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Last Sunday Game of Crowns debuted at 9pm following the sixth season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but almost 1.5m people who watched the RHoNJ premiere changed channels after RHoNJ finished, making Game of Crowns one of the lowest rated Sunday premieres in Bravo TV history.

Last summer the fifth season of RHoNJ was used to provide a lead-in audience for Eat, Drink Love’s freshman season, which debuted on Bravo’s screens on August 11th, 2013. EDL opened with 609,000 viewers in total on that Sunday night at 9pm and of those 356,000 were aged between 18 & 49 years. The RHoNJ episode which preceded it (S05E11) had ratings of 2,410,000 total and a P18-49 count of 1,433,000, thus EDL’s premiere was only able to retain 25.27% (P2+) and 24.84% (P18-49) of its lead-in audience. The following week EDL’s ratings dropped by -14.78% overall; falling to 519,000 in total and its P18-49 demographic fell by a whopping -30.34% to just 248,000 – representing only 18.08% of its RHoNJ lead-in. Despite that massive decline in week two viewership, scheduling executives at Bravo Media gave EDL one last chance to find a Sunday night audience. Its third episode aired on Sunday August 25th and while it posted a slight week-on-week gain in P2+ of 2.12% overall and a larger 21.77% in P18-49, its audience size was still way too small for a prime time Sunday telecast on Bravo TV. For its fourth episode EDL was moved to Thursday nights; initially in prime time but after two further lowly rated episodes, the last three were burnt off at 7pm.

Sadly, it would appear that Game of Crowns is on course to replicate the failure of Eat, Drink Love. When Bravo Media aired a 30 minute preview on GofC at 10.30pm on June 1st, 2014; 900,000 viewers in total with 495,000 of them, aged between 18 & 49 years tuned in. A 30 minute preview of RHoNJ’s Sixth Season had preceded it at 10pm and that had garnered 1,618,000 viewers with 848,000 of them aged 18 to 49 years. On that night GofC’s audience retention of the RHoNJ lead-in was 56% and with RHoNJ‘s sixth season reasonably expected to average at the very least 2m viewers in total and with 1m+ of them in P18-49, that could have reasonably been assumed to put GofC on course to average in excess of 1m viewers for P2+ and over 500,000 P18-49 for its freshman season. And ratings like that for a freshman season would have been fine.

But then came its premiere last Sunday. Yes it’s true that RHoNJ saw its own premiere ratings decline when compared to its seasons’ past, but it was still Bravo Media’s #1 telecast of the week with 2,144,000 P2+ viewers with 1,195,000 in P18-49. With Game of Crowns only being able to attract viewership of 666,000 P2+ and 329,000 P18-49, its RHoNJ audience retention levels dropped from the 56% it had had for its preview in June, to just 31.06% for P2+ and 28.37% for P18-49.

I expect that RHoNJ’s second episode will attract fewer viewers tonight at 8pm than its premiere had last week, and therefore there is no reason to believe that Game of Crowns can significantly improve its ratings tonight. If Bravo Media repeat how they dealt with Eat, Drink Love; then GofC should get one further Sunday night airing before being moved to another night. If they do do that, then Bravo might be better off moving the upcoming reunion episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City to air at 9pm on Sunday nights, which would surely increase RHoNY’s comparatively low average ratings and help reduce the deficits it’s currently posting in its sixth season compared with all of its five previous seasons. Incidentally Shed Media US are the production company for both RHoNY & Game of Crowns and thus aren’t having much success lately on Bravo TV.

But before Game of Crowns loses its Sunday timeslot, one of its cast members, Vanassa Sebastian will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Watch What Happens Live at 11pm alongside RHoNJ’s Kathy Wakile and her sister Rosie Pierri.

What’s your prediction for tonight’s second episode?

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