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UPDATED at 10:30am on Tuesday October 22nd with ratings for S05E22 – Season 5 Tell All Part 1

Back in its regular Sunday time slot, the second part of the Lost Footage AKA Secrets Revealed AKA Tell All bounced back from Monday’s Tell All Part 1 low, as 1,509,000 viewers (760,000 aged 18 to 49 years) tuned in at 8pm; scoring scored 0.60 in the 18-49 demo. We’ll be back with further analysis and then end of season wrap up later today.. And that wraps up the lowest ever rated season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and no doubt will presage major changes for their season six.

With confirmation that Caroline Manzo has been given a golden handshake spin-off pilot and strong rumors that Dina Manzo’s return pushes her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita aside, the only things unknown seem to be whether Richard Wakile has been demoted to a part time Househusband and his wife Kathy Wakile will soon be ranked as merely a ‘friend’ of the Housewives.

Season Five ends after 22 episodes averaging just 2,289,636 viewers per episode; 1,307,455 of them aged 18 to 49 years old, and scoring 1.03 in that 18-49 demo. That’s a drop of -14% versus last season for total audience and -19.52% in that advertiser preferred demographic. Still it bears confirmation that even at these reduced ratings, this season of RHoNJ still had more viewers than every other season of every other franchise member, asides from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which returns in two weeks. But in television like in business, you are judged on your own prior year’s performance and in that regard this season of RHoNJ has done poorly.

How would you improve it next season? Should the blame fall fairly at the feet of producers Sirens Media and Bravo Media themselves or is the cast at fault? Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

For Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fans, its 10 year reunion which aired at 9pm, was viewed by 865,000 viewers and scored 0.30 in the younger (18-49) demo.

Full Season Summary

2013 sees the fifth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey as it catches up with two of its more senior franchise members; RHoNY and RHoA who’ve already aired five seasons. Through nine episodes RHoNJ is showing a slight downward trend in ratings when compared to its Season 3 and Season 4 ratings. This season the total audience, aged two years and over, has declined just 1.97% versus last year and a smaller 1.26% when compared with 2011′s Season 3, however, in the advertiser important 18 to 49 year demographic; ratings have fallen by a much larger percentage; 12.61% – 1,416,500 viewers aged 18-49 per first airing versus 1,620,889 when compared with Season 4.

With the news of the 39 count indictment of its main star, Teresa Giudice and her husband handed down in July 2013, Bravo Media will no doubt see these declines reversed over the next few weeks given all the publicity this iteration of the Real Housewives franchise is now receiving. Given that there will be approximately another 15 episodes still to air, Bravo should now be confident of exceeding prior years’ ratings.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Cast - 2013 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Season 5 Cast – 2013
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is produced by Sirens Media, LLC for Bravo Media. Rebecca Toth Diefenbach, Valerie Haselton Drescher, Lucilla D’Agostino, Jackie Stemple and Lenid Rolov serve as executive producers. It stars Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo & Kathy Wakile and is set in and around Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 5 Episodic Ratings
Episode    Time         Date     Lead-In Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo
S05E01 8:00 PM 2-Jun-13 Repeat 2,842,000 1,649,000 1.30
S05E02 8:00 PM 9-Jun-13 Repeat 2,456,000 1,436,000 1.10
S05E03 8:00 PM 16-Jun-13 Repeat 2,105,000 1,157,000 0.90
S05E04 8:00 PM 23-Jun-13 Repeat 2,419,000 1,403,000 1.10
S05E05 8:00 PM 30-Jun-13 Repeat 2,195,000 1,273,000 1.00
S05E06 8:00 PM 7-Jul-13 Repeat 2,171,000 1,268,000 1.00
S05E07 8:00 PM 14-Jul-13 Repeat 2,700,000 1,521,000 1.20
S05E08 8:00 PM 21-Jul-13 Repeat 2,830,000 1,625,000 1.30
S05E09 8:00 PM 28-Jul-13 Repeat 2,481,000 1,480,000 1.20
S05E10 8:00 PM 4-Aug-13 Repeat 2,574,000 1,492,000 1.20
S05E11 8:00 PM 11-Aug-13 Repeat 2,410,000 1,433,000 1.10
S05E12 8:00 PM 18-Aug-13 Repeat 2,293,000 1,372,000 1.10
S05E13 8:00 PM 25-Aug-13 Repeat 2,389,000 1,446,000 1.00
S05E14 8:00 PM 1-Sep-13 Repeat 1,826,000 977,000 0.80
S05E15 8:00 PM 8-Sep-13 Repeat 2,254,000 1,284,000 1.00
S05E16 8:00 PM 15-Sep-13 Repeat 2,404,000 1,346,000 1.10
S05E17 8:00 PM 22-Sep-13 Repeat 2,476,000 1,321,000 1.00
S05E18 8:00 PM 29-Sep-13 Repeat 2,502,000 1,473,000 1.20
S05E19 8:00 PM 6-Oct-13 Repeat 2,491,000 1,384,000 1.10
S05E20 8:00 PM 13-Oct-13 Repeat 2,099,000 1,181,000 0.90
S05E21 9:00 PM 14-Oct-13 Repeat 946,000 483,000 0.40
S05E22 8:00 PM 20-Oct-13 Repeat 1,509,000 760,000 0.60
Season 5 2,289,636 1,307,455 1.03
Season 4 S5 v. S4 Total Aud -14.09% 18-49 -19.52% 2,665,250 1,624,500 1.28
Season 3 S5 v. S3 Total Aud -14.02% 18-49 -21.27% 2,662,905 No Info 1.30
Season 2 S5 v. S2 Total Aud -15.78% 18-49 -28.33% 2,718,556 No Info 1.43
Season 1 S5 v. S1 Total Aud -6.84% 18-49 -31.55% 2,457,778 1,910,000 1.43

