Bravo Ratings For Week Ending Thursday, March 14th 2013

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Watch What Happens Live Ratings For The Week Ended Thursday March 14

Watch What Happens Live
Ratings Slide As Week Progresses
Week Ended Thursday March 14

To call Bravo Media’s Bravo Ratings a weekly slide that starts with the high of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday at 8pm and ends with the dismal ratings of Kathy at 11:3opm on Thursday, would be an understatement. To be fair, Kathy Griffin having ratings that low at 11:30pm, isn’t as bad as when she was getting similar numbers when she previously held the 10pm time slot.

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What is interesting to note from the table below is just how much Andy Cohen’s 5 night a week “Watch What Happens Live” ratings are almost totally dependent on its lead in show, and it only really garners a large audience when it acts as a post-game show for The Real Housewives. Taking this week for example, RHoA’s Kenya Moore with Brooklyn Decker appeared with Andy on Sunday night to 1.32m viewers, RHoBH’s Brandi Glanville on Monday to 709k and subsequent nights went into ratings freefall (despite airing from SXSW) as subsequent nights declined to 660k (18-49 Demo 0.30), 472k (0.20) and 426k (0.20).

Elsewhere RHoBH continued its ratings slide, when towards the end of their season they should be seeing increasing ratings. Shahs & Vanderpump Rules completed their second & first season’s respectively with extra episodes squeezed out of their footage (their seasons both rated very well) and Patti Stanger shows strong ratings resilience six seasons into Millionaire Matchmaker.

None of the four shows that have debuted in the last two weeks showed ratings growth, in fact the two returning shows; The Rachel Zoe Project & It’s a Brad, Brad World both saw some of their worst ratings ever. It’s distinctly possible that if Brad Goreski’s show sees his ratings fall below that of freshman series Dukes of Melrose, that they might change places in the schedule with Dukes taking the 10pm time slot. However, if either show continues scoring only 0.20’s in the 18-49 demo, both might be moved out of prime time.

Sadly, the same goes for LA Shrinks which was the Bravo Media’s lowest rated show this week airing during prime time (8pm through 11pm), and if it too can’t get above 0.20 in the 18-49 demo it might find it’s replaced with a Housewives repeat which almost always gets a 0.40 or above.

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Show Episode       Date          Time     Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo
RHoA S05E17 10-Mar-13 8:00 PM 2,714,000 1,631,000 1.30
Shahs S02E13 10-Mar-13 12:00 AM 1,356,000 793,000 0.60
WWHL S09E40 10-Mar-13 11:00 PM 1,320,000 744,000 0.60
RHoBH S03E17 11-Mar-13 8:00 PM 1,563,000 859,000 0.70
LA Shrinks S01E02 11-Mar-13 9:00 PM 478,000 309,000 0.20
V Rules S01E10 11-Mar-13 10:00 PM 911,000 560,000 0.40
WWHL S09E41 11-Mar-13 11:00 PM 709,000 377,000 0.30
MM S06E09 12-Mar-13 10:00 PM 1,303,000 731,000 0.60
WWHL S09E42 12-Mar-13 11:00 PM 660,000 338,000 0.30
Rachel Zoe S05E02 13-Mar-13 9:00 PM 651,000 372,000 0.30
Brad Brad World S02E02 13-Mar-13 10:00 PM 541,000 297,000 0.20
Dukes of Melrose S01E02 13-Mar-13 10:30 PM 526,000 271,000 0.20
WWHL S09E43 13-Mar-13 11:00 PM 472,000 273,000 0.20
WWHL S09E44 14-Mar-13 11:00 PM 426,000 248,000 0.20
Kathy S02E10 14-Mar-13 11:30 PM 322,000 169,000 0.10

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers, TheFutonCritic and SonOfTheBronx

  • amber

    I am rethinking my Bravo loyalty too. I watch all of the RH, MM and WWHL. I give every new show at least one look, but in some instances that look only lasts about 10-15 minutes before I am asking myself “don’t you have anything better to do than watch this garbage? I was so disgusted by VR and Lisa has lost all my respect even though I still like her. Brandi is adored for her “brutal honesty” which gets exposed as a fraud all of the time on the show and in interviews, but she is defended by the “in” crowd on the show and by her many fans. Beware criticizing her, you will get cussed out on the Bravo blogs for pointing out the tiniest inconsistency in her “truths”.
    I don’t care for Kim and her potty mouth either, but I have to admit I was amused by her wigs, wine and cigarettes lol.

  • Bravo Veteran

    I am a 49 year old female Bravo fan from day one. Kind of reconsidering how I spend my free time with TV where Bravo is concerned.

    The staged tapings are old hat now and a yawner. I can see why Housewives don’t want to tape things that involve their personal life, but I bet when they signed on they were.

    I like how people such as Camille and Kim Z took control and said “No” to a lot of the BS and took a back seat. Bravo doesn’t have to lose good people like them if management were a bit tighter with rules. Ya know? Kyle is a great mix of decorum and appropriately stating her opinions. Lisa is too. Maybe a bit more outspoken but I like her. Yolanda miss bossy is too pretentious and us$$$ versus them. Sorry can’t stand her. Beautiful, but too cut throat, zero loyalty and I a bet no one trusts her. Allowing Brandi to do what she did (everyone knew even though it was not stated on air in black and white)was utterly horrible. Why did Brandi feel anyone had to know? Yes, Adrienne lied, but so what? That is an outing of the worst kind. It hurt a family and KIDS. Brandi is a trampish girl who is good for eye candy but she is hurting her own kids with her brash, look-at-me I need a job behavior and exposing her body. She will regret that someday. She can ask me! She could be a great contributor to her family and the show if she would learn to keep her gutter mouth shut and be an example for women who have been hurt so badly. She really makes Eddie and the new wife right about some things. I am sure she doesn’t want that. Kim? I love her! Down to earth, talks of her weaknesses and foibles. I so support her growth. So brave to do all this in the public eye.

    Will I still watch? Maybe.