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2013 year witnessed the complete demise of Bravo Media’s once heralded Fashion By Bravo programming. The original Project Runway network which once attracted 5,181,000 viewers of which 3,754,000 were aged 18 to 49 years in March 2008, for its fourth season finale when Christian Siriano was named the winner saw The Rachel Zoe Project, It’s a Brad, Brad World and The Dukes of Melrose all slumping to be in the bottom ten rated shows of this year; attracting less than 10% of Bravo Media’s former fashion audience aged between 18 and 49 years. The October 2013 debut of Rihanna’s Styled to Rock is showing no improvement on those three shows and is currently the second lowest rated show to air on Bravo TV in 2013.

Here are links to all the ratings history we have for the fashion related programming aired on Bravo TV #FashionByBravo:
The Rachel Zoe Project – Season 1
The Rachel Zoe Project – Season 2
The Rachel Zoe Project – Season 3
The Rachel Zoe Project – Season 4
The Rachel Zoe Project – Season 5Cancellation Pending

It’s a Brad, Brad World – Season 1
It’s a Brad, Brad World – Season 2Cancellation Pending

The Dukes of Melrose – Season 1Cancellation Pending

Styled to Rock – Season 1 Premiered October 25th, 2013

The Fashion Show – Season 1
The Fashion Show – Ultimate Collection – Season 2 – Cancelled

Fashion Hunters – Season 1Cancelled

Mad Fashion – Season 1Cancelled

  • Alice Sterlacci

    Please bring

  • Brenda

    Loved Fashion Hunters. Why was it cancelled? So much better than the other fashion shows.

  • Bravo Veteran

    Spoiled Zoe Show is tired. Gosh fashion is supposed to be fresh and new. She is stuck in Annie Hall clothes and ratty hair. It is all about what is “maj” to HER. She is supposed to be wowing consumers with creativity – not the fur trimmed junk of ten years ago or a remake of a vintage piece.

    Valley girl talk went out when?

    Her complaining is tiring. Shows about designers are upbeat and forward thinking and fun.

    Never once heard her gratitude to anyone who helped her in the early years or a non Gucci, Channel type who inspired her.

    Was hopeful the first season. Just can’t watch again.

  • Marian

    Its got to be time for Rachel Zoe and her crew to be coming back, i enjoy the show and miss them,help Rachel i need a stylist

    • Alice Sterlacci

      Yes it’s time for Rachel Zoe to return