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Bravo Ratings – Flipping Out, MDD & WWHL – Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Andy Cohen, MDD's Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and Joan Collins on WWHL after Flipping Out Finale and MDD

Andy Cohen, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and Joan Collins
on WWHL November 27th, 2012
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Flipping Out wrapped up its sixth season Tuesday night, and although when it premiered we wrote that as it had “consistently averaged over 1m viewers which basically guarantees a renewal, that providing Season 6 manages greater than that, look for a 7th season in 2013“, however now that this season has aired, we’re not so sure a renewal is as easy as that.

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While the finale scored the second highest ratings of the season, 1,253,000 (18-49 demo 0.50), this season has limped along with the lowest 18 to 49 year old demo audience of its six seasons. Combining those ratings declines with Jenni Pulos now married and seemingly having legal spats with Jeff Lewis, and I’m not sure that Jeff & Zola (with Andrew) are enough to keep a seventh season sustained. The season average did exceed 1m viewers per episode; 1,141,333 to be exact, but just 601,583 of those were aged 18 to 49 and that’s a decline of almost 1/3 of viewers in that age group versus 2011’s season five. Read more

Bravo Ratings – Flipping Out & MDD – Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Jenni & Jeff in Happier times - Before their lawsuit, in Flipping Out's Penultimate Episode

Jenni Pulos & Jeff Lewis
In Happier times Before Their Lawsuit
Flipping Out’s Penultimate Episode
Of the Season or the Series?
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Last night saw the penultimate episode of the sixth season of Flipping Out, and frankly the question we have at Bravo Ratings is whether this was the second last episode of the season or of the entire series.

This most recent season has limped along with less than stellar ratings, and although Bravo PR issued a press release after its premiere, it had to spin the numbers hard to do so. The fact is, that as the audience on Bravo TV has reduced for Jeff Lewis and his antics, it is in the 18 to 49 year old demo where they’ve fallen away the most. Read more

Bravo’s Third Week of Sweeps Isn’t Much Better Than Their Second – Year-on-Year Down 18% & 18-49 Down 25%

Bravo Media & Nielsen Media Logos - Sweeps November 11 - November 17 2012

Bravo Media & Nielsen Media
Copyright Held by Each Entity

As we wrote last week, Bravo Media held back all of their big guns for the second week of Nielsen’s Fall Sweeps and apart from The Real of Housewives of Atlanta’s season five premiere getting off to a record start, the rest of that week was best swept away. So, how did the third week go?

Unfortunately, not only wasn’t it any better but when compared like-for-like with the programming for the same week in 2011, total audience levels declined by 18%. In the equivalent week in 2011 Bravo TV aired a total of 8 hours of original programming over four nights, versus last week’s 12 hours over five nights. The additions being; five versus two episodes of Watch What Happens Live, this year two episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami aired, whereas in 2011 no original programming was aired on Thursday, November 17th and the last difference is LOLwork added on Wednesday’s, giving that night 3 hours of first run programming. Read more

Bravo Ratings for Tuesday November 13th 2012 – Flipping Out, Million $ Dec & WWHL

Andy Cohen, Tyra Banks and Whitney Cummings on WWHL November 13th

Andy Cohen, Tyra Banks and Whitney Cummings on WWHL Nov 13th
which aired after Flipping Out & Million Dollar Decorators
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Last night Bravo Media aired a design double header as Flipping Out, which took a week off during Bravo’s Big Premiere Week aired at 9pm and then Million Dollar Decorators debuted with its second season premiere, which aired at 10pm.

While it has been the various iterations & seasons of Top Chef and Real Housewives, that have driven Bravo’s success over the past several years, it shouldn’t be overlooked that Real Estate & Design have played their part too. Flipping Out has been airing since 2007 and both the Million Dollar Listings shows; LA & NY have performed creditably as well. Read more

Million Dollar Decorators – Season 2 Ratings

Million Dollar Decorators

In April 2013 Bravo Media announced their 2013 slate of new and renewed programming and we’re afraid that Million Dollar Decorators wasn’t on it and thus didn’t get to see a third season. To see the other nine shows that also missed out on renewal and their ratings which acts as a guide to the audience size that a show needs to succeed on Bravo TV click here.

Full Season Summary Read more