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers and TheFutonCritic

Previous Updates

UPDATED Noon on Tuesday October 15th with ratings for S05E20 – Season 5 Reunion Part 2 and pending a further update at 6pm, today (now posted below) with ratings for S05E21 Tell All Part 1

DISASTER! The second part of the RHoNJ Season 5 reunion limped to a weak total of 2,099,000 viewers Sunday night with it scoring a lowly 0.90 in the 18 to 49 year old demographic. Last season’s three reunion episodes scored demo ratings of 1.70, 1.60 & 1.60 and the two from Season 3 both scored 1.70′s. With last week’s Part 1 scoring just a 1.10, and thus the two episodes averaging a demo rating of 1.0, that translates to a massive 38.9% reduction in the 18 to 49 year old viewers who have stayed with this show from last year.

Bravo Media, were desperately hoping that Monday nights RHoNJ Tell All, which aired at 9pm would have given a boost to their failing Real Housewives of Miami franchise, but given the drop off in the ratings for this season’s reunions, I can’t imagine too many viewers bothered to also tune in to the ‘Lost Footage‘ last night.

A massive cast reboot will no doubt eventuate however the blame has to fall fairly at the feet of producers Sirens Media and Bravo Media themselves but as usual the cast will be the ones made to be the scapegoats for these dismal ratings.

This reunion episode repeated again at 9pm and 10pm Sunday but they like Watch What Happens Live and The Peoples Couch, all failed to rate in the nightly Top 100 Cable TV shows, and we’ll be back later with a further update once we have their ratings to hand. (full article coming later Wednesday, October 16th, 2013)

UPDATED 6pm on Tuesday October 15th with ratings for S05E21 Tell All Part 1

As expected RHoNJ’s viewers didn’t race to view Monday’s night’s first portion of this season’s off-cuts, as only 946,000 viewers (Demo 0.40) tuned in at 9pm. Still, that was 80,000 more people than the number who watched the first of two weddings on this third season of The Real Housewives of Miami which aired at 10pm.

To date in five seasons of RHoNJ, the lowest rated Lost Footage/Secrets Revealed/Tell All came last season on 21st October 2012, when 1,641,000 viewers (Demo 0.70) tuned in for Season Four’s Lost Footage. This coming Sunday, the second episode of off-cuts will air back at the regular time of 8pm, and will act as a lead-in to the 10th Anniversary Special of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but given the ennui that has creeped into the viewers this season, Carson Kressely and his gang shouldn’t expect much of a RHoNJ boost.

Update Tuesday October 8th after S05E19 – Season 5 Reunion Part 1

A whopping 1,002,000 viewers who watched Season Four’s reunion stayed away from this week’s Fifth Season reunion as just 2,491,000 viewers tuned in at 8pm, with that airing scoring 1.10 in the 18 to 49 year old demographic. While it’s true that an additional 938,000 (demo 0.40) watched the 9.30pm repeat airing that total for 3 hours of television is significantly smaller than the comparable night last year when 1.05m people watched the 9pm repeat of S04E20 with 3,493,000 people aged 2 years & older tuning into the S04E21 (Reunion part 1) at 10pm.

Still, even at just under 2.5m The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is staying comfortably ahead of The Real Housewives of New York, Beverly Hills and Orange County, but RHoNJ has not been able to close the gap on Atlanta this season, and in fact has fallen further behind it.

With the last season of RHoBH seeing a ratings fall off from its prior seasons and RHoA still continuing to grow season-over-season, it will be interesting to see with both those shows’ new seasons debuting next month, whether this RHoNJ ratings lull is just ennui with this iteration or whether the franchise as a whole is beginning to reach the end of its natural life. (It’s fair to say that The Real Housewives of Miami is already lingering on its deathbed.

