Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 5 Ratings

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Final Update April 30th, 2013

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, saw out the longest season to date with Secrets Revealed. In their five season history this is the first time they’ve had one of these additional clip episodes that were once called The Lost Footage. Accordingly it was hard to predict what size audience it would bring but in our weekly predictions we guessed around 2m.

In the end it attracted a very good 2,432,000 viewers (18-49 Demo 1.10), which wraps up this 24 episode long fifth season averaging 3,100,208 (Demo 1.50). This Season 5 of RHoA becomes the highest rated season from any of the Real Housewives franchises.

Full Season Summary

Bravo Media’s highest rated Real Housewives’ franchise member, The Real Housewives of Atlanta returned for its fifth season in November 2012, joining Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of New York in running for five or more seasons.

After its very first episode of its freshman season, took a ratings hit scoring just 658,000 viewers, competing against the Presidential debate between Barack Obama & John McCain, RHoA’s ratings have never looked back. The 1st season reunion garnered 2.8m viewers and season’s two, three & four all averaged over 2.8m viewers, something no other franchise; not even RHoNJ, has achieved.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 cast

Real Housewives of Atlanta
Cast of Season 5
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In this fifth season the cast has lost original member Sheree Whitfield and it would appear that fellow original Kim Zolciak takes a lesser role, as she prepares for her second season of her spin off, which in its first season was titled “Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding“. New cast members for Season 5 are Kenya Moore with Porsha Stewart joining midway through the season and they will join originals; Nene Leakes, Kim Zolciak, Kandi Burruss (who joined in Season 2) and Phaedra Parkes & Cynthia Bailey (who joined in Season 3).

True Entertainment produces RHoA for Bravo Media with Executive Producers; Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Omid Kahangi and Megan Sanchez-Warner as well as Michael Call who serves as Co-Executive Producer.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 5 Episodic Ratings
Episode    Time        Date     Lead-In Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo
S05E01 9:00 PM 4-Nov-12 Repeat 3,228,000 2,001,000 1.60
S05E02 9:00 PM 11-Nov-12 Repeat 2,555,000 1,565,000 1.20
S05E03 9:00 PM 18-Nov-12 Repeat 2,482,000 1,493,000 1.20
S05E04 9:00 PM 25-Nov-12 Repeat 2,251,000 1,548,000 1.20
S05E05 9:00 PM 2-Dec-12 Repeat 3,009,000 1,859,000 1.50
S05E06 9:00 PM 9-Dec-12 Repeat 3,206,000 1,953,000 1.50
S05E07 9:00 PM 16-Dec-12 Repeat 3,605,000 2,344,000 1.90
S05E08 9:00 PM 23-Dec-12 Repeat 3,166,000 1,913,000 1.50
S05E09 9:00 PM 30-Dec-12 Repeat 3,501,000 2,045,000 1.60
S05E10 8:00 PM 6-Jan-13 Repeat 3,670,000 2,310,000 1.80
S05E11 8:00 PM 13-Jan-13 Repeat 3,403,000 2,092,000 1.70
S05E12 8:00 PM 20-Jan-13 Repeat 3,252,000 1,979,000 1.60
S05E13 8:00 PM 27-Jan-13 Repeat 4,090,000 2,524,000 2.00
S05E14 8:00 PM 10-Feb-13 Repeat 2,699,000 1,539,000 1.20
S05E15 8:00 PM 17-Feb-13 Repeat 2,603,000 1,576,000 1.20
S05E16 8:00 PM 3-Mar-13 Repeat 3,066,000 1,781,000 1.40
S05E17 8:00 PM 10-Mar-13 Repeat 2,714,000 1,631,000 1.30
S05E18 8:00 PM 17-Mar-13 Repeat 2,747,000 1,567,000 1.20
S05E19 8:00 PM 24-Mar-13 Repeat 2,795,000 1,727,000 1.40
S05E20 8:00 PM 31-Mar-13 Repeat 3,026,000 1,881,000 1.50
S05E21 8:00 PM 7-Apr-13 Repeat 3,633,000 2,379,000 1.90
S05E22 8:00 PM 14-Apr-13 Repeat 3,524,000 2,282,000 1.80
S05E23 8:00 PM 21-Apr-13 Repeat 3,748,000 2,297,000 1.80
S05E24 8:00 PM 28-Apr-13 Repeat 2,432,000 1,370,000 1.10
Average Season 5 after 23 Episodes 3,100,208 1,902,333 1.50
Average Season 4 S5 v. S4 Total Aud 8.48% 18-49 1.75% 2,857,783 No Info 1.48
Average Season 3 S5 v. S3 Total Aud 6.28% 18-49 -1.55% 2,916,944 No Info 1.53
Average Season 2 S5 v. S2 Total Aud 9.41% 18-49 No Info 2,833,643 No Info No Info
Average Season 1 S5 v. S1 Total Aud 106.68% 18-49 No Info 1,500,000 No Info No Info

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers and TheFutonCritic

Update Dec 19, 2012
In the two episodes since Kim Zolciak’s departure, ratings have continued to climb culminating in Episode 7’s audience of 3,605,000 people; a season high. As Bravo PR pointed out, these are the third highest ratings out of the seventy episodes of RHoA which have aired to date. Despite that, through seven episodes this season’s average audience is still slightly down against Season 4. Total audience average is running at 2,905,143, which is a -5.68% fall from Season 4 after seven episodes and in the 18-49 demo that reduction is a larger 9.68%; as the demo percentage is down from 1.59 to 1.43. Still these deficits will be rapidly made up, if RHoA’s ratings continue to perform as strongly as they have done so in the last three weeks.

