Bravo Ratings – LATC, Top Chef Seattle & LOLWork 21-Nov-2012

Top Chef Seattle - Turkey Special with Tom Colicchio & Emeril Lagasse

Top Chef Seattle – Turkey Special
Tom Colicchio & Emeril Lagasse
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With the worst start for ratings for any of the 10 seasons of Top Chef or for that matter for the four seasons of Top Chef Masters or even when compared with the two seasons of the cancelled Top Chef Desserts, the third episode, which aired on Thanksgiving Eve lent itself too easily to jokes about Turkeys. And what a ratings turkey this season is proving to be.

Great Camera Deals

The fourth episode of last year’s ninth season; Top Chef Texas, aired the night prior to Thanksgiving in 2011, and drew 1,671,000 viewers with 0.70 in the 18-49 demo. At the time that was a season high for total audience numbers but not for those aged 18-49. Last Wednesday, Tom & Emeril managed to cook up just over 1m viewers for the 1st time this season, as 1,045,000 people tuned in, but their 18-49 demo rating held for the third week at 0.40. This, however means their 10th season average stays below 1 million viewers at 966,000 and a rather paltry (poultry?) 0.40 in the 18-49 demo.

Through three episodes, of an expected 18 episode season, Top Chef Seattle versus Top Chef Texas, is down a massive -38.01% in total audience and an even more dire -47.83% in the 18-49 demo. Comparisons with season eight’s Top Chef All Stars are even worse as against that 2010 season, Seattle sees drops of -48.86% and -58.62% in the 18-49 demo.

As I am sure Bravo Media is as well, I’m at a loss to see how they can turn these ratings around. The entire Seattle season has been filmed and there’s presumably little that they and Magical Elves can do in the editing suite, to regenerate the audience that’s left in droves, to return.

UPDATED – November 29th Thanksgiving Eve wasn’t kind to either Life After Top Chef or LOLWork as LATC dropped to a season low and LOLWork rated badly enough to finally force Bravo to move it from the 11pm time slot (something we forecast after it premiered). The seventh episode of LATC saw its audience decline to 359,000 viewers and a lowly 0.10 in the 18-49 demo, which totaled just 180,000. With just one episode left when this aired, it will see out its season at 9pm, but I think we can definitely state that LATC won’t be back for a second season. At 11pm LOLWork drew 379,000 viewers (18-49 demo 0.20) but as it negatively impacted the ratings for WWHL on both occasions it preceded it, it has now swapped places and the remaining three episodes will air at 11:30pm with WWHL returning to its regular 11pm time slot. Likewise I think it’s also safe to assume that LOLWork will end up being another Bravo Media one season wonder!

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Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers and/or TheFutonCritic

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