Through nineteen episodes of RHoNJ’s fifth season its total viewership is showing audience declines against each of the prior four, and in the more important 18 to 49 year age group is down -27% from Season 1, -23% from Season 2, -14% against Season 3 and -12% from 2012′s Season 4.

According to Bravo TV’s online Schedule there are still three episodes left for this season; next Sunday’s Reunion Part 2 which will be aired three times at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm, A special ‘Tell All‘ Part 1 on Monday October 14th to act as a ratings boosting lead-in to RHoM and lastly the following Sunday October 20th back at the regular 8pm time slot; ‘Tell All‘ Part 2. We’re guessing ‘Tell All‘ is the renamed Secrets Revealed which itself was renamed from ‘Lost Footage‘.

This version of the franchise is ripe for significant recasting and in addition to the already confirmed departure of Caroline Manzo, we hear at Bravo Ratings that both Jacqueline Laurita & Kathy Wakile’s future on the show is dependent on whether Sirens Media are able to find suitable, willing and ‘better’ Housewives to replace them with. But then of course there are still those pesky contracts for prospective wives to consider!


  1. andrea says:

    Hard to support shows where the producers and network are clearly manipulating the cast and their storylines. People are sick of all of the negativity, sleaze and fakeness that Bravo wants to push on the viewership and are choosing different programming — simple as that. If the network wants to keep ignoring viewer complaints, then they will need to get used to lower and lower ratings. I’m glad to know that more and more people are rejecting this type of conduct.

  2. […] Even the possibility of Teresa Giudice going to jail didn’t convince very many people to watch the second part of the Bravo reunion special, with a total of 2,099,000 eyeballs on the train wreck of a show, according to […]

  3. KMR says:

    Look Teresa is no angel her and that cocaine friend Kim D she want to be a housewife on the show but who wants to watch that dumb fake ass person she just wants people to shop at her chesseie clothes. I love J Lurita and Chris. Love Rosie and Kathy. Love Caroline Manzo. Teares has ruined the show but she is fake and never admits of her wrong doings and now they want to bring back Dina Manzo she is boring as hell she never finishes any show she is on. LETS FACE IT RHONJ NEEDS TO END. BRAVO NEEDS TO ADD BETTER SHOWS LIKE THE ONES THAT ON OTHER THAN HOUSEWIVES WE ARE OVER IT. those housewives shows are plain and dumb put on better shows.come on Andy u can do better shows.

  4. clareamagyar says:

    Melissa gorga and the 6th housewife crybaby joey ruined this show for everyone!! Get rid of melissa and her sidekick shadow and backstabbing kathy who acts innocent. BRAVO PLEASE GET RID OF MELISSA AND HER HUSBAND THE 6TH HOUSEWIFE( HE GETS MORE HEAD INTERVIEWS THAN ALL THE HOUSEWIVES PUT TOGETHER AND RICHIE TOO) AND THE WACKOS KATHY AND RICK.

  5. […] the dramatic season 4 reunion did not tune in to watch part 1 of the season 5 reunion, according to BravoRatings. The site reports 2,491,000 viewers tuned in Sunday night where 3,407,000 tuned in to watch the […]

  6. Lovely Givan says:

    I DO NOT WATCH THAT SHOW TO WATCH TERESA & JOE & THEY BAD ASS KIDS.SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. She nothing but a liar who never take responsibilty for a DA%N THING PLEASE. So sick of her blaming everybody else!

  7. glory says:

    Yes bravo media and sirens media it is time for the funeral of the rhonj and the guidices and manzos and the other dysfunctional morons. Thank goodness.

  8. Pinky says:

    Viewers are sick of the crappy editing and fake “acting” for a pretend soap opera. Reality for these shows is a dismal joke. Bravo screwed up when they started the corny storylines and aborted all true reality. Viewers are insulted and bored. Production is so lame and Andy shows so much weird favortism to all the wrong cast members – it is so lame and cheesy now, and the entire cast is just trash. Juicy and Teresa are the only enjoyable family on the show-all the rest are sickening and have ruined it. Time to shut it down or fire all the posers

  9. Evsmom says:

    Ratings were down , because viewers are onto the all the shady editing to make Teresa look like the backstabber. In reality it is Joe & Melissa Gorgas who have done all the things they tried to pin on Teresa. Along with Wakikes, Manzos. Also we are sick of Jacqueline’s oh woe is me. I am the only one in whole world that is going through this. They finally hit all time low by showing their son drinking BLK. PLEASE! They are disgusting and I for one am glad she and Caroline are gone.. Will not be watching Manzoid show either. Who wants to watch show about 3 adult children and their parents still wiping their noses for them?

