The Real Housewives of Miami – Season 3 Ratings

The Real Housewives of Miami

Updated Friday November 15th 2013, after S03E16 Reunion Part 2 aired at 9pm on Thursday November 14th 2013.

What has recently been Bravo Media’s spare night; Thursday, was turned over to The Real Housewives of Miami last night, with a repeat airing of the Season 3 Reunion Part 1 at 8pm, the first airing of Reunion Part 2 at 9pm and then a repeat of Part 2, again at 10pm. It was only this Monday that Bravo TV decided to air both parts this week and we’ll know next week whether airing a repeat of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next Monday at 10pm, rather than RHoM Part 2 as originally planned pays off.

At 9pm, 1,009,000 viewers tuned in for what might become the final new episode of RHoM to air, and of those 1m viewers; 561,000 were aged 18 to 49 years (Demo 0.40) and that was down -6.05% from Monday’s Part 1. However with this episode being repeated immediately afterward at 10pm (watched by an additional 547,000 viewers; 303,000 18-49 – Demo 0.20), giving viewers a choice of viewing times, it’s possible that just a single 9pm airing may have been a tad higher.

However for this season of RHoM to pull its viewership average above last season’s, it needed an audience of over 1.92m for last night’s reunion, and as you can see even over two hours combined it fell well short of that.

This season closes as the lowest rated season of any Real Housewives Franchise since the very first season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and with ratings like that, it’s unlikely to be back for a fourth season. (see the entire season’s ratings table below)

Full Season Summary

The third season of The Real Housewives of Miami, sees more cast changes as they reduce the cast from Season Two’s seven housewives to this season’s five. Two of those seven drop back to ‘friend’ status; Marysol Patton and Ana Quincoces, Karent Sierra is cut completely and Alexia Echevarria returns as a full cast member, after spending time off camera last season concentrating on her sons’ dilemmas. She joins Lea Black, Adriana de Moura, Joanna Kruppa and Lisa Hochstein as full cast members this season.

For this season Bravo TV have upgraded RHoM to air Monday nights and so the oft used excuse trotted out last year for Season Two’s disappointing ratings will no longer be valid. For three weeks at least, RHoM will gain the benefit of a relatively strong lead-in with the reunion episodes of the eighth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County airing.

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Cast - 2013 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

The Real Housewives of Miami
Season 3 Cast – 2013
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

The highest rated episode for this franchise member came on a special Sunday night airing in November 2012, when it benefited from the lead-in provided by Bravo Media’s Number #1 rated show; The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and while overall Season 2 saw a reduction in its ratings versus its six episode freshman season, everyone involved will be hoping that this season can grow to at least 1.5m viewers per episode on average.

The series is produced by Purveyors of Pop with Matt Anderson and Nate Green serving as executive producers.

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Real Housewives of Miami – Season 3 Episodic Ratings
Episode    Time        Date     Lead-In Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo
S03E01 9:00 PM 12-Aug-13 RHOC 1,359,000 777,000 0.60
S03E02 9:00 PM 19-Aug-13 RHOC 1,396,000 807,000 0.60
S03E03 9:00 PM 26-Aug-13 RHOC 1,328,000 711,000 0.60
S03E04 9:00 PM 2-Sep-13 Tamra’s OC 1,018,000 521,000 0.40
S03E05 9:00 PM 9-Sep-13 Tamra’s OC 1,017,000 590,000 0.50
S03E06 9:00 PM 16-Sep-13 Tamra’s OC 1,060,000 605,000 0.50
S03E07 9:00 PM 23-Sep-13 Nene Preview 812,000 495,000 0.40
S03E08 10:00 PM 30-Sep-13 RHoNJ rpt 653,000 394,000 0.30
S03E09 10:00 PM 7-Oct-13 RHoNJ rpt 802,000 470,000 0.40
S03E10 10:00 PM 14-Oct-13 RHoNJ Tell All 866,000 470,000 0.40
S03E11 10:00 PM 21-Oct-13 RHoNJ rpt 833,000 478,000 0.40
S03E12 10:00 PM 28-Oct-13 Nene rpt 764,000 417,000 0.30
S03E13 9:00 PM 3-Nov-13 RHoA 1,374,000 819,000 0.60
S03E14 10:00 PM 4-Nov-13 VRules 957,000 491,000 0.40
S03E15 10:00 PM 11-Nov-13 VRules 1,074,000 631,000 0.50
S03E16 9:00 PM 14-Nov-13 RHoM rpt 1,009,000 561,000 0.40
Season 3 Average 1,020,125 577,313 0.46
Season 2 Average Total Aud S3 v S2 -5.30% 18-49 -7.56% 1,077,222 624,556 0.49
Season 1 Average Total Aud S3 v S1 -11.82% 18-49 -23.96% 1,156,833 No Info 0.60

