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Bravo Media’s Real Housewives franchise has to date (including spin-offs) run for 45 seasons totaling more than 660 episodes. It all started in 2006 in Orange County, followed by New York and Atlanta in 2008, New Jersey in 2009, DC & Beverly Hills in 2010 and lastly, Miami in 2011. It’s also spawned seven spin-offs, the short lived Date My Ex (RHOC) as well as the limited run Tamra’s OC Wedding, Bethenny’s Getting Married (RHoNY), Vanderpump Rules (RHoBH) and three from RHoA; Don’t be Tardy, The Kandi Factory and I Dream of Nene; The Wedding. A fourth RHoA spin-off, starring Phaedra Parks was announced in April 2013 as ‘in development‘ but due to her husband’s legal troubles has presumably been dropped as in April 2014, there was no mention of it when Bravo Media announced their upcoming 2014/2015 programming slate. However in that same announcement a third season of Don’t Be Tardy… was confirmed, as well as another RHoA spin-off for Kandi Burruss featuring her nuptials to former RHoA producer Todd Tucker

In the table below, you can click on each franchise’s acronym to see the detailed episodic ratings for each episode. At Bravo Ratings we report on each episode’s Live + Same Day ratings for its first airing on Bravo TV.

Also we’ve added some tables for:

Highest Rated Real Housewives Season by Total Viewers For Each Franchise

Highest Rated Real Housewives Season Finale For Each Franchise

Highest Rated Real Housewives Reunion Episode For Each Franchise

Highest Rated Real Housewives Non Reunion Episode For Each Franchise

As well as the Weddings by Bravo ratings history

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The Housewives Ratings History table below has been updated to include all first run episodes which aired up to and including Tuesday April 15th, 2014.

Alphabetical Listing – Real Housewives by Season plus Spin-Offs
Franchise Season       Year          No of Episodes Avg Aud 18-49
RHoA 1 2008 8 1,500,000 990,286
RHoA 2 2009 14 2,833,643 1,992,000
RHoA 3 2010/11 18 2,916,944 1.56
RHoA 4 2011/12 23 2,857,783 1.47
RHoA 5 2012/13 24 3,100,208 1.50
RHoA 6 2013/14 22 3,829,545 1.71
RHoBH 1 2010/11 17 1,925,000 0.99
RHoBH 2 2011/12 24 2,172,208 1.09
RHoBH 3 2012/13 22 1,966,955 0.91
RHoBH 4 2013/14 23 1,804,826 0.79
RHoDC 1 2010 11 1,408,091 0.66
RHoM 1 2011 6 1,156,833 0.60
RHoM 2 2012 18 1,077,222 0.49
RHoM 3 2013 16 1,020,125 0.46
RHoNJ 1 2009 10 2,617,000 1.43
RHoNJ 2 2010 18 2,718,556 1.38
RHoNJ 3 2011 21 2,662,905 1.26
RHoNJ 4 2012 24 2,665,250 1.28
RHoNJ 5 2013 22 2,289,636 1.03
RHoNY 1 2008 9 1,220,000 843,000
RHoNY 2 2009 14 1,704,286 1,210,000
RHoNY 3 2010 18 2,019,889 1.06
RHoNY 4 2011 18 2,039,833 0.93
RHoNY 5 2012 21 1,583,714 0.69
RHoNY 6 2014 6 1,305,167 0.52

Franchise Season       Year          No of Episodes Avg Aud 18-49
RHOC 1 2006 8 646,000 503,000
RHOC 2 2007 10 1,189,000 No Info
RHOC 3 2007/08 12 1,498,000 1,160,000
RHOC 4 2008/09 15 1,733,333 1,300,000
RHOC 5 2009/10 17 2,064,353 1,470,000
RHOC 6 2011 16 1,942,375 1.04
RHOC 7 2012 23 1,947,130 0.97
RHOC 8 2013 22 1,898,227 0.90
RHOC 9 2014 1 1,703,000 0.80
BGM 1 2010 10 1,794,400 0.86
BEA 2 2011 11 1,454,909 0.76
BEA 3 2012 15 1,114,867 0.51
DateMyEx 1 2008 9 No Info No Info
DBTFTW 1 2012 9 1,609,000 0.69
DBTardy 2 2013 12 1,070,833 0.49
PumpRules 1 2013 10 1,485,700 0.66
PumpRules 2 2013/14 17 1,517,529 0.69
KFactory 1 2013 8 718,125 0.33
Tamara’s OC 1 2013 3 1,371,333 0.57
Dream Nene 1 2013 7 1,533,143 0.59
Total 45 662

Source: Live + Same Day – Nielsen Media Research via TVByTheNumbers, TheFutonCritic, Bravo Media and/or Son of the Bronx


  1. WallE says:

    Lynn, your point is well taken, although when you say “you ruined”, it should be clarified that you are (or rather, should be) referring to the Bravo network, and the producers/show runners/casting, etc. (feel free to peruse to learn even more info!

