Bravo Ratings Monday, May 13th – RHOC, Newlyweds: The First Year & WWHL


Bravo Ratings Monday, May 13th – RHOC, Newlyweds: The First Year & WWHL

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After last week’s season high getting so close to breaching the magic 2m viewers mark, no doubt the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County would have been looking to better that last night and continue to build on their current ranking as Bravo Media’s #1 rated show.

It wasn’t to be though, as this week’s seventh episode of RHOC’s eighth season saw its audience decrease by 7.7% week-on-week with 1,810,000 viewers tuning in (Demo 0.90) at 98/c. Still, that continues to improve their season-to-date average which is now flat against Season 6 at the same stage, but down 10% versus last year’s Season 7 at 1,764,571 viewers (Demo 0.86).

The second episode of Newlyweds; The First Year held up very well, dropping only 6.70% versus its premiere last week, as 947,000 viewers (demo 0.40), stayed wed to their new show for a second week. These ratings are heartening for a show such as this, which is somewhat outside the norm of Bravo Media’s recent docu-drama output.

Bravo Ratings Monday, May 13th – RHOC, Newlyweds: The First Year & WWHL Andy Cohen, Gretchen Rossi and Willie Geist WWHL S09E80 13 May 2013 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Andy Cohen, Gretchen Rossi and Willie Geist
WWHL S09E80 13 May 2013
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

In our preview article for this week’s programming we discussed how last night’s WWHL which featured Gretchen Rossi and Willie Geist, would fare against her RHOC co-stars. Vicki Gunvalson garnered 916,000 on WWHL on April 1st Tamra Barney; 790,000 April 22nd and Alexis Bellino (with Queen of VersaillesJackie Siegel) 793,000 on April 29th, and we knew given Rossi’s competitive spirit she’d be wanting to score higher ratings than her them.

In the end she did & she didn’t. The 825,000 viewers (demo 0.30) who tuned in last night was larger than that who watched Barney & Bellino but not quite to the heights reached by Gunvalson on April Fools day.

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Bravo Ratings – Monday May 13th, 2013
Show Episode     Time     Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo Change on Prior Week
RHOC S08E07 9:00 PM 1,810,000 1,107,000 0.90 -7.70%
Newlyweds S01E02 10:00 PM 947,000 514,000 0.40 -6.97%
WWHL S09E80 11:00 PM 825,000 393,000 0.30 N/A

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers, SonOfTheBronx and/or TheFutonCritic

  • JenniferC

    Season 2 needs to be Tarzina and Blaire do LA. Just the 3 of them tramping up and down the avenue.

  • Amber Buckley Lyons

    i’ m quitting the newleywed show. the black couple looking for apts could not have been more boring, started ff thru that. Tarzina are interesting, until the whole peeing on stick came about. the white couple where she stays home and also pees on sticks,UGH I can’t take pregnant storylines. the gay couple are the only interesting ones left.

    • JT Thomas

      Most of Bravo show’s follow the same prism. Beautiful upper mobile white girls. I don’t mind that at all. But… wow can we mix in attractive Asian,Black and Hispanic ladies in some of these shows?

      • Dee

        CHeck out Real Housewives of Atlanta.

      • Ariel

        Most of Bravo shows follow the same thing all right. Toxic behavior. Or cultivate gossip where someone’s character is severely misrepresented & is a manipulation of someone else’s view of that person. Here they have what they think is a good representation, but is quite misleading. All in all, they shell out a masquerade of themselves. Why would anyone want to watch shows where people mistreat each other? No, you shouldn’t mind that at all. Add some flavor to it, in fact. People having a callous disregard for each other is something I so want to see in other genres. Dumb down the next generation a little more. Keep them from stepping into greatness. It’ll make all of our problems go away. No, there’s no flaw in this reasoning. Watch shows that cultivate any sort of negative chaos & confusion or lack understanding & compassion – we won’t experience much change at all. No mess to clean up there. Makes everyone wish they could be some perfectly coiffed person on TV. Hey, it’s always the emptiest vessels that sound the loudest, right? Mind garbage. Better to turn to things that create a bigger vacuum in life than they can solve. Screaming for control or raging at someone gives a quick fix. . Spread gossip, speak with sarcasm and insults, and be hateful with an uncontrollable tongue. Few things in this world cause as much pain & destruction as our own selfish agendas. No this isn’t going to shed addictions and negative thinking at all. Waste no time saying unkind things and be unapologetic about it. This is the true POWER of women!


      • Lou

        You either didn’t watch this show or maybe need glasses? All couples were mixed. Sorry there are so many whites in the world maybe move to a country where your race is more prevalent.