Source: Nielsen Media Research via Son of the Bronx , TVByTheNumbers and/or The FutonCritic

Previous Updates

Updated Tuesday November 12th 2013, after S03E15 aired at 10pm on Monday November 11th 2013.

Some good news, well sort of, for the cast of The Real Housewives of Miami, which last night had its best Monday night audience since S03E03 when it still had The Real Housewives of Orange County as its lead-in. For the first of this week’s two reunion episodes, 1,074,000 viewers tuned in (631,000 aged 18-49 – Demo 0.50) and while that’s smaller than the 1,216,000 viewer total who watched last season’s first reunion, it is at least an improvement on last week’s finale of just 957,000.

That total is significantly larger than the 800,000 I had predicted, but I still don’t think it will be enough to propel this season forward to a fourth season, but once this Thursday’s Reunion Part 2 airs, I am sure we can determine the likelihood or otherwise, of that. Remember that RHoM is currently rating lower than Vanderpump Rules and that’s not a sign of RHoM’s strength.

On last night’s Watch What Happens Live Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had some pretty choice words for Joanna Krupa, and that might heat up additional interest when Part 2 airs this Thursday November 14th at 9pm. Will you be watching?

Updated Monday November 11th, 2013 to alter the below table after Bravo PR issued this press release earlier today with the updated Bravo TV schedule as the Season 3 Reunion Part 1 airs at 10/9c Monday 11/11 and Part 2 will now air this Thursday, 11/14 at 9/8c

Updated Tuesday November 5th, 2013 at 6pm, after S03E14 – the season finale, aired at 10:00pm on Monday November 4th, 2013.

Oh Miami wives, begone! Bravo Media will surely now replace you with realtors, as Million Dollar Listing comes to Florida. Last night’s third season finale featuring the wedding of Joanna Krupa failed to even reach the 1m viewer mark as just 957,000 people aged two years and over (491,000 aged 18-49 – Demo 0.40) tuned in. 1.25m viewers watched the second season finale in December 2012 and even 15% more than this year’s; 1.1m tuned in for the freshman season finale in March 2011.

While Joanna’s nuptials gained 11% more viewers than Adriana de Moura’s had earlier this season, the most watched RHoM wedding remains Marysol Patton’s short lived marriage that aired back in Season 1 (and had an audience of 1,194,000 viewers).

While Sunday’s episode pushed the third season average back above 1m viewers; it’s currently sitting at 1,017,071 per episode (575,000 aged 18-49), I expect that to fall again after the two reunions. Even so the third season is currently showing deficits both in total audience and 18-49 viewers when compared with Seasons One & Two.

Updated Tuesday November 5th, 2013 at 2pm, after S03E13 aired at 9:00pm on Sunday November 3rd, 2013.

Not even a lead-in audience of over 3.1m viewers was able to propel The Real Housewives of Miami to a season high audience total as confirmed Real Housewives viewers continue to stay away from this franchise in droves. After The Real Housewives of Atlanta finished at 9pm, fully 1.73m people switched away from Bravo TV, as just 1,374,000 (18-49 demo 0.60) stayed on for Joanna Krupa’s bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas. While Sunday’s special airing was their second highest audience of this third season (and highest by 12,000 with viewers aged 18 to 49), and with the finale having aired after the disappointingly received Vanderpump Rules, I’m afraid that last night’s finale will have struggled to again breach 1m viewers.

We’ll be back at around 6pm with the ratings update for that season finale & wedding and we’ll then know if Adrianna de Moura who was married earlier in the season and attracted 866,000 viewers, ended up having more wedding viewers than Joanna

UPDATED Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 after S03E12 Bridesmaid Breakdown aired last night at 10pm..