  2. Lynn says:

    Wow! First you ruined Housewives of New York by keeping LouAnn with the two dingbats and now you are ruining Housewives of the OC by taking Gretchen
    off and leaving the mean girls. Yes, some people prefer to watch the nice people!!! Now I only watch Beverly Hills, so please don’t ruin that one too!

  3. articulatesoul says:


  4. articulatesoul says:


  5. […] that could result in a global Cold War. In total The Real Housewives franchise has run for 36 seasons with more than 500 episodes. There are many different series of the franchise, with one taking […]

  6. babe says:

    Time to recast RHoNJ its getting wack getting tiered of all the same fights and fack ppl. maybe its time to drop Jackie and Carolines family’s.

  7. Connie Eisenhardt says:

    Good luck bravo…looking forward to major improvement via sponsors,and hosts…….look to PBS for guides.

    • Claire Jones says:

      What about Ramona Singer? She’s at the top of the so-called pecking order in NYC society? PUHleeze, this woman can’t even use the proper English grammar. Low class anyone?

  8. Connie Eisenhardt says:

    It is such a shame that so much tv is devoted to the lowest type of women in most of your Reality shows…….yes drama breeds drama. It is truly like watching a train wreck…..however when is enough enough?…. Interview some intelligent, hardworking people,the Housewives of DC was a great deal above the class of such from Atlanta,Beverly. Hills etc…. Clarifying…..not all the women involved in these shows are lame,they just have to deal with those put in front of them…..wrap it up,mix different housewives…also how about that they be house wives? Not divorced,separated,single,or……whatever…make it really real….not scripted as we know it is……at least be transparent…. A concerned viewer…Bravo used to represent higher values,opera,English movies,concerts etc… Is “Andy Cohen” the Guide here? Background check here?

  9. Connie Eisenhardt says:

    Please remove Brandi from any housewives… on earth would a person like Brandi be s spokesman,comment maker etc.,etc……..she is such LOW Class….Pulease….be embarrassed…if you choose to continue to have this “can’t keep my mouth from lacing everything with a disgusting adjective so I can’t express myself otherwise” person then be my guest for trying to attract audiences,Brandi needs a reality check….we’re she the professional,lady she need not resort to verbiage inclusive of “put her dick on the table,use of bitching words etc…. This certainly doesn’t lead to respect……I personally don’t believe that her Former husband left for another woman,,,he left her for a woman…..not a truck driver mouth with revenge in her heart,a person with little regard for anyone……should you at Bravo wish to continue Bevhousewives……lose ?
    Brandi, and consider Lisa as well…….where are the values? Is Brandi a representative of what is believed as an american housewife? I will not watch with this Brandi ,Yolanda,l and Lisa… want class and an audience bring it on without these “I really need to have counceling and not necessarily an audience via reality tv……….this is high school crapola. Do your best.

    • amber says:

      I cannot believe the outpouring of support for everything Brandi says over, no matter how mean or vulgar,by her many fans on the Bravo blogs. If I ever point out the inconsistencies in her “brutal Honesty” her fans cuss me out just like their idol would even though I word things respectfully. I thing Yo jumped on the bandwagon after reading the blogs.

    • dch60 says:

      FYI – Eddie did not leave Brandi. Brandi kicked him out after she found out he continued to cheat on her. He didn’t want to leave but she didn’t give him a choice.

    • articulatesoul says:

      OMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT !!!!!!!!

    • articulatesoul says:

      brandi trailer trashes in beverly hills

    • Liz says:

      Love love love Brandi!! She tells the truth and calls the others out on their crap.