    • WallE says:

      Really??? I suppose you think the US Government is out to get Teresa too, don’t you?
      Are you kidding me??? If you really think it’s a big “conspiracy” and everyone is “out to get Teresa”, then I guess Teresa must be in on that conspiracy too because she was that same last season as she is this season. So, since she’s the same way and not bItch moaning and complaining to Andy on her WWHL visits, then she MUST be in on the conspiracy too! OR, the obvious route- THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY so get over your Teresa-is-a-goddess delusions.

  10. Hellkitty says:

    According to Melissa, she & Kathy were brought in to “amp” up the ratings. Melissa being the “younger person that the veterans should appreciate”. According to Melissa, the show had become stale & needed more drama. How’s that working?

    • WallE says:

      Well, pretty good… You’re talking about it on social media… And, they’ve managed (to drag out) 3 seasons of fairly consistent ratings. Their 15 minutes will be up soon, no doubt. Especially if the Greeduice’s go to prison… or Italy. Plus, bear in mind that the ratings listed do NOT include DVR viewings OR the repeated episode that may be watched for the first time by folks later that evening. I can attest that I would be one of the viewers NOT included in the numbers above b/c I watch later in the evening or next day via DVR. This “leisurely” style of viewing has increased considerably in the past 3 years too. If Bravo wasn’t making some coins, they would’ve taken taken more of a hiatus (a la RHoNY)…

      • 1hotspec says:

        Melissa? How’s Joe and your sisters. Still all up on social media and not paying attention to your kids?????

      • Whoopsie says:

        This seems to be very personal to you. Your hate of the Giudice’s is creepy.

        • WallE says:

          Hey, Whoopsie! Not sure who you’re referring to, but I haven’t posted any nor read anything from any others on this post that references HATE of the Guidice’s.
          I was just scrolling up a bit a bit confused as to how you don’t Evsmom’s comments about all the other cast members/family members as hate? In that post, there is obvious disdain for all but 1 cast member, Teresa.
          Creepy that you are unable to see THAT comment as hate.

  11. PurpleRain says:

    It has nothing to do with Teresa’s legal problems. It’s the same tired storyline drama with the siblings and the sister in laws… I feel like I’ve been watching the same show for a couple of years. It was so tiring/boring/predictable I lost interest in watching.

  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    It has been the same theme for 3 seasons. Old and tired. I don’t care who said what to who or when. The editing is horrible and it is more scripted than the old soap operas… at least the soap operas had real actors. I just don’t care anymore.

  13. Mommahurley says:

    People are sick of watching Melissa and joe Gorga lie and bash their family! We’re sick of the “everything is Teresa’s fault” storylines! And were bored with every other cast member! Teresa is this show and everyone else is just “time to get up and walk away and have a snack” time! The Lauritas have been insisted on far far worse charges and you never hear a word about it! It’s this kind of fake editing and story steering that is losing the audience!

  14. DonnaLee says:

    Believe the only reason for the drop is because most viewers are sick of Bravo’s substandard production. They show all stupid crap and withhold all the truth as if the viewers have not figured out the game plan. Once Bravo was outed about twisiting stories and production setting people up like a Jerry Springer show, I don’t care if the show stays or goes. The only good to come out of RHONJ was Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo, and Danielle Staub. These women are truly strong while the others are just lame Bravo asskissers and in the end, it got them NOTHING by 15 minutes!

  15. Becca~ says:

    If Teresa is gone,so would be the NJ housewives..sorry but Teresa is the show:)FINAL!!Go nback rewatch and see,ALL they talk about is Teresa..NOMATTER what,they r doing,it turns into Teresa,Teresa did this,Teresa said that,Teresa went there……blah,blah!!Face it peeps,T is the show:)TEAMTERESA!!Xx

  16. SLD* Jersey says:

    I have to say I can’t watch Teresa and her obnoxious self serving , egotistical attitude any more!! I would would watch more often if she gone!!

  17. Jason Kelly says:

    The bullying of Teresa from her co-stars for the past three years has gotten so old and played out.

  18. stephanie B says:

    Lets face it. If Teresa is going to continue to be seen in bad light from other cast members, there will be even a bigger drop in ratings. The reason ratings are high are because Teresa is the Star everyone watches RHONJ. I agree with Susan Potts ,Teresa fans do not care about her legal issues, we just want to see more of Teresa and her family ( Joe and girls). Bring back the fun!

  19. Susan Potts says:

    I don’t think the drop in viewers has anything to do with the legal problems. It’s all the drama, attitude and backstabbing. Melissa and Kathy are making the show intolerable to watch.

  20. jus celi says:

    we just wish you would get back to s1 s2 fun happy shopping,taking trips,you are so dark now

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