I think it’s not being mean or unfair to say that this will be the final season of The Real Housewives of Miami, as its rating performance is dragging down the rest of the franchise and given the cost to produce these shows, it’s probably no longer worth the continued investment by Bravo Media.

Last night’s twelfth episode dropped to its second lowest audience level for this season and third lowest in its series history with just 764,000 viewers tuning in at 10pm (417,000 aged 18 to 49 years – demo 0.30). This third season is now rating lower than both its freshman and sophomore seasons and versus Season 2 is in negative ratings territory by -5.74% for total audience and a larger -7.46% in the 18 to 49 year viewer total.

With its final two regular episodes either following the debut episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the second season premiere of Vanderpump Rules, RHoM shouldn’t hit these ratings lows again, but it’s probably too late for this franchise iteration to be saved by being given a lead-in. And besides, by a show’s third season if it can’t stand on its own ratings feet, then it shouldn’t be standing at all.

Note that the table below reflects that S03E13 will air this Sunday 11/3 at 9pm after the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and that S03E14 Episode title Mrs Zago, will air back in the original 11/4, 10pm Monday time-slot and that will be the season and perhaps surely series finale, with one reunion episode and perhaps a Lost Footage one left to air on November 11th and November 18th.

UPDATED Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 after S03E11 The Black Sheep aired last night at 10pm.

Presumably as this season will extend past November 5th, RHoM will get some original programming to act as a lead-in ratings boost once The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules start airing on Monday nights as well. For RHoM’s first six episodes this season, each episode followed either an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County or Tamra’s OC Wedding, and those six episodes averaged just shy of 1.2m viewers and a demo rating of 0.53. The next five episodes including last night’s, which only attracted 833,000 viewers (demo 0.40), had only a repeat episode or a 10 minute preview as their programming lead-in, have seen their viewership fall to just 793,200 viewers each episode (demo 0.38).

If nothing else this just proves that RHoM has just not caught on with audiences as Must See TV, and with those stand alone ratings there’s no way Bravo Media, can afford to continue this franchise into a fourth season.

UPDATED Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 after S03E10 Brazilian Bridezilla aired last night, and also check out other Weddings By Bravo ratings which includes Adriana’s weddings ratings and how they fair against all other Bravo TV Weddings.

Not even a wedding vow renewal five years in the planning could resurrect this season of RHoM and after episode S03E10′s ratings of 866,000 (18-49 demo 0.40) viewers at 10pm last night, this season’s season-to-date has average viewership has now fallen below that of Season 2. Season 3 was already lagging Season 1′s average of 1,156,833 (Demo 0.60) and now with Season 3 averaging 1,031,100 (Demo 0.47) is behind Seasons 2′s 1,047,800 (demo 0.48) at the same stage.

RHoM’s producers Purveyors of Pop were getting very defensive about their show’s ratings last night on Twitter and while we won’t go into their libelous accusations here, feel free to tweet at them and ask why they think this season has failed to resonate with viewers.

Former RHoNY cast member, Alex McCord in her video recap for The Stir discusses this RHoM’s woes this week. Telling what she thinks will be going through RHoM’s cast members’ minds as they tape their reunion this Thursday and whether she thinks there’ll be a fourth season. Do you think there can or will be?

Back in Season 1, Marysol Patton’s wedding was featured in S01E05 and the 1,194,000 (18-49 Demo 0.60) was 38% higher overall and 50% higher in the demo, than the number who tuned in for Adriana’s last night and that’s a feat unique to this iteration of the franchise, which historically sees ratings rise from their freshman seasons.

Updated Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Some slight relief for RHoM this week but only due to the fact that last week’s ratings were just so awful. At 10pm last night 802,000 viewers tuned in and more importantly the 18 to 49 demo climbed from last week’s 0.30 to this week’s 0.40. Still in every other universe 800,000 viewers for a Housewives franchise now in its third season would be regarded as diabolical and but for last weeks 653,000, so should last night’s RHoM ratings.

Next Monday the RHoM might get a boost from The Real Housewives of New Jersey whose Special Tell All Part One episode will air at 9pm and act as their lead-in, but given the RHoNJ viewer malaise, we question whether RHoNJ’s audience has much stomach left for two Post Reunion episodes to grab & keep their attention.

