Bravo Ratings Sunday, May 12th – Married to Medicine, Kandi Factory, WWHL & Fashion Queens


Without RHoA Bravo Media see Sunday May 12 Ratings Fall Dramatically

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Sunday was the first night in its eight airings to date that Married to Medicine had to go it alone with the benefit of The Real Housewives of Atlanta or Nene Leakes providing its lead-in. Last week with Nene Leakes’ WWHL special pulling just 1.38m viewers, saw M2M fall to its second lowest audience rating (1.58m viewers), and this week we expected it to see a further reduction to around 1.5m.

In the end we were WAY too optimistic with our 1.5m prediction. At 9pm Married to Medicine fell to a new season low; shedding 399,000 viewers from last week’s audience to just 1,184,000 viewers (demo 0.50), this week. This declining lack of interest in this freshman season does not augur well for next week’s two hour finale plus the two episodes of reunions scheduled to air on Sunday May 26th and Tuesday May 28th. To put the loss of its RHoA lead-in in perspective, Sunday’s ratings were only 44% of those who tuned in to the highest rated M2M episode on April 14th.

Not surprisingly the initial bump that The Kandi Factory received on its first Sunday airing has gone away completely, as Sunday night’s Kandi Factory couldn’t even score a placement in that night’s Cable Top 100 TV shows. That means we are still awaiting to receive her show’s ratings At 10/9c The Kandi Factory rated lower than three of the four occasions it aired on Tuesdays, as it fell a further 32% from last week’s 879,000 viewers to just 596,000 viewers (Demo 0.30), and that number represents just 50% of those who tuned in for the first Sunday airing on April th. It’s fortunate that with only one episode left to air, it will probably be allowed to see out its run on Sundays but it’s also fair to say that surely now that Bravo Media and producers True Entertainment are now both twice bitten, thrice shy. Given that The Kandi Factory has realistically fared no better than their other singing competition show attempt, Platinum Hit, it won’t get another season.

Without RHoA Bravo Media see Sunday May 12 Ratings Fall Dramatically - Andy Cohen, Sheree Whitfield and Matthew Morrison WWHL S09E79 12 May 2013 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Andy Cohen, Sheree Whitfield and Matthew Morrison
WWHL S09E79 12 May 2013
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

At 11pm former RHoA Sheree Whitfield returned to Bravo TV as a guest of Andy Cohen’s on Watch What Happens Live. Sheree was joined by Matthew Morrison, and between them they weren’t able to attract sufficient viewers to avoid becoming the lowest rated Sunday WWHL this year. At 11pm, 907,000 viewers (Demo 0.40) tuned in which is 79,000 lower than the previous lowest Sunday episode; 992,000 (demo 0.40) who tuned in for the Naomi Campbell’s appearance on February 17th. However given that the lead-in from The Kandi Factory would have been the lowest Sunday lead-in that WWHL has had, these ratings don’t come as a surprise.

Despite the declines earlier in the evening, Episode Eight of Fashion Queens still ranked in the Nightly Cable Top 100 TV shows with 862,000 viewers tuning in and 0.40 in the 18-49 demo. After 8 episodes, Fashion Queens is averaging 982,000 (Demo 0.40) at 11:30pm and we doubt anyone would have imagined ratings that high when the show was first optioned.

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Bravo Ratings – Sunday May 12th, 2013
Show Episode     Time     Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo Change on Prior Week
M2M Rpt S01E07 8:00 PM TBD TBD TBD N/A
Married Medicine S01E08 9:00 PM 1,184,000 662,000 0.50 -25.02%
Kandi S01E07 10:00 PM 596,000 344,000 0.30 -32.20%
WWHL S09E79 11:00 PM 907,000 No Info 0.40 -9.30%
Fashion Queens S01E08 11:30 PM 862,000 No Info 0.40 -0.92%

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers, SonOfTheBronx and/or TheFutonCritic

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