Which Bravo TV Shows from 2013 Have Been Cancelled?

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Last October I wrote my predictions on what Bravo TV shows that had aired in 2013 would likely get commissioned for a subsequent season and with Bravo Media’s recent press release announcing their 2014 renewals and new programming it’s worth looking back to see how well those predictions fared.

At BravoRatings.com we only report on and analyse Bravo TV’s shows Live + Same Day ratings and then only for their first run original programming. Advertisers may pay based on a show’s ratings for Live + 3 Days (C3) and Bravo PR might trumpet Live + 7 day viewing totals, however as my friends over at TVByTheNumbers have written about exhaustively, Live + SD and Live + 3 are very similar (with only a very marginal increase in viewer numbers), and make no tangible difference on whether a show is judged a success and subsequently renewed or fails, and is then canceled.

Bravo Media pride themselves (and rightly so) on having the some of the most engaged, educated, influential and affluent viewers on cable TV. That sort of engagement happens best when a show airs for the first time and viewers can interact on social media with @BravoTV, the recently deceased @TheBravoholic, each respective show’s cast as well as other viewers and that interaction and engagement can’t happen when individuals watch these programs on their own DVR’s. This is why it is key for any of Bravo’s new shows to resonate with audiences immediately, as unless that buzz is generated during an episode’s first airing, no one will likely watch it later on a delayed telecast or on their DVR.

Based on the Live + Same day ratings for calendar year 2013, I predicted back in October that the following shows were definite goners (in order from the lowest rated season); Eat, Drink, Love; Styled to Rock; Property Envy; Kathy; Dukes of Melrose; It’s a Brad, Brad World; Million Dollar Decorators; The Rachel Zoe Project; Chef Roble & Co.; The Kandi Factory; LA Shrinks; The New Atlanta & The Real Housewives of Miami and indeed none of those shows were mentioned in Bravo Media’s announcement when they confirmed that 16 existing shows were returning for a subsequent season.

In that same article I wrote “That leaves the shows that rated in no mans land; neither great nor dreadful that didn’t immediately upon their conclusion get a renewal. The one’s currently sitting on the Bravo Bench are Princesses: Long Island, Interior Therapy and Tabatha Takes Over Their fate will be determined based on the strength of the new programming pitches that Bravo Media have received and now just have to sit & wait. and it would appear that all three shows all of which averaged between 850,000 and 1.5m viewers have been axed. One other show that I regarded as being in limbo was Top Chef Masters, which in its fifth season fell below the 1m viewer average with just 502,000 viewers aged 18-49. It would seem it’s gone as well and has been replaced by Top Chef Duels which was originally announced as Top Chef Extreme and will also feature both Curtis Stone & Gail Simmons from TCM.

Several new shows have aired a freshman season since October 2013 and of those only Blood, Sweat & Heels received a series order for a subsequent season. That leaves Courtney Loves Dallas which averaged (625,125 total viewers/385,875 aged 18-49/Demo 0.33), 100 Days of Summer (575,500/373,875,0.30), Toned Up (531,750/351,375/0.25), Online Dating Rituals of the American Male (706,000/417,333/0.35), and the currently airing Southern Charm (916,174/554,857/0.44 – through 7 episodes) & Flipping Out (997,429/486,571/0.39) to be determined. Of those only Southern Charm’s freshman season & Flipping Out Season 7 are approaching ratings level that make a subsequent season likely. The only rider I put on the above is that Bravo Media’s advertising website Affluencer.com has both Courtney Loves Dallas – See CLD at Affluencer and Toned Up – See TU at Affluencer both listed as ‘returning series’, and given the pages linked above have recently been updated, I’m confused that neither were included in Bravo Media’s Press Release issued last week. But then again based on both shows’ ratings I would be perplexed if either had been renewed.

Over the two years that this website has been up, the data analysis has proven that it is very safe to make predictions on which Bravo TV shows get renewed and that analysis based on Live + Same Day ratings is enough to predict show renewals. The magic numbers are that a season needs to average over 1m total viewers with 500,000+ of them aged 18-49 years (but higher for Sunday night shows), and any show averaging below those levels has pretty much no hope of coming back.

So there’s no more Princesses of Long Island, No more Rachel Zoe or Brad Goreski and presumably no more Real Housewives of Miami. There’s no doubt that the benchmark has been set for the 15 new shows that Bravo Media also announced last week – get at least 1m viewers or risk becoming another one season wonder. Which of the above cancelled shows will you miss the most?

4.30pm Update on April 18, 2014. One of our Twitter followers @KennySeaman seems convinced that The Real Housewives of Miami hasn’t been cancelled but is being retooled and that a fourth season will air in early 2015. With a 2015 air date that might explain why it wasn’t included in Bravo Media’s 2014 programming slate announcement. However, with RHoM’s third season only just averaging over 1m viewers and only then due to a special Sunday airing (without which it would have seen its average viewership fall below 1m viewers), if it returns it will have been off the air for over 18 months. As we’ve seen from the ratings declines suffered by The Real Housewives of new York City after it remained off air for 18 months, that long a delay may prove terminal to RHoM’s chances of returning.

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  • http://twitter.com/Mike0243 Mike (@Mike0243)

    We should all know by now that Bravo doesn’t cancel shows or fire people, they just don’t renew contracts or place orders for new seasons :) Looking at the lis of those not renewed, I’m a little disappointed in a few. I thought everybody liked to watch what I watched :/

  • nick

    Is that affluencer site usually up to date? I’ve never een or heard of it, but it is a really cool website

    • http://Bravoratings.com Simon van Kempen

      Nick, The Affluencer site is used by Bravo Media to solicit advertising, sponsorship & product placement in their programming. The site is normally up-to-date and if you look at this page you can see all of the new shows that Bravo announced last week are already included on it. So yes, it would appear it’s updated. As far as Courtney Loves Dallas and Toned Up are concerned, if both their pages just said ‘new series’ you would surmise that neither page had been deleted. However both say ‘returning series’, which means someone at Bravo edited them assuming they’d been renewed and were returning in 2014. Given that neither show was included on Bravo’s announcement of 15 New & 16 Returning series, that’s perplexing to say the least. I’ve tagged @BravoAffluencer on Twitter pointing out this anomaly so let’s see if they make any changes in the coming weeks.