Update Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

If Sunday night’s ratings for The Real Housewives of New Jersey were disappointing, then heaven only knows what last night’s RHoM ratings will be? In its new 10pm time slot The Miami wives, not only registered their lowest rating of this season but the lowest of all the 32 previous episodes that have aired since February 2011, as just 653,000 viewers TOTAL tuned in for the 10pm airing (394,000 aged 18-49 – Demo 0.30).

Any hope that moving RHoM to 10pm might help boost the audience for WWHL has been immediately dispelled. Come November 4th and presuming RHoM is allowed by Bravo Media to remain airing at 10pm, when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fourth season starts at 8pm and the second season of Vanderpump Rules takes the 9pm slot, RHoM might see a boost but if there is any further drop in ratings then RHoM might be banished out of prime time altogether.


  1. shaw says:

    People don’t watch it because it’s really on at wrong times. People would watch it more if it was on after the real housewives of Atlanta if you put a strong franchise against a weak one ratings will improve. Take note bravo putting Miami on after repeats doesn’t work too well

  2. ed s. says:

    The statement at the bottom of this page summarizes the “reality” of the ratings of these so called “reality” shows: that the ratings are not necessarily true, are inferred from the press and other media outlets and therefore Bravo has to make this disclaimer. I think anyone wno does a , ittle homework about neurolinguistic programming and the measurable physiological effects programming has on the brain and body will see through disclaimers such as Bravo’s and realizes that the network executives have an agenda that is more related to what they or their superiors or the ABC agencies want shoved down our throats to make us a nation and world of even more brain dead zombies than we really are. We are told what to think, get our news from the military industrial hollywood complex all dressed up in slick graphics. We follow along like cattle to the slaughter and if you want to know how our “elected” representatives have gutted the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independance we need look no further than the junk we feed our minds. Raise your hand if you know what the NDA Act means, the Federal Reserve Act, who profits from the privitization of our NATIONAL FINANCIAL NETWORK from Treasury printed notes backed by precious metals such as gold to a fiat currency backed by YOUR value as a bond servant and the land and all real property within our borders. Soon we will be looking at Kim Kardashian’s used toilet paper once the 16×9 widescreen televisions are increased in size. The mousetrap is set and while we savor the cheese the kitty will come along. Stop watching this garbage. It is rotting our brains and destroying our nation. Thank you!
    Ed S.

  3. Tana0819 says:

    I think the writing is on the wall with all the viewers and that Bravo should take what the viewer’s are saying seriously. Bravo is taking this a little too far involving families, marriages, divorces, children and exploiting them to a whole new level. Real Housewives franchise was supposed to be a light-hearted fun watching a show and has become so negative and so dark and Bravo is the ring leader of it all and watching these ladies cause their own demise plus their families demise. I think that one by one each show by ratings by viewer comments and everything else reported in the tabloids needs to be considered that it’s just time that this show like some very Serious primetime shows have known when to call it quits and for this franchise only 2 need a cast shake up, what should be green lighted to return is New Jersey and it Atlanta but a shake up would be in order for example Cynthia and Peter give them the boot Portia and Apollo let’s represent Atlanta and New Jersey with some new blood.if Bravo does this then maybe they will regain the viewers but right now they’re leaving in droves! #overit!

  4. Valley View says:

    I think the writing is on the wall that all of the franchises-except Atlanta- are suffering or declining in the ratings department. Same storylines spread over all the franchises and way too many weddings and product placements. Maybe reduced production costs will keep these shows on the schedule.

    It may be one by one these shows will drop off the schedule. The franchises that get the best ratings seem to be the ones in the Sunday night slot. All in all the numbers don’t seem promising for Miami.

  5. Justin says:

    Let’s be honest, Nielsen Ratings are a load of crap and mainly reflect ‘family homes’. RHOM seems to have a lot of die hard fans in the gay community. Either way, yes the ratings have been disappointing but certainly not the worst for Bravo this season, finding its way smack dab in the middle.

    I for one would be incredibly upset with Bravo if they went forward I canceling RHOM… It’s easily my favorite of all the Housewives franchise.

