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Update April 9th, 2013

At 9/8c The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrapped up their season with off-cuts that hadn’t contributed to the main story arc of their season. Although week-on-week RHoBH saw the largest viewer decline at 26%, it’s not at all fair to compare it to a Reunion Episode’s ratings. Comparing it with Season Two’s Lost Footage episode, this week’s Bravo Media renamed “Secrets Revealed” instead of ‘The Lost Footage’, gained an impressive 56% on that, although last season’s did air on an off schedule night. Still, with an audience of 1,566,000 viewers (demo 0.70) that was a pretty good way for them to finish their season and was only 30,000 short of RHOC’s audience earlier. Their season average based on Live + Same Day viewership, finished at 1,966,955 people aged two years and over, and 0.91 in the 18-49 demo. That is a reduction of -9.44% for total audience and -15.34% in the 18-49 demo compared with their Second Season.

Full Season Summary

After a lengthy hiatus, in Real Housewives terms anyway, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returned for their third season in November 2012. Season 2 of RHoBH premiered in September 2011, thus there was fourteen months between the season premieres.

The Cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RHoBH - Season 3 Returning Nov 5th at 9/8c Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Season 3 Cast
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Season three, sees five of the original six RHoBH cast returning as full member wives; Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong. Last season’s ‘friend-of-the-wives (FOTW)’ Brandi Glanville gets an upgrade to being a full cast member and Yolanda Foster, joins the cast as well. Original ‘wife Camille Grammer downgrades to appear as a ‘friend-of-the-wives’ with last season FOTW, Dana Wilkey bowing out.

Season 2 premiered with almost 2.2m viewers, the finale scored over 3m and the three 2nd season reunions averaged 2.46m viewers, thus setting a high ratings bar for this third season.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is by produced by Evolution Media for Bravo with Douglas Ross, Dave Rupel and Alex Baskin as executive producers and Toni Gallagher as co-executive producer.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 3 Episodic Ratings
Episode Time       Date          Lead-in Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo
S03E01 9:00 PM 5-Nov-12 Repeat 1,809,000 1,119,000 0.90
S03E02 9:00 PM 12-Nov-12 Repeat 1,999,000 1,183,000 0.90
S03E03 9:00 PM 19-Nov-12 Repeat 1,874,000 1,065,000 0.80
S03E04 9:00 PM 26-Nov-12 Repeat 2,352,000 1,381,000 1.10
S03E05 9:00 PM 3-Dec-12 Repeat 2,319,000 1,340,000 1.10
S03E06 9:00 PM 10-Dec-12 Repeat 2,190,000 1,247,000 1.00
S03E07 9:00 PM 17-Dec-12 Repeat 2,099,000 1,124,000 0.90
S03E08 9:00 PM 7-Jan-13 Repeat 1,945,000 1,100,000 0.90
S03E09 9:00 PM 14-Jan-13 Repeat 1,925,000 1,120,000 0.90
S03E10 9:00 PM 21-Jan-13 Repeat 1,980,000 1,203,000 1.00
S03E11 9:00 PM 28-Jan-13 Repeat 2,043,000 1,306,000 1.00
S03E12 9:00 PM 4-Feb-13 Repeat 2,075,000 1,187,000 0.90
S03E13 8:00 PM 11-Feb-13 Repeat 1,853,000 1,077,000 0.90
S03E14 8:00 PM 18-Feb-13 Repeat 1,932,000 1,015,000 0.80
S03E15 8:00 PM 25-Feb-13 Repeat 1,890,000 1,129,000 0.90
S03E16 8:00 PM 4-Mar-13 Repeat 1,799,000 1,020,000 0.80
S03E17 8:00 PM 11-Mar-13 Repeat 1,563,000 859,000 0.70
S03E18 8:00 PM 18-Mar-13 Repeat 1,604,000 1,078,000 0.90
S03E19 8:00 PM 25-Mar-13 Repeat 2,053,000 1,322,000 1.00
S03E20 9:00 PM 25-Mar-13 BH Finale 2,287,000 1,245,000 1.00
S03E21 9:00 PM 1-Apr-13 RHOC Prem 2,116,000 1,281,000 1.00
S03E22 9:00 PM 8-Apr-13 RHOC 1,566,000 932,000 0.70
Average Season 3 1,966,955 1,151,500 0.91
Average Season 2 S3 v. S2 Total Aud -9.45% 18-49 -15.34% 2,172,208 1.08
Average Season 1 S3 v. S1 Total Aud 2.18% 18-49 -8.10% 1,925,000 0.99

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers and TheFutonCritic

Update December 19th, 2012After Oija Trip, Ratings Drop but Growth Over Season 2 Continues.

