Which Bravo TV Shows Will or Won’t Be Back in 2014?

Cancelled by Bravo

Make sure you read our April 2014 cancellation update article.

Back in April, 2013 when Bravo Media were planning their annual Upfronts presentation to advertisers, they issued a press release announcing their 2013 programming slate as they Greenlit 17 New and 18 Returning Unscripted Series for the coming year. Taking which shows that had aired in 2012 plus those in the first quarter of 2013, that hadn’t gained a series renewal, it was fairly easy to deduce the ratings cut off level which defined success or failure for shows that aired on Bravo TV.

Our article on Which Bravo TV Shows from 2012 Won’t Be Returning, has remained in the top 10 stories read each day on BravoRatings.com, and so I thought it was to time rank Bravo Media’s 2013 television shows, so we could all see at a glance, which shows from 2013 are unlikely to be around come 2014.

The top rated show from 2012 that didn’t make it as far as 2013, was Around the World in 80 Plates, an expensive to produce competition food show, which in its only season averaged 750,600 viewers per episode, of which 431,700 were aged 18 to 49 years. Pregnant in Heel’s second (and last) season attracted a slightly higher number of viewers aged 18-49; 440,200 out of its season average viewership of 722,400, but it also wasn’t renewed for a subsequent season.

As 2013 has progressed Bravo Media have started immediately publicizing a show’s renewal and of 2013′s freshman shows to already get the green light for a second season we have; Vanderpump Rules, Married To Medicine, Newlyweds; The First Year and Below Deck.

In the table below we have ranked each Bravo TV series that has aired all or part of a season in calendar year 2013; by viewers aged 18 to 49 years, and color coded them as A Definite For Renewal, Still A Slim Chance of Renewal and lastly Gone & Best Forgotten.

In the latter category; Eat, Drink, Love with a paltry 215,750 viewers in the 18-49 demo after it was relegated to a non prime time slot for its last three episodes, earns Andy Cohen’s jackhole award, despite it initially being given a prime time Sunday night debut slot and airing on Sunday’s after RHoNJ. Of completed series, just beating out EDL, was Property Envy which like EDL failed miserably and midway through its season was also pulled from Bravo Media’s prime time schedules.

This year witnessed the complete demise of Bravo Media’s once heralded Fashion By Bravo programming. The original Project Runway network which once attracted 5,181,000 viewers in 2008 for its fourth season finale saw The Rachel Zoe Project, It’s a Brad, Brad World and The Dukes of Melrose all slumping to be in the bottom ten rated shows of this year and attracting barely one tenth of Bravo Media’s former fashion audience. Last week’s debut of Rihanna’s Styled to Rock is showing no improvement on those three and is currently the second lowest rated show of 2013.

I am also certain that LA Shrinks The Kandi Factory and Chef Roble & Co won’t be back next year.

The shows that I regard as being in programming limbo include two well rated shows, both Real Housewives spin-offs ; Nene Leakes’ I Dream of Nene: The Wedding and Tamra Barney’s Tamra’s OC Wedding. Both of these series drew ratings strong enough for a second season but without the new births and young families that Bethenny Frankel & Kim Zolciak brought to their sophomore seasons, Nene & Tamra probably lack commanding solo story-lines. And it’s looking that despite the impending birth of Zolciak’s twins, a full season order of a third season of Don’t Be Tardy won’t be forthcoming either.

That leaves the shows that rated in no mans land; neither great nor dreadful that didn’t immediately upon their conclusion get a renewal. The one’s currently sitting on the Bravo Bench are Princesses: Long Island, Interior Therapy and Tabatha Takes Over Their fate will be determined based on the strength of the new programming pitches that Bravo Media have received and now just have to sit & wait.

Prior to its season finale I had placed The New Atlanta as a possible renewal contender but after its finale slumped losing 47% of its prior episode ratings, it’s final season average has put it almost definitely in the Bravo Media programming scrap heap.

Lastly, The Real Housewives of Miami coming in eighteenth place, proves that this Real Housewives’ iteration has after three years been unable to find its own footing. For that reason alone I am sure this season will be its last, lest it continue to damage and bring down the mega dollar making Real Housewives brand that has been the most important profit center to NBCUniversal & owner’s Comcast.

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This table is updated to include all programs & episodes that have aired through and including Tuesday, October 29th, 2013.