    • The reason people don’t care for the wives of Miami is because most of them are over processed with their beauty enhancement treatments. The only one that even resembles what a real woman looks like is Lea. They also seem to be writing their own scripts of how the season will play out. Personally, I can’t understand what some of them are saying on the show, which is probably why I don’t know what’s going on half the time. If I want to read, I’ll pick up a book. It seems all Joanna wants to do is screw on the show, I guess she thinks that’s what people want to see, and Adrianna just wants to fight everyone about everything. If your reasoning that Nielsen primarily monitors ‘family homes, why are the other Housewives show doing so much better in the ratings then Miami? I think the idea of Real Housewives is on it’s way out. Bravo put too many eggs in one basket and the shows are becoming repetitive, It’s time for them to start falling off the schedule, with Miami being the first. With the addition of Miami to the Million Dollar Listing franchise, it looks like Bravo is going to ruin one of my other favorite shows by doing the same thing.

      • another hairy kardashian sister says:

        Lea has probably had more cosmetic procedures than the others put together! Joanna is clearly a natural beauty. Go look at her younger pics. Granted, most real women dont look like her. But she is real. Lisa & Marysol have clearly gone too far. Tragic considering both were very pretty when younger.

  6. Trevor P says:

    Me thinks “Rick” is Andy Cohen. What a douche.

  7. Make It Stop says:

    Put it out of its misery already. And who is this Rick person calling you pathetic? What is pathetic about you covering the ratings–or in RHOM’s case, the lack thereof? He doth protest too much. Purveyor of poop, perhaps?

  8. rick says:

    There will be 2 reunion episodes.Simon,you are a pathetic, low life human being that really needs to go out and get a fucking JOB.

    • Rick, Thank you so much for letting me know that Bravo Media & RHoM’s production company, Purveyors of Pop are making two reunion episodes. Now, as to the rest of your comment, perhaps I should remind you that I am not responsible for RHoM’s ratings performance, in fact as my wife, Alex McCord watches it each week for her twice weekly show The Real Deal on The Stir, we actually HELP your shows ratings by being viewers of it. On this website we just report on whatever ratings RHoM achieves, irrespective of whether that’s good, bad or disastrous. If you are so upset at how poorly RHoM has done, perhaps you should take out your anger on those who are responsible for that, and given you know, this far in advance that there will be two reunions, you probably know to whom you need to speak. Best, Simon

  9. Valley View says:

    Incredibly unfair to have that dud of Nene wedding as a lead in. It got to the point this fall that all that seemed to run were reruns of Nene’s wedding series. If I didn’t watch it the first time I really don’t want to watch it the next 19 times they jam it down our throats.

  10. bpster says:

    I think with all the lies our government is telling the American public can’t and won’t take another liar. I did like the show, unfortunately I cannot watch Adrianna period. If I want SCRIPTED tv I won’t watch REALITY TV.Got it Bravo? I’m down to ONE show left on this network. Maybe it’s time has come.

  11. Valley View says:

    Sorry but Bravo has run this wedding thing into the ground. There was nothing interesting about watching Adriana primp and preen for her disaster of wedding and reception. It is unfortunate because of very real and romantic wedding is set to air November 11th-Romaine and Joanna.

    I hope Miami comes back but the over the top telenovela style of Adriana’s and Marysol’s acting this year really put a damper on things. Marysol has no storyline without her mother, who I find okay in very small doses but much more and she is a distraction. Adriana is just a hot mess picking on Lea Black for no particular reason and the endless and ever changing explanations of her marital status became laughable.

    Thanks for the site Simon I have always enjoyed you and Alex and thought it a very poor choice of Bravo to release the two of you.

    • Reba39forever says:

      I do not know Simon and Alex but I knew something had changed at Bravo if the change is the loss of you then they are in trouble. The choices they have been making lately are not good television unless maybe there target audience is 12 year olds.

  12. Justin says:

    I absolutely love Real Housewives Of Miami, and as much as I don’t want to admit it, Adrianna might be the problem. This is a good Housewives show, it’s glossier than the others and I do believe there is a real fan base. I rly hope Bravo takes it in to a 4th season and provide the necessary cast shake up. Maybe introduce some new housewives or switch out Adriana for Ana. Either way, these ratings are decent for Bravo even if they are not on par for the Housewives franchises.

