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Updated Wednesday July 23rd 2014, the leg toss Season Finale – S06E20 of The Real Housewives of New York City aired at 9pm on Tuesday July 22th 2014 and includes Reunion Episode news as well as our Finale ratings poll results. Bookmark this page for our regular updates

Before the Nielsen TV Rating for last night’s Finale were released, Nielsen Social issued the Top 5 Non Sport television programs across all the Alpha Nets (ABC, CBS, NBC etc.) as well as Cable TV Networks, and is that is great that RHoNY came in as the fourth most active show discussed on Twitter last night. While on the one hand that’s a phenomenal result for them to rank in last night’s Twitter Top 5, the raw numbers show just how much those of us on Twitter risk getting caught up in the buzz from a very vocal, but a very, very small minority of the TV viewing public.

 © Nielsen Media

© Nielsen Media

If you look at the column second from the right, you will can see it’s titled “UNIQUE AUTHORS’ and RHoNY had just 8,000 people initiating tweets about last night’s episode. In total 25,000 tweets were sent, and it was those that caused all that Twitter Trending seen and spoken about last night, even by Andy Cohen during the spacial 10pm airing of WWHL

Prior to the airing of the finale, we ran a RHoNY Finale Ratings poll and almost 1/3 of those who voted suggested (hoped?) that more than 1.6m viewers would tune in.

In the end it was the 7.8% who voted for the range of 1,500,000 and 1,599,999 who guessed correctly, as at 9pm last night 1,504,000 viewers actually tuned into Bravo TV and of them 817,000 were aged between 18 & 49 years. Last week just 1,131,000 P2+ viewers & 554,000 P18-49 watched the penultimate episode and so at least Bravo Media should be pleased that this week’s finale episode was able to increase on that by 32.98% and by a very much larger 47.47% in the 18-49 demo.

Both these ratings set new season highs for this season, relegating the ninth’s episode’s 1,479,000 viewers into second place as well as the seventh episode’s 763,000 P18-49. However one only has to look at the previous seasons’ finale episode ratings to see that while this season’s finale may well have been this season’s most watched episode, it still falls a long way short when compared with all 5 prior seasons (at least as far as P18-49 demo is concerned).

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The Real Housewives of New York City – Season Finale Ratings 2008 – 2014
Episode    Time        Date     Day P2+ Audience P18-49 Audience P18-49 Demo
  S01E07 10:00 PM 15-Apr-08 Tue 1,426,000   1,059,000   0.81
  S02E12 10:00 PM 05-May-09 Tue 2,030,000   1,520,000   1.16
  S03E14 10:00 PM 03-Jun-10 Thu 2,641,000   1,703,000   1.30
  S04E16 10:00 PM 21-Jul-11 Thu 2,449,000   1,441,000   1.10
  S05E18 9:00 PM 01-Oct-12 Mon 1,838,000   1,135,000   0.90
  S06E20 9:00 PM 22-Jul-14 Tue 1,504,000   817,000   0.64

Source: © Nielsen Media Research Based on Live + Same Day Ratings via TVByTheNUmbers, TheFutonCritic, Bravo Media and or
* Indicates estimated P18-49 based on the 18-49 Demo Score

The ratings table for all of Season 6′s Episodes can be seen on Page 2 has been updated.

Through twenty episodes of this sixth season (and with THREE reunion episodes still to air) this iteration of the Real Housewives franchise had until last night, posted a rating’s high of 1,479,000 and a low of 1,011,000 viewers. Despite the finale setting new season highs, the season-on-season RHoNY comparisons are still significantly below those of any of their prior seasons, particularly in respect to the number of viewers aged 18 to 49 years. Worse, RHoNY’s sixth season is also rating -20.89% lower than (what at that time were regarded as) the disastrous ratings that Season 5 achieved (the full episodic ratings listing for Season 6 is on Page 2). Season-to-date this season is averaging just 1,278,550 viewers overall and 638,800 aged 18-49 – Demo 0.50. That puts this season in positive ratings territory for overall viewers only when compared with the 2008 freshman season, but even when compared with that, its ratings within the 18-49 demo have declined. The largest declines have come in the most important 18 to 49 year aged group, -23% compared to Season 1, -53% from Season 2, -53% compared with Season 3, -46% compared with Season 4 and even -29% from 2012′s fifth season.

Has this finale whet your appetite for another three hours of reunion footage? Chime in, in the comment section below.

Full Season Summary

Missing from Bravo TV screens since Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New York City finished airing in October 2012, the RHoNY wives return this March. With Countess LuAnn Delesseps announcing her separation from her beau Jacques Azoulay after filming had wrapped (September 2013), the show’s producers worked hard to avoid the season appearing too dated and so edited out most references to him. The upshot of that was that so little of the Countess’s story line remained that it was announced in early 2014 that she’d lost her apple and had been demoted to ‘friend’ status.

