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Back in 2006 a phenomenon began when Lauren Zalaznik decided to add the location to the name of a new show acquired by Bravo Media, thus The Real Housewives became The Real Housewives of Orange County – RHOC and a franchise was born. New York – RHONY followed in early 2008 with Atlanta – RHoA later that same year. Jersey – RHoNJ started flipping tables in 2009. Washington – RHoDC gained the shortest lived franchise in 2010, and later that same year it was back to the West Coast as Beverly Hills – RHoBH became the sixth member of the burgeoning franchise. The last US based version, Miami – RHoM first aired in 2011 and then Bravo Media started licensing the show to other countries.

It would seem many of you end up on BravoRatings.com, while searching for the Highest Rated Housewives episode/franchise/series etc, so we thought we’d build a couple of trivia tables to help you out.

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Highest Rated Real Housewives Season by Total Viewers For Each Franchise
1 RHoA 6 2013/14 27 3,731,037 1.66
2 RHoNJ 2 2010 18 2,718,556 1.38
3 RHoBH 2 2011/12 24 2,172,208 1.09
4 RHOC 5 2009/10 17 2,064,353 1,470,000
5 RHoNY 4 2011 18 2,039,833 0.93
6 RHoDC 1 2010 11 1,408,091 0.66
7 RHoM 1 2011 6 1,156,833 0.60

Source: Nielsen Media Research via Son of the Bronx , TVByTheNumbers, TheFutonCritic and/or Bravo Media and is based on Live + Same Day Ratings on Initial Airing