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Updated Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 After S01E08 – The Season Finale aired at 10pm on Tuesday, October 29th.

What a difference two nights makes. Fully 47% of the viewers who tuned in to Sunday’s seventh episode were not persuaded to return for the finale, as this episode slumped too a season ratings low. Just 607,000 viewers (318,000 aged 18 to 49 years – Demo 0.30) tuned in and that will seal any chance that The New Atlanta might have had of getting a subsequent season renewal. Its freshman and most probably only season wraps with it averaging 869,250 viewers; 457,750 aged 18-49 – Demo 0.38, and as our 2014 Bravo TV Show Predictions article showed; ratings like those are not good enough to stay on the air at Bravo TV.

Full Season Summary

Earlier in 2013, Sundays were the Atlantan night on Bravo TV as for the months of March and April, both The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 5) and Married to Medicine (season 1) were airing. Now Tuesdays are Bravo’s Atlanta home with I Dream of Nene: The Wedding airing at 9pm followed The New Atlanta (originally announced as ‘Talking Atlanta‘) airing at 10pm.

The New Atlanta Season 1 Cast - 2013 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

The New Atlanta
Season 1 Cast – 2013
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

It’s most unlikely that Nene Leakes will be able to provide the ratings boost lead-in that RHoA gave to M2M, but no doubt both she, Bravo Media and the cast of Taking Atlanta will hope that Nene’s ratings will compare favourably to Bethenny Frankel’s first season which ended up just under 1.8m viewers.

Via Bravo PR “The series follows the next generation of the city’s trailblazing young professionals who are hungry to achieve their dreams and find love as they struggle to resolve heartbreaks from the past. Aggressive in both their professional and personal lives, each hopes to make their mark in the cutthroat industries of fashion, music, event planning and business while taking advantage of Atlanta’s hot social scene. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and bringing their own distinct perspectives, this new circle of the city’s rising elite includes: Alexandra Dilworth, Emily Lipman, Africa Miranda, Tribble Reese and Jevon “Vawn” Sims. Their work-hard, play-hard attitudes give them each an edge over their peers, but their journeys are not without a few bumps, hurdles and heartache along the way.”

“The New Atlanta” is produced by Eastern and Monami Entertainment with Toby Barraud, Stefan Springman and Mona Scott-Young serving as executive producers and Angela Rae Berg, Jim Fraenkel and Michael Selditch serving as co-executive producers.

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The New Atlanta – Season 1 Episodic Ratings
Episode    Time        Date     Lead-In Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo
S01E01 10:00 PM 17-Sep-13 Nene 1,046,000 495,000 0.40
S01E02 10:00 PM 24-Sep-13 Nene 791,000 457,000 0.40
S01E03 10:00 PM 1-Oct-13 Nene 803,000 419,000 0.30
S01E04 10:00 PM 8-Oct-13 Nene 742,000 394,000 0.30
S01E05 10:00 PM 15-Oct-13 Nene 909,000 461,000 0.40
S01E06 10:00 PM 22-Oct-13 Nene 919,000 488,000 0.40
S01E07 10:00 PM 27-Oct-13 Nene 1,137,000 630,000 0.50
S01E08 10:00 PM 29-Oct-13 Repeat 607,000 318,000 0.30
Season 1 Average 869,250 457,750 0.38

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers, TheFutonCritic and/or SonOfTheBronx

Prior Updates

Updated Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 After S01E07 aired at 10pm on Sunday, October 27th.

While The New Atlanta didn’t waste its first & only Sunday night airing, but by only retaining less than 50% of its I Dream of Nene: The Wedding lead-in, it failed to capitalize on it too. Sunday’s 10pm Sunday airing attracted it’s second largest audience, behind its premiere, with 1,137,000 viewers of which 630,000 were aged 18 to 49 years (demo 0.50).

With just tonight’s finale left to air, its season-to-date average of 906,174 viewers (477,714 aged 18-49 – Demo 0.39) will probable decrease a little after tonight and is probably unlikely to be enough to warrant a second season. There have been four freshman series that have been renewed this year; Vanderpump Rules, Married to Medicine, Newlyweds The First Year and Below Deck and all of those had higher ratings than The New Atlanta. Princesses: Long Island has yet to get its second season, and while its still 18-49 audience was larger averaging 517,000 per episode and a renewal is still possible, it’s going to ahead of The New Atlanta in the renewal queue.

Updated Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 After S01E06 aired at 10pm on Tuesday, October 22nd

It just goes to show the importance of which time slot Bravo TV give to you on whether you’ll make it to a second season. Back in November 2012 Bravo Media told you to “HOLD ON TO YOUR WIGS AS BRAVO MEDIA GREENLIGHTS TWO NEW SERIES AND PICKS UP SEASON TWO OF KIM ZOLCIAK’S “DON”T BE TARDY…. It was on that date they announced that they had commissioned Married to Medicine which aired earlier this year, a second season of Don’t be Tardy and another new show then called ‘Taking Atlanta‘.

