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Updated Thursday August 14th 2014, after the season finale – S01E08 of Million Dollar Listing Miami aired at 9pm on Wednesday August 13th 2014.

So that’s the season done and I’m pretty sure that at least with this cast, that’s Million Dollar Listing Miami done & dusted too. The finale episode which aired last night at 9pm was watched by the smallest number of viewers of all of this season’s eight episodes with just 585,000 viewers tuning in for the episode entitled ‘Past, Present & Future Given that lowly audience, I don’t see that the third word in this episode’s title could possibly be referring to the TV careers of Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt, so I hope for their sake the real estate careers gain a fillip.

While that P2+ ratings figure was the season low for that demographic, the 274,000 viewers aged between 18-49 years who watched the finale was up by 10,000 P18-49 viewers compared with last week’s seventh episode (274,000 to 264,000) and so that seventh episode remains as the season low in the more important ad buyers preferred demo.

Through all eight episodes, the season average for MDLMIA fell again this week and wraps averaging 677,500 viewers per episode with 336,250 of them aged 18-49 years. The freshman season of Million Dollar Listing New York averaged 35.38% higher for P2+ demo & 44.30% higher in the P18-49 demographic and by its conclusion it had attained an audience as high as 1,066,000 P2+ with 579,000 P18-49; numbers which MDLMIA could only dream about.

Prior to seeing whether by recasting MDLMIA for a putative sophomore season could work, I think Bravo Media should just write this off as another of their failed Miami based shows and they should hope that World of Wonder can be more successful with their recently announced San Francisco MDL franchise.

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Full Season Summary

Bravo Media’s Million Dollar Listing franchise grows to three with the Florida city Miami being added to its roster this June. This host city has had a troubled time on Bravo TV with both former Bravo shows set in Miami having been cancelled by Bravo Media after mediocre ratings. The six episode season of Miami Social aired in 2009 and its finale scored their season high ratings; just 706,000 viewers aged two years & only 512,000 of them aged 18-49 and wasn’t renewed for a sophomore season. There have also been three relatively poorly rated seasons of the The Real Housewives of Miami with each successive RHoM season rating lower than the prior one and all of them the lowest season of any of the Real Housewives franchises.

So no doubt Bravo will be hoping that on the back of their two other Million Dollar Listing shows that Million Dollar Listing Miami will buck Bravo’s Miami curse. With this iteration debuting once Million Dollar Listing New York’s third season concludes, we’re guessing that Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, will return to Bravo TV’s screens when MDLMiami concludes in mid August 2014.

Million Dollar Listing Miami Season 1 Cast - 2014 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Million Dollar Listing Miami
Season 1 Cast – 2014
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Million Dollar Listing Miami” is produced by World of Wonder Productions with Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell and Eric Detwiler serving as Executive Producers.

Network Description

Three Miami agents, Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt, battle it out in the luxury world of high-end real estate. With a surging market in South Florida, properties are selling for record rates and agents are cashing in on massive commissions like never before. The mansions are bigger, the high-rises are taller, the amenities are more lux and the locals have access to amazing views, beaches and a lifestyle unlike anywhere else in the world. Business can get heated as the brokers attempt to make a name for themselves and outshine their competition by landing the next big listing.

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The entire episodic ratings for this season can be seen on Page 2

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  • slave2bravo

    As someone who lives in the actual city of San Francisco, I’ll eat my hat if any of the properties shown are in the city proper. I also just don’t see how this will work, people in the Bay Area are not known for being flashy at all, no one will want to be on tv flaunting their wealth when people here picket private Google buses that cater to rich tech workers!

  • Reba

    The problem with both Miami shows has been the cast. The main problem with this one is Chad the abusive, bully ego maniac with the ape like arms. If I watch his scenes at all I feel sorry for Jen or whatever unfortunate female is in his presence. I so badly want her to say no to the proposal- watching this season her parents must be horrified. His eyes look like he is high almost all the time. To put it mildly he has very little respect for women and a rage issue that will turn on those closest to him. Not good not entertaining. Sam could get there she just is not yet. Chris would be good with the right support but look what he is working with. So disappointing for such an amazing town.