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Start Ups Silicon Valley

In April 2013 Bravo Media announced their 2013 slate of new and renewed programming and we’re afraid that Start Ups Silicon Valley wasn’t on it. To see the other nine shows that also missed out on renewal and their ratings which acts as a guide to the audience size that a show needs to succeed on Bravo TV click here.

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Bravo Media have made much of the fact that Start Ups Silicon Valley is produced by Randi Zuckerberg, sister to Facebook’s Mark. We’re sure they’ll also be hoping that SUSV, doesn’t have the same sort of ratings debut as Facebook’s IPO received on Wall Street.

The last two freshman series to debut, Miss Advised and Gallery Girls, both averaged just under 600,000 for their respective eight episode seasons and both shared the fact that they had the poorly rated fifth season of RHoNY was their lead-in. With RHoBH as SUSV’s lead-in, we’re sure cast mates; Ben Way, David Murray, Dwight Crow, Hermione Way, Kim Taylor and Sarah Austin will be hoping that their ratings at least emulate and better still, exceed those of Most Eligible Dallas, which followed RHoBH’s 2nd Season, scoring an average viewership of 830,000.

Start Ups Silicon Valley - Debuts on Bravo TV November 5th at 10/9c

Start Ups: Silicon Valley
Premiered November 5th
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

December Update The first 4 episodes of SUSV aired with RHoBH as a lead-in, but after they only averaged 583,500 viewers, Bravo Media decided that the Monday 10pm time slot would rate higher with a repeat airing of RHoBH and moved SUSV to 9pm Tuesdays. SUSV’s fifth episode aired in that new time slot but after only scoring just over 300k viewers, Bravo Media decided to cut their losses completely, do a Love Broker, and move the remaining episodes to outside of their prime time schedule. Episode 6 aired at 7pm on December 11th to just 219,000 viewers and episodes 7 & 8 were pushed out at 7pm & 8pm the following Tuesday December 18th. At Bravo Ratings we’re still awaiting ratings for the final two episodes (the ratings’ paradox is the smaller the numbers the harder they are to track down) but it’s safe to say that it’s unlikely that producer, Randi Zuckerberg’s wish for a spin off; Start Ups – New York, will likely come to fruition.

Update November 28th Episode Four Titled Restart Didn’t As Ratings Drop 15% From Prior Week

Just awful ratings for Start-Ups; Silicon Valley, as not only did they fail to benefit from the improved RHoBH lead-in but their ratings week-on-week declined dramatically. RHoBH improved their ratings by over 25% with an additional 478,000 viewers yet SUSV saw their ratings decline by 15.2%, to just 512,000 viewers in total and a low of 340,000 people aged 18 to 49 years (demo rating of 0.30). Their lead-in percentage; only retaining 21.77% of RHoBH’s viewers is the lowest level of their season and must be worrisome to Bravo. These sort of ratings aren’t conducive to Randi Zuckerberg spreading her Start-Ups franchise to New York City like she had hoped.

Update 20 Nov – Episode 3 Holds Steady with low 600k’s as Does its Season Average

The third episode of Randi Zuckerberg’s Starts-ups; Silicon Valley picked up a little from its second, and despite the drop off of 125,000 in RHoBH’s ratings week on week, managed to grow its audience by 20,000 or 3.42%. Still that’s nothing spectacular and it would seem that SUSV has found its ratings equilibrium at a level which is very similar to Miss Advised & Gallery Girls which aired in the same time slot earlier in the year. Both of those followed the lower rated fifth season of RHoNY, and SUSV is still averaging a couple of hundred thousand viewers shy of Most Eligible Dallas, which aired in this time slot in the same month last year.

Update 13 Nov – Start Up, Stutters as it Sheds 50k of Last Week’s Viewers

Not surprisingly given its reviews; it’s not been at all well received in Silicon Valley, last night’s second episode of the Randi Zuckerberg produced SUSV, dropped 50,000 viewers from its premiere, of which 45,0000 were in the 18-49 demo. The second episode drew just 584,000 viewers, scoring another 0.30 in the 18-49 demo but that’s just 355,000 people in that age group. Given that its lead-in increased by 190,000 viewers, it’s not a great result at all for SUSV to have dropped by 50,000. SUSV’s retention of lit’s lead-in dropped from last week’s 35% to this week’s 29%. I suppose it’s true of most Start Ups, that they take awhile to get going, but still…..

Update 11:50pm November 6th 2012 – Just 634,000 tuned in to the Premiere of SUSV

At 10pm, the first of two new shows debuting on Bravo TV this week aired. Start Ups;Silicon Valley’s premiere drew just 634,000 viewers with 400,000 viewers aged 18-49, which represents an 18-49 demo percentage of 0.30. The ratings benchmark for SUSV is probably Most Eligible Dallas which followed several episodes of RHoBH’s second season and it debuted with 784,000 thousand on August 15th, 2011 although at the time its lead-in show was Millionaire Matchmaker. ME Dallas’ fifth episode followed RHoBH’s second season premiere, and that drew a more healthy 951,000 (18-49 demo 0.50). This is not an auspicious start to their season and hopes will be that in following weeks the ratings can grow.

Silicon Valley Start-Ups” is produced by Den of Thieves with Jesse Ignjatovic and Evan Prager serving as Executive Producers along with Randi Zuckerberg as Executive Producer. Eric Detwiler serves as co-executive producer.

The ratings for each episode will be updated between 5pm & 8pm each Tuesday, following the Monday night airing of each episode.

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Episode# Time         Date          Episode Name Total Audience 18-49 Demo
S01E01 10:00 PM 5-Nov-12 Starting Up 634,000 0.30
S01E02 10:00 PM 12-Nov-12 #Awkward 584,000 0.30
S01E03 10:00 PM 19-Nov-12 Connect/ Disconnect 604,000 0.30
S01E04 10:00 PM 26-Nov-12 Restart 512,000 0.30
S01E05 9:00 PM 4-Dec-12 Breaking the Code 301,000 0.10
S01E06 7:00 PM 11-Dec-12 Last Pitch Effort 219,000 TBD
S01E07 7:00 PM 18-Dec-12 Face Time TBD TBD
S01E08 8:00 PM 18-Dec-12 Unfinished Business TBD TBD
Season 1 Average after 6 Episodes 475,667 0.23

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TheFutonCritic and/or SonOfTheBronx

  • Bill

    Why can’t they make a start up show about startups.. Who the hell wanted to see Jersey shore for tech..

    Get Techy and Nerdy..

  • amber

    I gave this one about 4 minutes. The characters irritated me with the way they spoke to the camera, not going to waste anymore time even explaining.

    • Kim

      Agreed. zzzzzz