Bravo TV Cancel/Renewal Ratings Predictions 2013
Rank Series Season Premiere Day Audience 18-49 Audience Status
1 RHoA 5 7-Oct-08 Sun 3,100,208 1,902,333 YES
2 RHoNJ 5 12-May-09 Sun 2,289,636 1,307,455 YES
3 Shahs of Sunset 2 11-Mar-12 Sun 1,928,154 1,155,231 YES
4 RHoBH 3 14-Oct-10 Mon 1,966,955 1,151,500 YES
5 RHOC 8 21-Mar-06 Mon 1,898,227 1,128,091 YES
6 Married to Medicine 1 24-Mar-13 Sun 1,579,000 931,083 YES
7 Vanderpump Rules 1 7-Jan-13 Mon 1,485,700 865,100 YES
8 Top Chef – Seattle 10 8-Mar-06 Wed 1,438,235 797,471 YES
9 Below Deck 1 1-Jul-13 Mon 1,315,091 771,636 YES
10 I Dream of Nene 1 17-Sep-13 Tue 1,533,143 731,286 ??
11 Tamra’s OC Wedding 1 2-Sep-13 Mon 1,371,333 677,333 ??
12 Millionaire Matchmaker 6 22-Jan-08 Tue 1,092,308 635,769 YES
13 Top Chef – New Orleans 11 8-Mar-06 Wed 1,246,250 635,750 YES
14 Don’t be Tardy 2 26-Apr-12 Tue 1,070,833 626,583 ??
15 Newlyweds: The First Year 1 6-May-13 Mon 1,042,125 612,875 YES
16 Million Dollar Listing LA 6 5-Aug-08 Wed 1,273,083 590,750 YES
17 Million Dollar Listing NY 4 7-Mar-12 Wed 1,067,417 578,250 YES
18 RHoM 3 22-Feb-11 Mon 992,333 561,667 No
19 Princesses: Long Island 1 2-Jun-13 Sun 892,400 517,100 ??
20 Fashion Queens 1 17-Mar-13 Sun 979,222 No Info YES
21 Top Chef Masters 5 10-Jun-09 Wed 985,300 502,000 ??
22 Tabatha Takes Over 5 20-Aug-08 Thu 840,750 463,667 ??
24 Interior Therapy 2 14-Mar-12 Tue 1,052,600 459,000 ??
23 The New Atlanta 1 17-Sep-13 Tue 869,250 457,750 No
25 LA Shrinks 1 4-Mar-13 Mon 673,000 406,125 No
26 Kandi Factory 1 9-Apr-13 Tue 718,125 398,500 No
27 Chef Roble & Co 2 4-Dec-11 Wed 720,375 385,250 No
28 Rachel Zoe Project 5 9-Sep-08 Wed 642,125 358,375 No
29 Million Dollar Decorators 2 13-Nov-12 Wed 651,375 328,500 No
30 It’s a Brad, Brad World 2 2-Jan-12 Tue 570,375 314,875 No
31 Dukes of Melrose 1 6-Mar-13 Wed 495,167 263,917 No
32 People’s Couch 1 6-Oct-13 Sun 473,000 No Info ??
33 Kathy 2 19-Apr-12 Thu 417,167 231,583 No
34 Property Envy 1 9-Jul-13 Tue 537,500 231,083 No
35 Styled to Rock 1 25-Oct-13 Fri 472,000 223,000 No
36 Eat Drink Love 1 11-Aug-13 Thu 386,000 215,750 No

Source: Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers, TheFutonCritic, SonOfTheBronx and/or Bravo Media and is based on Live + Same Day Ratings on Initial Airing


  1. Totally agree with Valley View… Back to Basics, Bravo!

  2. I have always said that top chef is rigged. Lets have top chef masters on agai,liked it much better

  3. Yreffej says:

    I sincerely hope that tabatha and Jeff Lewis return to bravo in some way shape or form! I live for those 2 shows!!

  4. Gwen says:

    has married to medicine been cancelled?

  5. […] So, to answer the question about which Bravo shows will be renewed in 2014, let’s turn to Bravo Ratings. This post is from a couple of months ago but I find myself going back to it time and again. I’m going to share with you the chart of all charts, the holy grail of Bravo renewal secrets. Simon has ranked every Bravo series from 2013 (up until this was published on October 30) in order of the size of its audience. When you look at it this way it becomes pretty clear which shows will and which won’t make the renewal cut. For his insight and analysis, check out the full article here. […]

  6. Lisa Howerton says:

    I am sad that you are not renewing Brad’s show…I loved it! Anyhow so glad you are getting rid of the Rachel Zoe show,it became almost impossible to watch with all of the preening going on!! Love Below Deck and am so happy it will go on.Love Million Dollar decorators and am sad it won’t be back, but thank god you renewed Million Dollar Listing NY my favorite esp Frederick!

  7. TracyTC says:

    SO bummed to see how poorly Eat Drink Love fared. I loved that show. I think the show would’ve done better with a different marketing strategy. I don’t even remember how I found it. Too bad, ladies! I was looking forward to the next installment and rooting for all of you to succeed. I wasn’t always a fan of the cat fights, but mostly because they hit too close to home. I especially hope we see more in the future from Waylynn Lucas.

