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Updated Thursday, August 14th 2014 prior to the airing of S03E06 of Don’t Be Tardy…. on Bravo TV Thursday August 14th at 9pm, with news that S03E07 will air this Sunday August 17th at 9pm .

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I wrote earlier in the week about Bravo Media’s massively reduced Sunday night prime time ratings and they’re taking a step to rectify that this Sunday by moving Kim Zolciak’s seventh episode of Don’t Be Tardy to boost at least 30 minutes of the three hours or prime time, this means that that night’s Game of Crown’s episode will air at 10:30pm rather than 10pm and thus only act as a drag on the prime time average for 30 over the 180 minutes rather than the usual 1/3. schedule for Sunday 17 August 2014 schedule for Sunday 17 August 2014

Updated Friday, August 8th 2014 after S03E05 of Don’t Be Tardy…. aired on Bravo TV Thursday August 7th at 9pm.

At 9pm Thursday Don’t be Tardy dropped to its lowest ratings so far this season in both the P2+ and P18-49 demographic with just 903,000 viewers tuning in; a drop of 203,000 viewers (-20.5%) lower than the previous week’s 1,136,000. With 484,000 the 5th episodes’s viewers aged 18 to 49 years, that important viewer demographic fell by -88,000 (-15.4%) when compared to the the fourth episode.

Through five episodes this season is now averaging 1,062,000 viewers per episode with 557,400 of them aged between 18 & 49 years old, which puts it exceeding Season 2 at the stage by 6.56% for P2+ viewers (1,062,000 v. 996,600) but it’s still recording a deficit of -25.4% versus the first season’s 1,423,600 P2+ viewers. When compared with the 18 to 49 year old demographic, this season has seen those P18-49 viewers decline by -7.9% compared with last season and drop by -25.40% compared with Kim’s freshman season.

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Full Season Summary – Written July 11th 2014.

The third season of Don’t Be Tardy…. debuts on Bravo TV, Thursday July 17th at 9pm and will have the second reunion episode of the second season of Married to Medicine providing its lead-in audience.

When I published the announcement of the premiere date back on June 13, I wrote asking what Kim Zolciak must have done to upset Bravo Media given that they had scheduled her season to air on Thursday nights. This is what I wrote:

While it’s true that the first season titled “Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding“, aired on Thursday nights, that was back in 2012 when Bravo Media were still committed to airing five nights of original programming, which they had launched with much fanfare in late 2010. The second season of Don’t Be Tardy aired in 2013 on Tuesday nights.

In the previous twelve months the following shows, all of which aired on Thursday nights, and were subsequently cancelled include: Kathy – Season 2, The Real Housewives of Miami – Season 3, Tabatha Takes Over – Season 5 as well as presumably this year’s Courtney Loves Dallas & Toned Up (neither of which were listed in this year’s Bravo Media Show Renewals in April). The only show which aired on Thursdays and which bucked that trend was Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker – Season 7, but it recording its lowest ratings in years, averaging just over 1m viewers with 0.5m P18-49 (and its ratings were only that high due to its season finale airing on a Sunday night after The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and garnering 1,862,000 viewers with 899,000 of them 18-49 years).

Kim Zolciak‘s assistant, Ryan immediately took me to task on Twitter and as often happens he attacked the messenger rather than attacking the message:

I had originally embedded Ryan's Tweet but he deleted it after I posted my article and so I am now using an image taken from this cashed version.

I had originally embedded Ryan’s Tweet but he deleted it after I posted my article and so I am now using an image taken from this cashed version.

The above list of Bravo TV shows, show that in the last couple of years Bravo have had a major challenge attracting viewers to their Thursday night programming. Now I really hope that Kim Zolciak manages to buck that trend as, believe me, the more viewers Bravo TV has translates into more readers for this website and we all now that more viewers & readers means more advertising revenue for us all! However, I think Kim has a real challenge on her hands and I would expect that her third season will attract a fewer number of viewers than those who watched her second season. That season averaged 1,070,833 viewers with 626,583 aged between 18 & 49 years which in itself posted ratings declines of -29.40% and -25.06% when compared with her freshman season Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding which aired in 2012. If she can hold her ratings both above 1m P2+ viewers and 500k in P18-49, then that should be considered a great success given the night it is airing on, as well as the fact that Housewives spin-offs have proven to be subject to the law of diminishing returns. If I had to guess, I’d estimate that this season will average 900,000 viewers with 525,000 aged between 18-49 years, which would put it right on the cut off threshold for a fourth season renewal. We’ll know come September!

Don’t Be Tardy…” is produced by True Entertainment with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Jen Morton and Jen Lane serving as Executive Producers.

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  • timewillheal

    Well looks like Simon was right when he said DBT was in the graveyard slot. The ratings are not good. After reading the comments on most of the blog sites, most people call the show trash and too much profanity.

  • alana wyst

    Reading through this and just figured out that this is Simon Van Kempen writing this blog? Go Simon. What a great writing style. I wondered about the link to Alex’s recaps, now I know why. I hope you guys make lots of ad revenue off of this site. I really miss seeing the two of you on NY. Carole of course is the new Alex, her personality is so much like Alex, and they do resemble. I am sorry Alex was surrounded by so many crazies that last season that being a sound rational person she just could not keep up with them. I loved everything about you guys, your intelligence, your fashions, your house in Brooklyn, etc. I just read an article that said that Andy is pushing for Luann to come back as ‘full on housewife’ or whatever…he’s just off somehow, he likes and dislikes the wrong people, that weirdo. Anyway best of luck in all your endeavors and great job on this site.

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