Bravo Ratings for Wednesday, April 3 – Rachel Zoe, Brad World, Dukes of Melrose & WWHL

rachel zoe brad world dukes of melrose
Tabatha Coffey, Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster, Andy Cohen, Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards, Taylor Ford and Mr Brad Goreski Bravo Upfronts 2013 Photo courtesy of

Tabatha Coffey, Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster, Andy Cohen, Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards, Taylor Ford and
Mr Brad Goreski
Bravo Upfronts 2013
Photo courtesy of

Last night was week five of Fashion By Bravo, which also coincided with Bravo Media’s big Upfronts Party in New York City after they had announced their impressive (and large) slate of new & returning programming. Of course, what was not mentioned by Bravo, were the ten shows that due to mediocre ratings didn’t get another season.

Each of The Rachel Zoe Project, It’s A Brad, Brad World and Dukes of Melrose are generating rating levels that put them within the same ratings bracket as the recently cancelled shows, and with them approaching the half way stage in their current seasons, time. is. running. out. for. them. to. turn. that. around. …. LITERALLY!

At 9pm Rachel Zoe, managed to only attract 518,000 (demo 0.20) fashionistas, which is her show’s lowest ratings ever; lower even than her Season 1 premiere in September 2008, which had 527,000. TRZP is now averaging just 637,600 this season (demo 0.30), and that’s a -31% reduction versus 2011′s Season 4, and -43% lower than Season 3. In the 18-49 demographic her audience drop-off is averaging a deficit of -35% & -44% respectively.

While Brad was out celebrating for the above photo, his It’s A Brad, Brad, World show could only muster 473,000 (demo 0.20) viewers. This season’s 30 minute episodes are 50% shorter than Season One’s 60 minutes episodes and with them averaging just 578,200 this season (demo 0.24), his ratings are now almost down by 50% as well.

The very busy social media campaign being run by Christos Garkinos & Cameron Silver as the Dukes of Melrose, doesn’t seem to be translating into viewers, as they too had relatively low ratings last night. The only glimmer of good news for them is that unlike the other two prior shows, their’s did manage to grow its audience versus last week’s episode. At 10.30pm, 450,000 (demo 0.20) viewers tuned in and the Dukes are now averaging 515,000 viewers per episode for their freshman and likely only season.

At 11pm fresh from the Upfronts, Andy Cohen hosted the boys now men from New Kids On The Block at his studio for Watch What Happens Live. With the relatively insipid lead-in from Bravo’s Passion for Fashion shows, just 426,000 viewers got a glimpse of (the now older) New Kids on the Block.

All around it was a very depressing night for Bravo’s Ratings and so I do hope they all had fun at the Upfronts. For Zoe, Goreski, & the Dukes – it might be their last.

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Bravo Ratings – Wednesday April 3rd, 2013
Show Episode     Time     Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo Change on Prior Week
Rachel Zoe S05E05 9:00 PM 518,000 289,000 0.20 -10.4%
Brad Brad World S02E05 10:00 PM 473,000 268,000 0.20 -4.8%
Dukes of Melrose S01E05 10:30 PM 450,000 237,000 0.20 5.4%
WWHL S09E58 11:00 PM 426,000 242,000 0.20 1.2%

Source: Nielsen Media Research via SonOfTheBronx


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  2. Allyson Taylor says:

    Rachel zoes’s constant complaining of how busy she is and he lack of having fun makes the show intolerable. While traveling first class on planes and checking in to five star hotels she manages to make this life seem tedious. Her fame which is not only due to her talent but her celebrity on bravo. Many people dream of her life and all she does is bitch.

    • admin says:

      Allyson, I think you have it in a nut shell! While having money and all that brings, doesn’t necessarily bring one happiness, it does make it hard for the audience sitting at home watching & listening to her constant complaining have any sympathy for her, and thus they change the channel & her ratings subside.

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  4. Jeff says:

    Goodbye Brad. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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