Married to Medicine was given a time slot where its first six episodes followed airings of Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and by season’s end averaged 1.58m viewers and 0.73 in the 18-49 demo (incidentally that’s significantly higher than Nene Leakes’ own spin-off). Whereas Taking Atlanta was renamed The New Atlanta and given sloppy seconds as its lead-in was the aforementioned Nene Leakes’ vanity project I Dream of Nene; The Wedding and now after 6 episodes is averaging just 868,333 viewers per episode and 0.37 in the 18-49 demo, which is more or less 1/2 that of M2M.

Based on the viewer feedback we’ve monitored there seems to be no tangible reason why M2M scored double the audience (apart from viewer inertia, that is), and frankly it seems that The New Atlanta is probably the more enjoyable of the two shows. However it was Married To Medicine that was re-upped for a second season a position that The New Atlanta based on its mediocre ratings is unlikely to see…..and all because it drew the short straw in the Bravo TV scheduling sweepstakes.

Updated Saturday, October 19th, 2013 After Bravo TV schedule changes

The second to last episode S01E07 will air Sunday October 27th, 2013 at 10pm following the finale of I Dream of Nene: The Wedding and then the final episode goes back to their usual time slot of Tuesday 29-Oct-13 at 10pm.

Updated Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 After S01E05

While I Dream of Nene: The Wedding dropped 4.42% on its prior week’s ratings, The New Atlanta managed to buck that trend growing 22.5% week-on-week to 909,000 viewers at 10pm last night. More important, their 18-49 demo rating moved back to 0.40 this week with 461,000 viewers that age after they had scored 0.30’s for the previous two weeks (394,000 & 419,000). An 18-49 demo rating of 0.30 is historically the lowest level that Bravo Media’s executives will condone for original programming to continue to maintain a slot in prime time and they will be glad to have moved up from that..

There are just three episodes of this freshman season left to air and Bravo Media have evidently decided to withdraw the lead-in ratings investment provided by the upcoming wedding of Nene Leakes, as today they’ve announced that Nene’s wedding lead-in will be given to The Real Housewives of Miami. That means that next week’s sixth episode on The New Atlanta will be the last with separate original programming as lead-in, as their last two episodes will air back to back at 9pm and 10pm on Tuesday, October 29th.

Given that withdrawal of programming support it’s looking increasingly unlikely that The New Atlanta’s cast will get to a second season, like the recently re-upped Below Deck and Newlyweds: The First Year, and given that this show has actually been getting a reasonably positive response from many viewers, that’s surprising. However it’s becoming obvious that for the continued success of Bravo Media’s big revenue driving Real Housewives franchise, it is more important to provide whatever boost they can to RHoM, than to support a freshman show. Over the last five weeks the ratings for RHoM & The New Atlanta have been more or less identical (Total 838,600, 487,800 (18-49) – 0.40 v 858,200, 445,200 – 0.36), and it would appear RHoM won out.

Updated Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 After S01E04

While I Dream of Nene: The Wedding held at its prior week’s ratings, The New Atlanta dropped by -7.60% week-on-week to a new low of 742,000 viewers at 10pm last night. Despite that 61,000 reduction in viewers, the 18-49 demo rating stayed at 0.30 this week with 394,000 viewers in that age group, versus the 419,000 last week. An 18-49 demo rating of 0.30 is historically the lowest level that Bravo Media’s executives will condone for original programming to continue to maintain a slot in prime time.

Still if The New Atlanta cast wish to see a second season like the recently re-upped Below Deck and Newlyweds: The First Year, they’ll need to see their ratings grow closer to 1m viewers per episode and that’s a long way from the 845,500 they’re currently averaging.

Updated Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 After S01E03

Despite the additional 225,000 viewers that watched last night’s 9pm airing of I Dream of Nene: The Wedding compared with the previous week only, 12,000 of them stayed around for The New Atlanta at 10pm. Its third episode grew its audience by just 1.5% however and worryingly, its 18 to 49 year year old demo rating dropped from last week’s 0.40 to just 0.30 this, and that’s not a promising sign that this potential new franchise is resonating with younger viewers.

  • karin

    Worst show ever! Does not represent Atlanta’s high elites at all! These are not raising elite, just average Joe’s and Sally’s or less. Someone that still lives with their parents, men that don’t have even real jobs, and women that own one simple boutique w redneck accents? This is not success or elite status! Not everyone in ATL speaks that southern slang or cuss at all. It’s not even funny! Jerry Springer wouldn’t even take this show! Bravo must have NOT met the actual high elites of Atlanta or got there info wrong! This is just embarrassing for Bravo as it is! Get a new crew with actual high rising elites of Atlanta and ratings might actually be worth the airtime! This is truly a complete embarrassment of all the reality shows I’ve seen!

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  • Valley View

    Sad to hear about “New Atlanta” it was a show that focused on young people’s view of relationships and career choices. I found it interesting except for the tussles. I must say I watched it mainly in re-runs as I could not stomach the Nene spin-off.

    Bravo original programming seems to only work Sunday, Monday and Wednesday–so much for five nights of original programming.

    • Simon van Kempen

      I’ve amended the table to show the night of the week that each show aired, and while it is true that Sunday, Mondays & Wednesday are currently their strongest nights, that’s more to do with the draw of those particular programs than those particular days of the week. The Real Housewives of New York’s highest rated seasons; Season 3 and Season 4 both aired on Thursday nights. Which proves, that as long as programming that draws an audience is aired, that audience will come on any night of the week.