogate 1,096,000 0.40
S06E12 9:00 PM 27-Nov-12 Till Death Do Us Part 1,253,000 0.50
Season 6 Average 1,141,333 0.47
Season 5 Average S6 v S5 Total Aud -15.23% 18-49 Demo -31.56% 1,346,364 0.68
Season 4 Average S6 v S4 Total Aud -7.33% 18-49 Demo -20.75% 1,231,667 0.59

Source: Nielsen Media Research TVByTheNumbers and/or TheFutonCritic

  • nicole

    They should bring Ryan back

  • amber

    I think F.O. “jumped the shark” with last week’s episode. Zoila is not Jeff’s wife and putting her in the role of an equal partner who Jeff has to keep happy for the sake of family harmony just did not ring true. His type-A personality really took a hit and left me feeling duped. I know everyone loves Zoila, but as an employer myself, including domestic help, I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing especially the part about seeing a therapist. That’s why people think Californians are so out of touch with the real world.