Production was delayed while producers Bravo Media and Shed Media US analyzed why their fifth season reboot had seen its ratings fall -22.36% overall and -26.09% in the 18 to 49 year old demographic when compared with the show’s fourth season – the last which featured original Housewives Jill Zarin & Alex McCord and then held up still further while contract negotiations took place with all the returning fifth season cast members.

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Cast - 2014 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

The Real Housewives of New York City
Season 6 Cast – 2014
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

After that was all worked out, filming commenced in May 2013 with a new Housewife Kristen Taekman, or as she’s now known as ‘Toolshed Taekman‘, joining the only remaining original RHoNY Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan who joined half way through Season Three and Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwell & Heather Thomson; all three who are returning for their second seasons.

The Real Housewives of New York City” is produced by Shed Media U.S with Pam Healy, Lisa Shannon and Megan Estrada serving as Executive Producers.

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The entire episodic ratings for this season can be seen on Page 2

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  • Robert Finlay

    I loved the last episodes. Lulu really came out of her shell and when Aviva threw her leg I almost died laughing. It was the highlight of the season. Pity there wasn’t more to the episode after that!! It was so ridiculous it was akin to the infamous Teresa Table Flip!!! Who knew Aviva was willing to go that crazy! lol!
    Overall I feel though Luann not sharing the downward spiral of her relationship it was totally ok if not completely justified. If she had acknowledged it would have just meant it was over and she fought to the end for it IMO. The producers made a mistake getting upset about it and reediting. It also shows how much sway Sonja with her fake businesses has with the crew. Her confronting Luann about it was totally producer lead. I vote Luann, Heather and Carole back for next season. The rest I care little to none for.

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  • Rob

    Simon, your Nielsen Social Guide ratings also include Broadcast. RHONY was actually the #1 show reality show last night in primetime cable. By including broadcast in your Twitter ratings, you are showing that you are incredibly biased and unprofessional. You also did this with RHONJ ratings this week. Please only post accurate and fair information, and do not include Broadcast in these posts.

    • BravoRatings

      Rob, Do you even read what I write before you cast aspersions? See this which is ALL in the above article:

      Before the Nielsen TV Rating for last night’s Finale were released, Nielsen Social issued the Top 5 Non Sport television programs across all the Alpha Nets (ABC, CBS, NBC etc.) as well as Cable TV Networks, and is what great that RHoNY came in as the fourth most active show discussed on Twitter last night. While on the one hand that’s a phenomenal result for them to rank in last night’s Twitter Top 5, the raw numbers show just how much those of us on Twitter risk getting caught up in the buzz from a very vocal, but a very, very small minority of the TV viewing public.

  • Robert Finlay

    I have been a fan of the housewives franchise since it’s beginnings in Orange County. I follow all the shows and recognize ratings are important nowadays. NYC is in doubt now, the first time since Miami (is it coming back?). I’m slightly annoyed by this, if not wholly unsurprised.

    I have really enjoyed this season. I do however objectively see that there is a disconnect for us fans. I feel the problem is largely two fold.

    Firstly, blame should fall firmly at the feet of Bravo Executives. They have continually underestimated their viewers intelligence and invested time, in favor of personal relationships they have with certain ladies and “clever” editing. Merely finding women that fit a “mold” is not good enough. Viewers are smarter than they are given credit for. We see through wannabes, fakes and phonies. When they remove half the cast and replace them with all too self aware and “reality” savvy women, we get that it is no longer depicting real relationships and are being turn off. The relationships seem a lot more superficial
    and mutually beneficial since the Season 4 Massacre. I’ll go to your party if you show up to mine. Self promotion is all fine but in place of self revealing means I neither buy into you nor buy your products. I know virtually nothing about any of these ladies’ home lives

    Secondly we lost our Vicky/Nene/Teresa when we lost Jill/Bethenny. Love or hate the former, they have however existed since the beginning of their respective franchises and they help to give viewers continuity. If ever they were to leave (like the latter) the shows would not be the same (Teresa’s new revelations have changed her position somewhat). Not that they wouldn’t be salvageable, but why these shows for the most part have continued to be successful is that these women have been that thread that runs through the veins of all seasons. That old friend who reminds us why we like to spend time investing ourselves in their stories. They have been open about their lives and invited us in.

    Who is the central character of NYC?? My own feeling is that it should be the Countess. It should not be Ramona or Sonja as i feel they are so out of touch with reality, their own especially. Although I feel Bravo will probably attempt to make Carole lead.

  • Follower

    I have been a fan of The Real Housewives of New York City from day one. It has been an emotional roller coaster over the years. I think that the show changed when more than half of the cast were not rehired. This was a difficult decision for the Bravo producers and executives at the time. They wanted to do something to change the tone of the show. They were confused by the loss of one million viewers for the last part of the Season Four Reunion. In the earlier reunions, Bethenny Frankel acted as a prosecuting attorney giving the facts that the editing had hidden in bits and pieces. That did not happen in the Season Four Reunion where Jill held court. Andy was at fault in my opinion, because he was emotionally involved with the cast members. Andy was unhappy when Bethenny left the show in the dust. I can’t read his mind, but I did read his book. It is my impression from the Chapters on the Real Housewives is Andy did not want Jill to fight with Bethenny. He preferred the Lucy and Ethel comedy act. Unfortunately, Jill/Ethel took a beating on camera, behind the scenes, and in the off season as Bethenny/Lucy moved like a tsunami across the Island of Manhattan. Jill/Ethel was not under contract to be the side kick. At least, that was what Jill/Ethel told us in interviews that she thought. Bravo representatives stated that they wanted to make a change right after the Fourth Reunion, but they could not read the tea leaves or the tarot cards.