Update December 4th, 2012 As Kim Departs from RHoA, Ratings Climb to Exceed 3m

After three weeks of averaging less than 2.5m viewers RHoA stormed back to exceed the 3m audience mark for its 5th episode. 3,010,000 viewers tuned in at 9pm Sunday and its 18-49 demo rating grew to 1.50 as Kim Zolciak departed from the show after over four seasons. That audience increase has helped stem the ratings lag against Season 4, but season-to-date it’s still trending down -12.32% in total audience and -16.25% in the 18-49 demo. Still a return to 3m viewers for this episode is a positive sign for both the Atlanta wives and Bravo Media and hopefully that can be sustained throughout the rest of this season, although it will be interesting to see how much ratings are affected by Kim’s departure.

UPDATE Nov 27, 2012 – RHoA Holds Off Lifetime and Lohan’s Liz & Dick with Viewers Aged 18-49

With the last two episodes of RHoA dropping to 1.20’s in the 18-49 demo it’s beginning to appear that the water cooler sensation that was RHoA is beginning to cool a little. Last Sunday night Lifetime network scheduled an additional complication with the much talked about (derisively, though) telemovie ‘Liz & Dick’ starring Lindsay Lohan starting at 9pm – the same time as RHoA.

Although Lifetime managed to attract 3.5m viewers at 9pm, it only managed to rate 1.0 in the 18-49 demo, as RHoA held for a third week at 1.20 for that demographic with 2,251,000 viewers overall. The last time RHoA scored three weeks of 1.20 in the 18-49 demo, was early in 2010’s Season Three. Against Season Four, this 5th season through four episodes, is trending down -13.60% for its total audience and -18.75% in the 18-49 demographic. Against season three which also started slowly, this current season is however showing audience growth of 11.67% and 6.12% (18-49 demo) respectively.

Update – November 20, 2012 – Episode 3 Drops Below 2.5m Viewers for First Time This Season.

While RHoA started its fifth season off with a bang and franchise wide record premiere ratings, its second episode fell markedly from that high. That’s probably more a reflection of the second episode not being as much a water cooler attraction as the premiere, with viewers deciding to view it later via DVR or on one of its many repeat airings.

I’m guessing the same happened for the 3rd episode this season as well, as Sunday night saw just 2,482,000 (18-49 demo 1.20) tune in for the 9pm airing with an additional 1,514,000 (18-49 demo 0.70) for the 10pm repeat. Given that the first three episodes of Season Four averaged over 3m live viewers each, this season which is now averaging 2,755,000 (Demo 1.30) is now trending down a very concerning -9.59 in total audience and a much more disconcerting -16.67% in the 18-49 demo.

UPDATE – November, 13th Episode Two See a Ratings Decline of 21%

The second episode of last year’s fourth season of RHoA saw ratings rise by 4% from that season’s premiere but that growth wasn’t repeated this season, as this second episode dropped a whopping 21% and was watched by 2,555,000 viewers with 1.20 in the 18-49 demo. Considering last week’s record premiere audience was reduced by viewers who could watch a repeat at 10pm, that’s a very big drop.

UPDATE – November, 6th In Total 5.8m viewers tuned in to the three airings of RHoA Season 5 Premiere

After the 9pm airing drew 3,228,000 (Demo 1.60), it was repeated at 10pm and again at 11:30pm, drawing an additional 1,568,000 (demo 0.80) and 999,999 (demo 0.50) viewers respectively. That means the total audience on Sunday for RHoA’s premiere totaled 5,795,000 viewers. With an episode from Season 4 airing at 8pm drawing an additional 1,212,000 (Demo 0.60) viewers, the total night’s audience for RHoA exceeded 7m viewers.

UPDATE – November, 6 th Atlanta Wives Reclaim their Premiere Record Ratings Crown

When RHoNJ premiered their fourth season on April 22nd, 2012 and grabbed 2,957,000 viewers they exceeded by 61,000 from Season 4’s RHoA, the previous record for the highest rated Real Housewives premiere audience. Sadly the New Jersey wives didn’t get to keep that record for long, as Nene Leakes & crew stormed back last night with their fifth season premiere, netting a new Housewives record of 3,200,000 viewers, of which over 2m of those were in the key advertiser demographic of viewers aged 18-49 years.