  10. Ariel says:

    Get Tamra off RHOC. She’s retaliatory towards her fans (whom she egomaniacally thinks are “haters”). She said SEVERAL times, “Dont watch the show, if you cant handle it!!!” Okay, I as well as well as over 700 of my Facebook friends will simply block the station. Its not life or death… not for us atleast. Remember what happened to Evalyn Lozado of Basketball Wives? Even Oprah got pissed. If you’re to act like a villain, then as a public figure, you’re going to get responses, criticisms & comments. You’re on OUR cable sets. Tamra reminds me of Al Pacino’s character on The Devils Advocate…. short, vain, & vicious.

    • amber says:

      She is so viscious to Alexis it made me start liking Alexis because I can’t stand to watch someone being ganged up on like that led by Tamara, of course. Then she went after her ‘old’ BFF, Vicki, while literally kissing and giving gifts to Gretchen, it is disgusting. Then she lets Bravo pay for her “engagement” trip and ring… Eddie is a moron.

    • Grageo says:

      You and all 700+ of your Facebook friends? Wow, you’ve really got Bravo by the b#lls, don’t you? Delusional.

      • Ariel says:

        Yea? Go tell that to Donald Trump at Macy’s who had more than 470,000 signatures petitioned against him at Macy’s for running his mouth off on Twitter. Or Paula Deen from the food network who lost several sponsors for bigoted statements she made a long time ago . Or ex-Gov. of Illinois Rod Blogojevich who was taped using profane & incriminating language. And numerous other prominent people who had their careers go down the down because of some selfish, egomaniacal, self-absorbed action.

        Mmm,,,, the arrogant always get their comeuppance.

        Whether we physically abuse someone, verbally bully them, lack compassion, ignore suffering or take something which isn’t rightfully ours– the effect is the same. But eventually that mistreatment will come back to you, measure for measure, in the most unexpected ways, whether it’s tomorrow or 20 yrs. from now.
        Be thankful, if it’s sooner, because the consequences are far worse later.

        • lilmissdiva says:

          Grageo does have a point even if it was a bit rude. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about Orange County and Tamra but looking at the ratings, too many of you are STILL supporting the show by watching/talking about it. If enough people quit supporting the show, then you might actually get Bravo’s attention.

          • Ariel says:

            Personally, I don’t know anyone who watches RHOC, except me. But that was last year. No more.

            And what are the ratings for RHOC, anyhow? Cause I haven’t seen any recently. Anything that was last posted, showed their ratings dropped from last year.

            You think, out of millions of women, they couldn’t find someone alot better and much hotter than Tamra?

            Every show did just fine with their cast changes. RHONY wasn’t as hot, but still gained a lot of attention, after Bethenny, Jill, Kelly, Alex and probably now Luann left.

            Atleast Bethenny was one of the few cast members that appreciated the fact that her fans helped where she and the show is today. Now, she’s a millionaire with her own shows and her own brands.

            As far as Tamra, she’s like the bad boy scenario where the girls like to be taken advantage of and abused, as Vicki & Gretchen does. She is beyond lunatic, because she wastes her precious time literally taking revenge on not only every person on the show, but on fans as well. She went as far as going to a fan’s hometown because she thought that fan “stalked” her or said something mean to her on twitter. Turns out that it was the wrong fan. Smart.
            They need to get rid of her.

  11. Sandra says:

    SUR is Okay – could be better! Vanderpump on both shows is such a Pain! She is just a aweful person who needs to go off TV!

  12. ellis says:

    When is this going to be updated? It’s been weeks!

  13. Laralyn says:

    Get Teresa off of housewives or send her to a psychiatrist. Give Caroline, Melissa, Kathy and Jacquline a better story line. Maybe add 1 or 2 new housewives from NJ.

    • JeriLynn says:

      They’d never get of Teresa, she IS the show. And what do u mean, give them better story lines? It’s supposed to be real. So if u think they need better story lines, that just means u don’t like them bc they’re BORING. So if anything, Bravo needs to get rid of them(aka the boring ppl) and keep Teresa. The only one worth watching:)

      • lilmissdiva says:

        The only people I don’t mind watching are Teresa and her family, Joe Gorga & his kids and that’s it. The other 4 housewives (this includes Melissa) are not interesting to watch at all. If Bravo can’t give them a better storyline then they need to go.

        Personally I liked the show better when Danielle was the star and everyone hated her for no good reason. Now we are stuck with this boring Giudice/Gorga feud that’s been dragged out for 3 seasons.

    • articulatesoul says:


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