    In my opinion, each time a season begins the fans feel a loss when housewives that they know are gone. Bravo feels that there is a happy number of housewives that fit the Bravo formula. That number ranges from five to seven at times. Bravo asked some former housewives to stand off stage as friends in case the new girls don’t work out. That is a demotion. The women on these shows share their lives and the lives of their families. They are in the Social Media trenches fighting for ratings. Fans interact and become attached to the stars. Sometimes the attachment is positive, for some it is negative. The fans are asked to forget the past and start fresh with new cast members. In order to do that, the fans has to be open to change.

    There is a learning curve when fans follow a reality show over the years. In the beginning, fans often think that the shows are real life meetings of the cast. Bethenny told us a lot of what goes on behind the scenes over her three years. She was introduced to us as the narrator of the show. She was the voice that described the women that go to the Hamptons. It is my opinion that she had that position given to her by the producers and editors. When Bethenny was gone, we did not know who the storyteller was. In a book, the chapters have a beginning, middle and end. The same is true for movies. In television series, that same model is used but the story is told over seasons. Bravo did not “kill off” Bethenny/Lucy. She was in the back stage all of the time. The fans knew that the main character was missing in action, but we had just enough mention of Bethenny to remember and place her in the story ourselves. Alex and Jill were at odds because of Alex’s support for Bethenny. Jill and Kelly talked about Bethenny on Jill’s bed. Jill was suffering over the loss of that friendship and blamed Ramona for the failed reconciliation in Season Three when Jill attempted to save the day with a trip to Scary Island after scaring Kelly with what Bethenny might do to her and making the claim (probably true) that she was urged to go to the island and makeup with Bethenny. The final rejection of Jill on that island was referred to a walking the plank on blogs.

    In Season Four during a fight in the red room of the Marrakech riad, Jill and Ramona had an emotional confrontation over what happened when Ramona escorted Jill to her car. Alex again supported Ramona and fought for Ramona. Although Bethenny was long gone from the cast during filming, that season’s conflict was about Bethenny leaving the show.

    In Season Five, the Lucy and Ethel Show was official buried. The new girls wanted to brand their products, but the audience wondered what was going on in Tribeca and the Upper East Side. Jill walked by Sonja’s house when Bravo was filming and the blogs exploded when she shared a little of her loss at not being a part of the drama. RHONYC had the new direction that Bravo wanted. Sonja’s story was beginning to unfold. Carole brought a taste of royalty to match the Countess’s title. Carole’s blogs were a wonderful addition to the story, but something was missing.

    This season Bravo manipulated the Social Media hoping to drum up conflict on Twitter just like we had during Season Three when Jill was up late at night reading a blog(s). Heather and Carole battle on Twitter just as the battled on the show, but the audience was not interested in Bookgate. I suspect that we have observed manipulation of the cast on the show and in the press for so long that we have just not risen to the occasion as Bravo hoped. It is hard to care about a storyline that you know to be false. Last January, Bravo producers were said to be upset with Ramona about the stories that showed her happy family storyline was false. It was too late to edit again. Luann also failed to share her real life breakup until a tearful scene where she cried at Carole’s birthday party and gave Carole a good line for the show. The Taxi scene implying that Harry, the Court jester and player, left with Luann is false according to Luann in her blog and bloggers who claim that the ring never meant a thing. The fans just shrug. If we wanted a fictional television series, we could watch reruns of the Lucy show.

    What happened in Season One through Season Four of RHONYC was real for the fans. This season, the conflicts seem contrived. Aviva said that someone said that Carole had a ghost writer. Carole said, “No.” That didn’t need weeks of discussion or a Twitter battle. No one thought Carole had a ghost writer. She had ghosts though. That was a part of last season’s story that made Carole a real person lost in a time long ago. That is worthy of a novel such as “What Remains Part Two.” Aviva brought up the Kennedys as if that was something to be ashamed of. Camelot is part of our history. The fans love history.

    I think that is what is wrong with Season Six of The Real Housewives of New York City is that we lost our past. Like it or not, Jill was part of our social circle. I miss Alex on the show, but watch all of her video blogs and read her articles. Alex is our narrator for the storyline of RHONYC now. With the addition of cyberspace, the fans have moved beyond the show. We should give Jill Zarin credit for this innovation. She represented Bravo at a Brown University Symposium. The Communications Professors at Brown saw the sea change in television viewing.

    One step forward…. Thank you to Jill and Alex. Television history continues.