Bravo Media’s Don’t Be Tardy Season 3 Returns July 17 At 9/8c

Don't Be Tardy

Has Kim Zolziak upset Bravo Media as Don’t Be Tardy Season 3 has been scheduled to air on Thursday nights (starting July 17th), a night that recently all too frequently has been used by Bravo TV as the graveyard for their soon to die shows.

While it’s true that the first season titled “Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding“, aired on Thursday nights, that was back in 2012 when Bravo Media were still committed to airing five nights of original programming, which they had launched with much fanfare in late 2010. The second season of Don’t Be Tardy aired in 2013 on Tuesday nights.

In the previous twelve months the following shows, all of which aired on Thursday nights, and were subsequently cancelled include: Kathy – Season 2, The Real Housewives of Miami – Season 3, Tabatha Takes Over – Season 5 as well as presumably this year’s Courtney Loves Dallas & Toned Up (neither of which were listed in this year’s Bravo Media Show Renewals in April). The only show which aired on Thursdays and which bucked that trend was Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker – Season 7, but it recording its lowest ratings in years, averaging just over 1m viewers with 0.5m P18-49 (and its ratings were only that high due to its season finale airing on a Sunday night after The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and garnering 1,862,000 viewers with 899,000 of them 18-49 years).

Kim Zolciak joins Bethenny Frankel as the only other ex-Real Housewife to see their spin off shows reach their third trimester and given its Thursday scheduling, I expect this third season of Don’t be Tardy… may also be its last. Frankel saw her ratings decline for each successive season. Her freshman season averaged 1.8m P2 with 1.1m of therm P18-49, her sophomore season 1.5m P2 with just under 1m P18-49 and her final season dropped to 1.1m P18-49 with 661,333 in P18-49. Zolciak’s freshman season averaged 1,609 000 viewers with 888,222 aged between 18 & 49 years when it aired Thursday but the sophomore season, which aired Tuesdays, fell to 1,070,833 viewers aged two years and over with 626,583 aged between 18 & 49 years and almost identical with Frankel’s final season.

You can watch the highlights of the upcoming season here:

and on the following page read up about this season in Bravo Media’s words. Are you excited to see Kim & Kroy & Kaia Rose & Kane Ren and kan they ever kompete with the Kardashians?

Don’t Be Tardy…” is produced by True Entertainment with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Jen Morton and Jen Lane serving as Executive Producers.

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  • Michael

    Well if you remember, she did quite in the middle of her last season of #RHOA. That may have been a little smack on the ass, but since she does have decent ratings….they’ll let her come back for another season. It’s kind of like NeNe returning for another season of #RHOA, despite how disrespectful she was to Andy on the reunion. The other housewives who she disrespected may not be so forgiving.

    • SonnySky

      Being the reunion show was later after the season had run and was over months before then its very possible Andy had already had signed up everyone cause of the ratings. Andy had said that after the airing of any of the housewives show they take a breather and then go back and review everything then decide who they are going to sign for the next season. He did not give a time frame of how long their “breather” takes.

      As for Kim quitting I thought it was outrageous the way she was treated being so pregnant and no one cared. You cannot expect a women going on 8 months pregnant to go out of the country to some small island and have all the housewives fighitng with her lying about being pregnant and Nene commenting she probably stuffed herself but Kim gave birth 1 and !/2 months later. After that everyone turned on this show and nene and then they had to bring in other people Kenya and Porsha and that season the ratings went up and then this past season with mama Joyce they went higher than any housewives show. Now we know Nene, Cynthia possibly Phaedra are boring so but contracts are signed and they will all be back and that will be the ratings that count since people are fed up with Nene, Kenya and now Mama Joyce,