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6pm UPDATEHere’s Bravo PR’s full press release and a couple of additional comments on it

It’s been a long time coming but this morning Frances Berwick, the President of Bravo Media announced that Andy Cohen was relinquishing his programming role on Bravo Media’s payroll to concentrate full time on his nightly talk show, Watch What Happens Live and to develop new programming through his own production company Most Talkative.

Just over two weeks ago, on the evening of October 29th, 2013, using my personal Twitter account, I tweeted:

My twitter exchange with him was predicated on the back of Andy Cohen’s longest & lowest rated sequence of his 5 night a week talk show Watch What Happens Live. Since it returned to the airwaves after its Labor Day hiatus, it had run for 37 episodes and seen its nightly average drop to a just 587,622 viewers per night. Anyone who studies Bravo Media as I do, could see that hosting a talk show five nights each week AND heading up Bravo Media’s programming development was always going to be too much for one man; even one as hard working as Andy Cohen.

Within minutes of my initial tweet, Cohen replied stating:

and our conversation continued on Twitter back & forth

and then I let him have the last say with:

With the announcement in this morning’s The New York Times that he “will give up his position as executive vice president for talent and development at Bravo, but will remain an executive producer on all the many “Real Housewives” iterationsCohen will be freed from the shackles of his EVP desk at 30 Rock and therefore as of today his tweet to me just fifteen days ago that he ‘still runs development‘ is no longer true.

All (assumed) animus aside, it must have been nigh impossible for any human being to finish filming a live talk show, three or four nights each week, at midnight, come down from the adrenaline buzz from filming live TV, and then get to bed at a decent hour prior to fronting up at your desk job the next day and be bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Given that one of his two roles had to go, it’s interesting that despite my suggestion in my initial tweet that he revert to his full time programming role, that he’s chosen to remain as Bravo Talent rather than a Bravo Suit. Andy has been critical of me, my wife Alex McCord and of course, Jill Zarin as well, that once we stopped appearing on Bravo’s programs we didn’t quietly just go away, but as I’m sure he’s discovered, once you’ve received the sort of public exposure that appearing on a successful Bravo TV show brings it’s practically impossible to put that genie back in the bottle.

Cohen is the second long time senior programming executive to leave Bravo Media in the last month as Christian Barcellos, who was with Bravo Media for years starting as a production executive on Inside The Actors Studio, and worked on Queer Eye, RHoNY, RHoNJ, RHoDC, RHoA and a host of other shows, announced his departure to Fox International on October 16th

Now seeing that Andy Cohen will be developing his own shows with his Most Talkative production company, maybe I should send him that pitch he mentioned that he hasn’t seen from me for a long time! ;-)

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  • Michael

    I’ve been wondering for awhile if Bravo and Oxygen were going to merge and become one network. It seemed that all of Bravo’s announcements also included references to Oxygen lately.

  • Lora De Allesio

    Andy Cohen should be sent to Guantanamo Bay to entertain Taliban. He is the lowest form of humanity , people like him destroy intellectual property and turn it into what Bravo is today – sociopathic carnival.

  • http://76horns 786horns

    Not sure what to say. I like Andy, especially when he “officiates” the housewives — all franchises!!