  8. Madeline says:

    It surprises me everytime a new reality show has been added to Bravo. I often ask myself what criteria does a show need to remain. It is disturbing though, what was once TABOO is now dinner conversation among adults and children. First impressions do go a long way. If a women wishes to be treated as a women she needs to know how to dress, talk and carry herself. If you look real carefully that still exists. Men don’t need to act their shoe size. Instead, Bravo does not offer entertainment or education but constant bickering. I see that on the streets of NY! It is not new Bravo “Andy Cohen’!

    Viewers ask yourself – what have I learned from watching Bravo?

  9. katie says:

    I’m really surprised about RHOM’s ratings. I like the cast more than any other real housewive series. I think it would do really well on a Spanish TV network. Why no hablo espanol Bravo?

    I wish RHONJ would be retired finally. Perhaps if J & T go to jail it will be…since they made the show and the rest of the cast is boring as fuk.

    Also it would be nice to see RHOV join Bravo TV since it got canceled after 2 seasons on Slice in Canada. The first season of that show was a riot, the best series I’ve seen of any housewives season, too bad their seasons reunion sucked.

  10. Bobbi says:

    I disagree about Last Chance Kitchen. I think it has added an extra energy to the show and I really enjoy watching the segments each week.

    Seattle was a different season and not all the changes were good ones. I don’t think they should have brought chefs back that had competed before unless it was an All-Stars season. The ones they did bring back weren’t necessarily strong competitors but it just made it very disjointed. There was a lot of controversy about the ousting of Kristin and saving Josie during that elimination challenge, but you have to go with what the judges decide. There have been plenty of other times in all of the seasons where people haven’t liked their decisions.

    I still think Top Chef is one of the best competition shows on TV and am truly enjoying this season. They have a great group of chefs, a terrific setting and they’ve incorporated a lot of the local history into the show.

  11. Valley View says:

    I think Kim’s show will be back. The injury, the twins and the new house should be enough to keep viewers coming back.

    I hope they pick up LA Shrinks, The new Atlanta and RHOM. Sad to see Brad’s show go-love his partner Gary Janetti-he gives great Twitter.

    Maybe Bravo has just started to slip away in the original programming department. I for one am sick and tired of them shuffling shows around and the constant reruns of a dud like “I Dream of Nene”. I think in the last 66 hours of Bravo programming it has easily taken a quarter of the schedule.

    Does anyone at Bravo even listen or do they just roll the dice?

    Thanks for all the hard work-your charts make things much easier to digest.

    • WallE says:

      As you can see from the chart, Brad’s show was the dud vs. ‘I Dream of Nene’.
      To answer your question about folks listening at Bravo, I have taken part in TV marketing surveys for Bravo. Two I distinctly recall were about 1) “Below Deck”, which, I swear had a different name attached to the show when I took the survey. Had to answer “would I watch this show if…” questions, etc. and 2) Million Dollar Listing:NY – The survey boiled down to the 3 realtors in season 1, perception of them, personality impressions… Then in Season 2 I noticed that one of the guys was replaced… So, yes, they listen.

  12. WallE says:

    In August, Kandi confirmed via Twitter that Kandi Factory won’t be coming back:
    Michael Jachera @jachera_michael

    @Kandi is the kandi factory coming back?
    Kandi Burruss ✔ @Kandi

    @jachera_michael unfortunately no
    10:30 PM – 30 Aug 2013

    • Which isn’t surprising at all. Even when The Kandi Factory was moved to air Sunday nights for the latter 1/2 of its run, its ratings didn’t improve. However, I feel that the problem with the show was a lack of continuity between each episode rather than its host. But also, as we have seen since Bravo Media lost Project Runway to Lifetime, they’ve not had much luck at all with non cooking competition shows; The Fashion Show, Work of Art, Platinum Hit have all done poorly. And even last year’s Around the World in 80 Plates in the food genre that has worked so well for so long, didn’t draw an audience either.

      • Valley View says:

        I think Bravo started losing their “Top Chef” audience when they sold their souls to Toyota to do “Last Chance Kitchen”. Seattle took a hit with the refusal of the judges to send Josie home week after week. It became patently obvious, that short of setting herself on fire, Kristen was going to win Seattle. Bravo wanted a pretty and personable woman for their 10th anniversary. It really isn’t a fair competition when you miss half a dozen or so elimination rounds and get back in the chase based upon who Tom Colicchio likes in a Quickfire. I get it makes the network money and it puts the integrity of competition into question.

        I will have to check back to see how “Top Chef” faired last night.

      • WallE says:

        SvK – I totally agree!!!

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