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Updated Wednesday, July 9th 2014, after the season (and probable SERIES finale) – S01E21 of The People’s Couch aired at 10pm on Tuesday July 8th 2014. Bookmark this page and check back for regular updates.

Over the past week at least two of the people who appear on The People’s Couch have been incessantly attacking me as Bravo Ratings on Twitter based on our ratings reporting & analysis. Sadly it’s been a case of them shooting the messenger while ignore the underlying message. On this website I’ve amassed over 7 years of Bravo Media’s TV shows ratings and history has shown, time and time again, that for a show to get renewed for a second and subsequent seasons it needs to average at least 500,000 viewers in the 18 to 49 year old demographic. Sadly not once has any episode of The People’s Couch in its entire 21 episode history gotten anywhere near that large an audience in that important advertiser preferred demo.

Although for its finale episode it came as close as its done so all season. Last night at 10pm 713,000 viewers tuned in (a 126,000 increase over the prior week) and 398,000 of them were aged between 18-49 years – up 84,000 P18-49 viewers on the week. That beats the previous total audience ratings high achieved by S01E07 which aired at 11.30pm on Sunday March 30th which was viewed by 655,000 P2+ viewers. The episode which up until last night had had the largest P18-49 audience was S01E12 which aired Tuesday May 6th and was viewed by 388,000 in that P18-49 demo.

However, despite this season going out with a relative ratings BANG!, I still don’t believe that Bravo Media will commission a second season, as through its entire run it has only been able to average 531,000 for P2+ and 280,190 in P18-49. All that adds up to the undeniable fact that The People’s Couch, is still rating well below levels that Bravo Media countenance for a season renewal and a look at this report I wrote in October 2013 followed by this April 2014 update explains why.

Full Season Summary

After the successful trial run of Fashion Queens earlier this year that aired after Sunday night’s top rated episode of Watch What Happens Live, Bravo Media commissioned a limited three episode run of The People’s Couch to also follow Sunday’s edition of WWHL.

Based on a UK series called Gogglebox, The People’s Couch’s had the unfortunate timing of airing the month that Andy Cohen’s talkie was experiencing its own ratings difficulties. Although The People’s Couch averaged only 473,000 viewers over its three airings, it second episode managed to draw more viewers than WWHL on October 13 which featuring Orlando Bloom and Sir Ian McKellen, only managed 381,000 viewers at 11pm.

Given that the three episodes of WWHL that it followed only averaged 564,000 viewers, The People’s Couch audience retention percentage of 84% (WWHL’s audience those three weeks averaged 564,000 viewers) was a very good return, but whether that’s deemed good enough for an extended run is yet to be determined.

The People’s Couch” was produced by Studio Lambert and All3Media America with Stephen Lambert, Eli Holzman, Tania Alexander and Aliyah Silverstein serving as Executive Producers.

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  • Whatevathon

    I don’t understand, which you wisely suggested in one of your ratings update posts, why this show isn’t on out of primetime. It’s format is perfect for either late night viewing or even for Fridays or before new content airs (since you could have the Couch-ers reacting to the previous week’s episode). If the show is cheap to make, I could see Bravo being it back for a 2nd season, but just as a late not slot taker for when Fashion Queens is off season.

  • Michael

    I like The People’s Couch’ because it gives me a chance to check other shows I might not look at.

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  • WallE

    Originally I thought: People on their couch talking about Bravo shows- sounded pretty boring… But… I actually caught one of the episodes recently and found this show to be quite funny! And, the folks are commenting about popular network shows, as well as cable shows (not Bravo only, as I originally thought).

    • Sheila Swinton Miller

      I love this show! It is a little known gem. SO FUNNY. I always rewind to catch what someone on the couch just said, not so much the show they are watching. Funny Funny, I hope Bravo gives it another shot! Sorry Andy, but I like this much better than WWHL….