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Updated March 28th 2014 after S20E02 which aired Thursday, March 27th 2014 and featured the cast of How I Met Your Mother; Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, Jason Segel and Josh Radnor

Updated March 12th 2014 to include ratings for S20E01 which aired Thursday, February 20th 2014 and featured Matthew McConaughey as well as S19E06 which aired the prior night, Wednesday February 19th 2014 featuring Amy Adams.

The twentieth season of Inside the Actors Studio kicked off with Oscar favorite and subsequent winner Matthew McConaughey attracting the largest audience to host James Lipton’s long running Bravo TV show for over two years. At 8pm Thursday February 20th 2014, 637,000 viewers aged two years & over tuned in, a 70% increase from the 375,000 who had watched Amy Adams the previous evening. McConaughey fared even better with viewers aged 18 to 49 years as the 277,000 of them who tuned in represents a 122% higher over the 125,000 who had watched Wednesday for Adams‘ appearance.

Original Article Summary

Inside the Actors Studio, which commenced its run on Bravo back on August 14th, 1994 is still airing new programming almost 20 years later and its nineteenth season began in March 2013, with Tina Fey invited to join James Lipton Inside The Actors Studio.

The below table list the episodes from the seventeenth season with their guests and the ratings (if known) for their first airing on Bravo TV. These guests include (in order of appearance) Jim Carrey, Colin Firth, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Anniston, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Cast of Glee, Cast of Mad Men, Liam Neeson, Hugh Jackman and Tina Fey.

James Lipton Inside the Actors Studio Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

James Lipton
Inside the Actors Studio
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Throughout its nineteen seasons; Inside The Actors Studio has been nominated for 13 Emmy awards between 1997 & 2012, but is yet to record a win. Arguably this program could be categorized as one of the few if not the only show still in line with the original tagline of the network, which still appears on their press release footer: “the first television service dedicated to film and the performing arts when it launched in December 1980.“ The format has remained essentially the same over the years; it is presented as a filmed master-class discussion for students in the Actors Studio drama school, originally as part of the New School and following the dissolution of that partnership in 2005, with Pace University as it continues into the future. The program always ends with a 10 point questionnaire, giving each guest the opportunity to dazzle their audience with new ways to answer.

Outstanding Informational Series Or Special – 2013

Inside The Actors Studio is a In The Moment Productions production and is produced and directed by Jeff Wurtz with James Lipton, Frances Berwick & Christian Barcellos serving as executive producers.

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Inside The Actors Studio – Episodic Ratings
Episode Guest(s)    Time        Date     Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo
S17E01 Jim Carrey, 8:00 PM 10-Jan-11 No Info No Info No Info
S17E02 Colin Firth, 8:00 PM 7-Feb-11 No Info No Info No Info
S17E03 Bradley Cooper, 8:00 PM 14-Mar-11 No Info No Info No Info
S17E04 Jennifer Anniston, 8:00 PM 11-Jul-11 No Info No Info No Info
S18E01 George Clooney, 8:00 PM 31-Jan-12 696,000 301,000 0.20
S18E02 Brad Pitt, 8:00 PM 10-Feb-12 794,000 328,000 0.30
S18E03 Cast of Glee, 8:00 PM 9-Apr-12 335,000 154,000 0.10
S18E04 Cast of Mad Men, 8:00 PM 14-May-12 No Info No Info No Info
S18E05 Liam Neeson, 8:00 PM 2-Oct-12 403,000 202,000 0.20
S18E06 Hugh Jackman, 8:00 PM 13-Feb-13 441,000 227,000 0.20
S19E01 Tina Fey, 8:00 PM 19-Mar-13 559,000 246,000 0.20
S19E02 250th Episode Special, 7:00 PM 29-May-13 498,000 204,000 0.20
S19E03 Jake Gyllenaal, 8:00 PM 19-Sep-13 545,000 223,000 0.20
S19E04 Arrested Development, 8:00 PM 7-Nov-13 381,000 176,000 0.10
S19E05 Bruce Dern, Laura Dern, 7:00 PM 26-Dec-13 366,000 132,000 0.10
S19E06 Amy Adams, 8:00 PM 19-Feb-14 375,000 125,000 0.10
S20E01 Matthew McConaughey, 8:00 PM 20-Feb-14 637,000 277,000 0.20
S20E02 Cast of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, 8:00 PM 27-Mar-14 461,000 206,000 0.20
Average 499,308 215,462 0.18

Source: Nielsen Media Research via Son of the Bronx or TVByTheNumbers

  • Benjamin

    They actually WON the Emmy this year, believe it or not (Outstanding Informational Series or Special, tied with “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”). 15th time’s the charm, I guess.

    • Bravo Ratings

      Bejamin, You’re right & I must update the text, and so thank you for the reminder to do so. 15th time IS the charm! ;-)