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Life After Top Chef

In April 2013 Bravo Media announced their 2013 slate of new and renewed programming and we’re afraid that Life After Top Chef wasn’t on it. To see the other nine shows that also missed out on renewal and their ratings which acts as a guide to the audience size that a show needs to succeed on Bravo TV click here.

Full Season Summary

Squeezed in between the finale of Top Chef Masters’ 4th season and the upcoming premiere of Top Chef Seattle (Season 10), comes Life After Top Chef which features four TC alumni Richard Blais and Spike Mendelsohn from Season 4, Fabio Viviani (Season 5) and Jennifer Carroll (Season 6).

In October 2009 Bravo Media announced that Bethenny Frankel, Christian Siriano and Fabio Viviani had all been tapped for spin offs. As any Bravo Ratings reader knows, Bethenny’s spin off lasted three seasons. Christian Siriano’s series was scrapped but Bravo did manage to get a one hour special from it but until Life After Top Chef nothing has ever eventuated out of Fabiano Viviani’s deal, until now.

Life After Top Chef - A Short 5 Episode Trial Season

Fabio Viviani, Jennifer Carroll
Richard Blais & Spike Nedelsohn
Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/Bravo

As for all the various Top Chef franchises & spin-offs, “Life After Top Chef” is produced by Magical Elves for Bravo with Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz, Casey Criley and Nan Strait serving as Executive Producers.

Update November 29 Although Finale Ratings Improve There’ll Be No Second nor Last Chance for LATC

The 9pm finale of Life After Top Chef which last week dropped to its second 0.10 demo rating of its freshman season saw a dramatic ratings improvement as it climbed to an audience of 575,000 people earning just its second 0.30 in the 18-49 demo. On both occasions however with viewership in that age bracket of 318,000 and last night’s 316,000, it only just scraped above a 0.20. That means it season finishes with averages of 484,250 total viewers of which 264,875 were aged 18-49 and you can be certain that Bravo Media will not commission a second season of this spin-off. That means that LATC will join Top Chef Desserts as canceled series for Bravo.

Update November 28 Thanksgiving Eve was Nothing To Be Thankful For LATC’s Ratings

Thanksgiving Eve wasn’t kind to either Life After Top Chef or LOLWork as LATC dropped to a season low and LOLWork rated badly enough to finally force Bravo to move it from the 11pm time slot (something we forecast after it premiered). The seventh episode of LATC saw its audience decline to 359,000 viewers and a lowly 0.10 in the 18-49 demo, which totaled just 180,000. With just one episode left when this aired, it will see out its season at 9pm, but I think we can definitely state that LATC won’t be back for a second season.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 15, 2012 – In its Second 9pm Airing LATC Drops back to 0.20 in the 18-49 demo

At 9pm LATC dropped from last week when it scored its first 0.30 in the 18-49 demo, back to a 0.20, as its audience fell by 116,000 from 587,000 to 471,000. The demographic of 18 to 49 year old’s dropped by a smaller percentage from 318,000 to 273,000. With a seven episode season average of 490,000 viewers with just 270,500 aged 18-49 (0.20), it’s fair to say that there’ll be no after life for another season of Life After Top Chef.

Update – November 8, 2012 – In a new time slot LATC pulls largest audience aged 18-49

The fifth episode of Life After Top Chef aired in a new time slot at 9pm on Wednesday, November 7th. Pulled from the previous week’s schedules due to pretty abysmal ratings, it actually performed comparatively well. Garnering a season high of 318,000 viewers aged 18 to 49, it scored its first demo rating of 0.30 but its total audience of 587,000 was only second to that of its premiere on October 3rd. Don’t look for a second season of this spin off anytime soon.

Oct 26th – Despite Climbing 55% in demo week-on-week LATC still scores less than 0.5m viewers

It’s a seeming paradox of ratings reports that the smaller the ratings, the later they’re released and thus it was again for Life After Top Chef. On Wednesday night, for the fourth episode in this try-out season, their ratings compared to last week actually grew by 28% in total audience and 55% in the 18-49 demo. Still this translated into a total audience of just 486,000 viewers and 0.20 in the 18-49 demo (291,000 people). It’s absolutely years since Bravo Media ran original programming at 10pm in prime time and scored ratings of this paltry magnitude, and they’ll be glad there’s just one episode left to run. The 5th & final episode of LATC has been pulled from the 10pm time slot on 10/31 and will now air at 9pm on November 7th as a lead-in to the season premiere of Top Chef Seattle. Given this season’s ratings performance we’d guess that there’s no after life planned for a second season of Life After Top Chef.

Episode 3 Ratings Slump to 0.10 in Demo.

Last Wednesday Bravo Media experienced the FX of their own ‘American Horror Story’ as the ratings plunged for the third episode of Life After Top Chef. Just 380,000 people bothered to watch this episode and of those only 180,000 were aged 18-49. That meant that this episode scored a measly 0.10 in the 18-49 demo and we are not sure when the last time was that a first run program achieved that in the 10pm time slot, but it has been years. Both ‘Platinum Hit’ and ‘Love Broker‘ did have first run episodes that only scored a 0.10. but that was only after they’d already been unceremoniously pulled from the prime time and banished to either Friday nights (PH) or 7pm Tuesday (LB)

2nd Episode Ratings Tumble by 36%

After last week’s audience of 620,000 viewers (and just a 0.20 in the 18-49) we forecast only a marginal improvement this week to a range of 650,000 to 700,000. Reviews of the premiere had not been very good and the consensus that if anything this show should have been just a one off special.

In the end 36% of last week’s audience, treated it like a one off special and didn’t bother to tune in this week as the ratings dropped by 224,000 viewers to a total of 396,000. Their 18-49 demo percentage held at 0.20 but also dropped in raw figures from 313,000 to just 240,000.

Premiere Episode Ratings Update

For its premiere LATC managed to score an audience totaling 620,000 people with an 18-49 demo rating of 0.20. That 18-49 demo percentage represented 313,000 viewers in the 18-49 age group and is the first time any food related show on Bravo has reached such a small percentage of the 18-49 aged viewing audience. These ratings are worse than TCM’s lowest rated episode of its fourth season; its third, with 746,000 (demo 0.30) but higher than the lowest rated episode in Around The World In 80 Plates which was an audience of 550,000 (but had a higher 18-49 demo of 0.30) in its third episode.

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Episode# Time         Date          Episode Name Total Audience 18-49 Demo
S01E01 10:00 PM 3-Oct-12 Cook Your Aspen Off 620,000 0.20
S01E02 10:00 PM 10-Oct-12 No Food Deed Goes Unpunished 396,000 0.20
S01E03 10:00 PM 17-Oct-12 Duck Hearts and French Baguettes 380,000 0.10
S01E04 10:00 PM 24-Oct-12 Shear Today, Gone to Marrow 486,000 0.20
S01E05 9:00 PM 07-Nov-12 Good Shuck With That 587,000 0.30
S01E06 9:00 PM 14-Nov-12 Mt. Viviani Erupts 471,000 0.20
S01E07 9:00 PM 21-Nov-12 Let’s Do Launch 359,000 0.10
S01E08 9:00 PM 28-Nov-12 First Lady’s Choice 575,000 0.30
Season 1 Average 484,250 0.20

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TheFutonCritic

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    I tried watching the first episode and it did not keep my attention. The girl cusses way too much, hate her. drop it.