    • another hairy kardashian sister says:

      switch Adriana for Ana? are you fuckin insane? literally nobody is interested in Ana. Not even her own family, probably :/

  13. Rebecca says:

    When is comes to Miami and you see early in the season that the viewers are not responding well to one of the Housewives “Adrianna” we found out at the beginning that she had been lying to us for years. So it seemed clear from the ratings that when she was the main event for the episode the ratings dropped is it to late to re edit – get rid of her scenes and put in more of the popular wives? I am just wondering and do not know where else to try to get an answer to this.

    • Rebecca, The reunion of The Real Housewives of Miami was taped in New York City yesterday, Thursday October 17th and so I can assure you that it is now too late to significantly re-cut any of the remaining few regular season episodes. This season is now done and dusted and the only thing that can possibly save it and ensure a fourth season, is if the ratings for the final episodes rise dramatically. Bravo TV have reschedule Nene Leakes’ upcoming wedding episode and finale of I Dream of Nene: The Wedding from acting as a lead-in to The New Atlanta and given it to RHoM as the lead-in for the twelfth episode in the hope that they can repeat what they achieved last season, when on two occasions RHoM was moved to Sunday nights after RHoA had aired. Given than Nene’s spin-off is not doing as well as Kim Zolciak’s first season of DBTFTW after 5 episodes, I’m not sure whether even Nene can provide a sufficient ratings boost to save RHoM.

      • Rebecca says:

        My guess is and it is just a guess this viewer has avoided the last few because I knew who was going to be the focal point. I will be tuning in for the rest of the season because her moment is over. If my guess is correct the rating should go up although we still have to put up with some of her and it truly is off putting. It just seems odd that they would ignore what looks to me like a ratings pattern. But again I have nothing to do with the industry except what I will or will not loose sleep for :)

        Thank you for your response.

  14. as for NJ house wives bring back Danielle she makes everyone crazy, as for NY, keep Ramona, ( Mario is cheating on her ) That’s good stuff. Keep Carol, ( she is boring , but she is a Kennedy)…. sort of. Everyone else in NY is up for grabs.
    In Miami it’s all about Lea don’t mess with Mrs. Black .In Atlanta everybody goes. Clean sweep, new cast, I love them all but their time has run out. Bite the bullet.
    As for the OC, BRING BACK JEANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • another hairy kardashian sister says:

      two stupid points stand out; nobody is gonna watch NY for Carol. I cant remember a damn thing she did or said last season and thats 100% truth! Then you wanna ditch ATL cast when it has by far highest ratings of the franchise? Girl, you gon lost your damn mind.

      • Gina Martin says:

        Exactly….why would you change ATL, when they have the best cast members. Carol is boooooring.
        And so is Leah and the entire RHOM.

  15. Rebecca says:

    I work early Monday morning so a 10pm show is late for me I used to be a big fan of NJ until it went Trailer park. For my dose of Lea/Joanne/Romain I stayed up until 10 but you could tell from the previews pretty quickly it was going to be little to no Lea and all about Adrianna, Marysol with some Joanna for relief so I set the recorder with plans to fast forward. Then I found out from the blog there was no Lea so I just deleted it. Yes I am aware if I do not watch it live you do not get the ratings. Adrianna and her ridiculous crew are not worth my loosing sleep over. I don’t think you understand your audience. Or maybe you are no longer going for the Dr’s, Lawyers, Housewives etc. if your target is high schoolers that is fine just keep on making Adrianna and Teresa your stars. We already have an MTV Don’t really need another teen mom, Jersey Shore, Mob Wives or Basket Ball wives. You were onto something special but seem to be going more toward that cookie cuter crazy extreme Jerry Springer story line that is so played out and only interesting to the extremely immature and or teeny boppers but again if your trying to become the next MTV I guess that is your call. My advice if you are going for the younger audience stop hiring old ladies as your characters. I am not a producer nor do I have anything to do with producing except the check I cut to the local player theater but that seems like common sense.

  16. Shaw says:

    It’s time for a major cast shake up! I think kathy should be reduced to friends of the housewives as she’s so boring! and Kim D should be made official and danielle should make a return and ratings go up :)

  17. lilmissdiva says:

    Not so sure if I want to watch this season…

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