Upon returning from their Spa trip the ratings for the 6th & 7th episodes of RHoBH have both held above the 2m, mark and through seven episodes, this third season is still showing a 10% growth in total audience levels although the 18-49 demo demo rating has now dropped into negative territory of 2.90%.

Update December 4th, 2012 RHoBH Sustains Impressive Ratings Growth Over 2nd Season

After RHoBH’s record ratings last week, which were good enough for Bravo PR to issue a press release heralding them, the cast of RHoBH proved that their Ojai trip was a ratings bonanza, as their audience held this week at over 2.3m viewers. With another 2,319,000 people tuning in for part two (18-49 demo 1.10), the ladies consolidated their gains over Season Two at the same stage, and are now showing growth of an impressive 11.43% in total audience after five episodes of Season Three.

UPDATE November 28, 2012 – RHoBH’s Fourth Episode Scores Larger Audience than Same Week’s RHoA

Bravo Media certainly has something to celebrate today with the release of Monday night’s Cable Ratings as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills scored their highest ratings of their third season. For the 9pm airing, a season high 2,352,000 viewers tuned in plus with a 1.10 in the 18-49 demo, that’s the first 2m+ audience of this season and also pushes their season-to-date average above that mark. After last week’s third episode. the RHoBH wives held the distinction of being the only returning Bravo series to be beating its prior season and they’ve consolidated that position even further this week.

Something else to shout about as well is that this week’s RHoBH scored a larger total audience than Sunday night’s RHoA although RHoA wins within the 18-49 demographic with their 1.20 versus RHoBH’s 1.10.

After four episodes, this third season of RHoBH, is now showing total audience growth of 9.68% over season two, and is holding more or less flat with the 18 to 49 year old demographic. It wasn’t until the sixteenth episode of the second season that ratings higher than these were gained, and so no doubt Bravo Media will also be thrilled at these ratings so early in the season. Whether these ratings are sufficient for Bravo Media to generate a press release will be determined in the next few hours.

UPDATE November 20, 2012 – RHoBH Currently Can Claim to be the Only Bravo Media TV Show with Any Ratings Growth

Season Two’s second & third episodes averaged just over 1.6m viewers each, and with last night’s RHoBH episode attracting a 1,874,000 (18-49 demo 0.8) that has helped push its season-to-date average above last’s, at the same stage, although its audience aged 18 to 49 years has fallen. None of its fellow returning shows; RHoA, Flipping Out, Million Dollar Decorators, Top Chef Seattle and RHoM, all of which are currently airing are able to herald any ratings increases, as all are seeing season-on-season audience declines. Through three episodes RHoBH is showing growth of +4.31% in its total audience but a decline of -10.34% in its 18-49 demo.

UPDATE Nov 13th – RHoBH’s Second Episode Grows Ratings 10.5% over Premiere

With Season Two’s second episode of RHoBH dropping 29% if its premiere audience, the bar was set pretty low for this season’s second episode, but with it pulling 1,999,000 viewers last night, it managed to gain an impressive 10.5% on last week’s premiere viewers (conversely, Sunday night’s 2nd episode of RHoA lost 21% of its premiere ratings). Because of last year’s massive drop, RHoBH’s season-on-season average is now in positive territory by 1.87%; 1,904,000 per episode against last year’s 1,869,000, but it’s still down by 10% in the 18-49 demo (0.90 versus 1.00).

UPDATE Nov 6th – Third Season Premieres to 1.8m dropping 17% from Season Two’s Premiere

The 3rd season premiere of RHoBH perhaps had the misfortune of airing just 24 hours after the record smashing premiere of RHoA and only managed to pull a relatively small audience of 1,809,000 viewers, with 0.90 in the 18-49 demographic. That was 374,000 short of its prior season’s premiere and Bravo Media won’t be too pleased with that so don’t look for a press release from Bravo PR coming anytime soon. Season two’s premiere may have been inflated by the intrigue about their second season which premiered not long after the unfortunate suicide of Russell Armstrong, but for this year’s to have fallen so short of last, will put a question over how this third season will perform in the ratings.

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