Bravo Ratings Monday, April 8th – RHOC, RHoBH Secrets and LA Shrinks

Alexis Bellino and Jim Bellino Stars of 'Solo Scenes Within" The Real Housewives or Orange County Photo courtesy of BravoTV © RHOC

Alexis Bellino and Jim Bellino
Stars of ‘Solo Scenes Within”
The Real Housewives or Orange County
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

All three shows which aired Monday saw lower ratings this week than last but ironically the best performing episode of the three; RHoBH ‘Secrets Revealed’, was the one with the largest weekly decline. But first at 8/7c The Real Housewives of Orange County kicked off the second episode of their eighth season, and after a less than stellar premiere last week, an audience loss of 12% saw them with just 1,597,000 viewers (demo 0.80). Excluding “Lost Footage” episodes which always rate lower, last night’s audience numbers are lower than any other episode since at least Season 5 and perhaps further back than that. On top of last week’s premiere which was the lowest rated since 2007, this is not a great start for RHOC.

Great Camera Deals

At 9/8c the aforementioned Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrapped up their season with off-cuts that hadn’t contributed to the main story arc of their season. Although week-on-week RHoBH saw the largest viewer decline at 26%, it’s not at all fair to compare it to a Reunion Episode’s ratings. Comparing it with Season Two’s Lost Footage episode, this week’s Bravo Media renamed “Secrets Revealed” instead of ‘The Lost Footage’, gained an impressive 56% on that, although last season’s did air on an off schedule night. Still, with an audience of 1,566,000 viewers (demo 0.70) that was a pretty good way for them to finish their season and was only 30,000 short of RHOC’s audience earlier. Their season average based on Live + Same Day viewership, finished at 1,966,955 people aged two years and over, and 0.91 in the 18-49 demo. That is a reduction of -9.44% for total audience and -15.34% in the 18-49 demo compared with their Second Season.

Last Monday LA Shrinks held onto 38% of the larger RHoBH lead-in, when they hit their season high of 800,000. Last night, with their lead-in being significantly smaller, their retention increased to 46% indicating they are building their own viewer base. 722,000 people watched this third to last episode of their freshman season and with their average getting closer to 700,000, their chances for a second season are definitely improving.

Andy Cohen has taken a well earned break after a hectic last few weeks filming the RHoBH reunion, the RHoA reunion, WWHL five nights each week plus getting ready for Bravo Media’s Upfronts last week, and so there was no edition WWHL on Monday.

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Bravo Ratings – Monday April 8th, 2013
Show Episode     Time     Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo Change on Prior Week
RHOC S08E02 8:00 PM 1,597,000 991,000 0.80 -11.96%
RHoBH Secrets S03E22 9:00 PM 1,566,000 932,000 0.70 -25.99%
LA Shrinks S01E06 10:00 PM 722,000 465,000 0.40 -5.00%

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers, SonOfTheBronx and TheFutonCritic

  • Pat

    Changing the name to ‘Secrets Revealed’ from ‘Lost footage’ was a great idea. The latter just makes the episode sound like an hour of boring clips that were left out for a reason.

  • Ariel

    Tamra recently said “If you’re an a$$, I’ll be an a$$ right back” to fans who don’t even realize they said anything wrong. She’s a dumb fool. But KARMA. If she wants to treat her fans like enemies, then go right ahead! She puts herself out there, says the dumbest things on TV, and WE can’t respond? What do these fools expect?? I think she’s self-serving and needs anger management. She’s retaliated against Jeana, Vicki, Brooks, Alexis, Jim, Gretchen, Slade, Simon, other reality stars not on her show … her FANS. Heck, she even hates on Jesus! LOL. How is bitching at everyone the way to go? She needs to chill the eff out!! Blocked her show. Knew Parental Controls were good for something. Besides, why are teenagers, college students and 20-somethings watching this trash? Ever since I blocked this garbage in my household, things have gotten a whole lot calmer. Goes to show you, that some of these women are nothing but a bad terror. Not necessary that they should be “nice” all the time… but cursing, berating CONSTANTLY isn’t what people want in their homes. They can run their mouths off… but the moment their followers aren’t boosting their egoes, the housewives want the fans to shut up. And women like Tamra should know revenge is the VERY last thing you should ever do. That’s why she’s got one problem after another in life. She promoted the “NoH8″ campaign and yet her whole schtick is to judge and hate on reality. That’s not being “real.” She’s the BIGGEST hypocrite out there. But I always say, “Don’t interrupt your enemies, when they’re making a mistake.” And Tamra is the #1 housewife enemy. Be proud of it, Tamra. She needs something to be proud of. ONE day, she’s going to cross someone whom she is truly going to regret crossing. When people show you their true colors the first time, believe them. What seems unimportant now, may drastically take a turn for the worst later. I’m confident it’ll come back to her tenfold.

  • Blake

    *least not “latest.”

  • Blake

    I think Vicki is a turn off to viewers as well. At latest to this viewer.

  • getreal

    As far as RHOC is concerned, the majority of viewers didn’t want hateful Tamra Barney back on the show. The decline in ratings reflect the audience’s distain and repugnance at the thought of a Tamra Barney wedding special or spin-off. Hopefully, Bravo is getting the message.