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Bravo Ratings Thursday, March 28th – Millionaire Matchmaker, WWHL and Kathy

Andy Cohen, Caroline Manzo and Bobby Moyhnihan WWHL S09E54 28 March 2013 Photo courtesy of BravoTV © which aired prior to the finale of Kathy & after Millionaire Matchmaker

Andy Cohen, Caroline Manzo and Bobby Moyhnihan
WWHL S09E54 28 March 2013
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Although Bravo Media tout themselves as offering five nights of original programming, Thursday nights have for a long time been their weakest night; both for the number of hours of original programming aired as well as their ratings. Yesterday, in what may turn out to be an astute programming move, next Tuesday’s episode of Millionaire Matchmaker was aired at 10pm, and gave a great boost to the two programs that followed.

Great Camera Deals

With Patti Stanger’s Matchmaker added to the schedule and drawing 986,000 viewers at 10pm, that propelled Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live to his best Thursday ratings in a long time and it was up almost 17% versus the previous Thursday. In fact, the 664,000 that tuned into to watch Caroline Manzo and Bobby Moyhnihan was even higher than the number who tuned into to see Kathy Griffin when she was on Tuesday night (also following an episode of Matchmaker). Read more

Bravo Ratings Tuesday, March 26th – Millionaire Matchmaker and WWHL

millionaire matchmaker WWHL
Andy Cohen & Kathy Griffin WWHL S09E52 March 26, 2013 Which Aired After Millionaire matchmaker Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Andy Cohen & Kathy Griffin
WWHL S09E52 March 26, 2013
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Fresh off last week’s Season High ratings, Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker dropped back down this week with almost one quarter of last week’s viewers staying away. Episode 11 (S05E11) gained an audience of 1,072,000 people aged two years and over (18-49 demo 0.50) for its 10pm airing, dropping it below its sixth season average of 1,118,000 viewers (demo 0.52).

On the back of last week’s great ratings, Bravo Media have decided to schedule an additional episode of Matchmaker this week, with Episode 12 airing this Thursday March 28th, also at 10pm. We’re guessing that that was designed to give Andy Cohen’s Thursday edition of WWHL a better lead-in than it has had from repeats of various other Bravo programming, but with last night’s 1m viewer lead-in not helping WWHL which featured Kathy Griffin, score a placement in the Nightly Cable Top 100 TV shows, we wouldn’t expect it to help that much on Thursday, when many of Matchmaker’s fans may be oblivious to the schedule change. