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Updated Friday February 14th, 2014. have confirmed that there will not be a second season for Bethenny Frankel’s talk show and in their article mentioned that “Best Of Bethenny had a test primetime run on Bravo where Frankel was a star with Real Housewives Of New York City and her own spinoff series, but it didn’t get enough traction.”

While 6pm isn’t exactly prime time, the ratings (which are posted below) for her limited trial run on Bravo TV clearly showed that the five “Best of …” airings, certainly didn’t get enough viewer traction at all. Perhaps that week’s airing was Bethenny’s last chance and it ended up as her last hurrah?

Updated Monday February 3rd after the fifth and final repeat episode of Best of Bethenny aired on Friday January 31st, 2014.

Bethenny’s one week trial run of her talk show which was aired in the weekday 6pm slot wrapped on Friday January 31st with, not surprisingly, her lowest ratings return of the week. 166,000 viewrs aged two years & over tuned in Friday, with just 78,000 of those aged between 18 & 49 years; the fourth night of her five were the 18-49 demo was under 50% of her total viewership.

Comparing the ratings of her full five day trial run versus the same time slot in the week prior shows that Bethenny averaged just 215,600 total viewers versus the prior week’s average of 268,600; a decline of -19.73%, however with the younger viewers she faired far worse as that segment fell -35.72% from and average of 156,200 to just 100,400 per episode.

While it is true that Bravo Media put little if not no effort into marketing her show in this time slot, the same can be said of the repeats which they normally air, suggesting that if viewers either had Bravo TV turned on last week or turned to it at 6pm last week, they didn’t stay on that channel in anywhere near the numbers they did the week prior.

Original Article Posted 29-Jan-2014

This week Bravo TV began airing repeat episode of Bethenny Frankel’s Warner Brothers produced talk show, as 5 episodes mostly featuring Bravolebrities using the program title Best of Bethenny air each week day at 6pm. Presumably acquired for little or no upfront cost to Bravo Media, Bethenny’s repeats are airing at a time when repeats of Bravo’s own original programming normally air; and as such unless Bravo Media thought they would get a ratings bonanza from Frankel’s show its unlikely they would have paid much to acquire airing rights.

Despite Bethenny tweeting out to her 1.3m followers on Monday just prior to the first airing at 6pm, which featured an episode in which Nene Leakes guested, Bravo TV saw a massive -54% decline in the advertiser preferred viewers aged 18 to 49 years, when compared with the same time slot a week prior when a repeat episode of Theeal Housewives of Beverly Hills had aired. :

Monday 6pm saw 227,000 viewers total tune in at 6pm for Bethenny; a -24% reduction than the 298,000 who had watched the repeat of RHoBH last Monday, but it was in the 18-49 demographic were Bravo Media saw a significant decline with that audience segment falling from RHoBH’s 184,000 to Bethenny’s 84,000 That’s the only day’s ratings we currently have to hand but will be updating this article daily during this one week run.

Currently Bravo TV’s schedule shows that next week they will revert to airing repeats of their own programming at 6pm each weekday and so it would seem that this was just a one week trial run. And certainly, based on Bethenny’s first day’s ratings that seems unlikely to change.

Bethenny’s talk show, which debuted its first full season on September 9th, 2013 syndicated on various day time television markets throughout the United States, has probably succeeded enough to not just continue for its entire first season through June 2014, but also should see a second season commissioned. Queen Latifah’s fellow freshman talk show has already been renewed for its second season and although Queen Latifah is attracting a slightly larger audience than Bethenny, this report by Marc Berman at TV Media Insights noted that:

Season to-date (through Dec. 8, 2013), “Queen Latifah” is tops among the quartet of new talkers (including “Bethenny” from Warner Bros. and “The Test” from CTD in daytime, and “Arsenio Hall” from CTD in late night) with a 1.1 rating in households. Comparably, that places it No. 13 among the 16 daytime entries. Results among target women 25-54 (0.7) is tied for No. 12 (with “Bethenny” and “The Doctors” from CTD), while a 0.5 among women 18-49 places “Queen Latifah” in a tie with “Bethenny” for No. 12.

Given that both Queen Latifah and Bethenny are tied in the all important daytime demographics of women 18-49 (0.50) and women 25-54 (0.70), there should be no reason why Bethenny’s own talkie isn’t extended for a second season as well.

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Best of Bethenny – Talk Show
Episode    Time        Date     Prior Week Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo
S01E09 6:00 PM 27-Jan-14 RHoBH 227,000 84,000 0.10
S01E78 6:00 PM 28-Jan-14 VRules 234,000 149,000 0.10
S01E44 6:00 PM 29-Jan-14 Shahs 243,000 91,000 0.10
S01E38 6:00 PM 30-Jan-14 MMatch 208,000 100,000 0.10
S01E67 6:00 PM 31-Jan-14 MMatch 166,000 78,000 0.10
Average 215,600 100,400 0.10
Episode    Time        Date     % Change Audience 18-49 Audience 18-49 Demo
RHoBH 6:00 PM 20-Jan-14 -24% / -54% / 0% 298,000 184,000 0.10
VRules 6:00 PM 21-Jan-14 -25% / -29% / -50% 313,000 211,000 0.20
Shahs 6:00 PM 22-Jan-14 -13% / -42% / 0% 278,000 157,000 0.10
MMatch 6:00 PM 23-Jan-14 -12% / -22% / 0% 237,000 129,000 0.10
MMatch 6:00 PM 24-Jan-14 -24% / -22% / 0% 217,000 100,000 0.10
Average -20% / -36% / -17% 268,600 156,200 0.12

Source: Nielsen Media Research via Son of the Bronx

Prior Updates

Updated Thursday January 30th after the 3rd repeat episode of Best of Bethenny aired on Wednesday January 29th, 2014.

If there was any chance of this trial run of Best of Bethenny repeats being extended on Bravo TV the ratings for the third repeat will surely confirm that they will cease after the five day run. While Wednesday’s 6pm repeat showed growth in the total viewers over both Monday’s & Tuesday’s repeats it continued the trend of her show attracting a minority of viewers in the 18 to 49 year old demographic as well as posting double digit ratings declines versus the same time slot in the previous week. Last Wednesday in this same hour a repeat of Shahs of Sunset aired with 278,000 viewers watching, of which 157,000 were aged 18-49. Bethenny’s Wednesday repeat could only attract 243,000 overall with just 91,000 aged 18-49; daily deficits of -13% & 42% respectively. Cumulatively over the first three days of this trial Bravo TV has had 228,000 fewer 18 to 49 year old’s tuning in at the 6pm hour, and that reduction will be costing them advertising revenue.

Updated Wednesday January 29th after the 2nd repeat episode of Best of Bethenny aired on Tuesday January 28th, 2014.

Tuesday brought some better news for Bethenny, but only slightly as she followed up Monday’s poor result with a slightly less poor one yesterday. In the 6pm Tuesday slot last week, a repeat of Vanderpump Rules aired and it gained 313,000 viewers of which 211,000 were aged 18 to 49 years – demo 0.20. Last night at that time Bethenny was watched by 234,000 (149,000 aged 18-49 – demo 0.10) which were deficits against last week of -29% & -25% respectively. That’s better than Monday’s deficits of -24% & -54% but at this stage it’s fair to assume that airing Bethenny is costing Bravo Media potential advertising revenue as its own hourly averages are reduced, and expect that once this week wraps up, it’s an experiment likely not to be repeated.

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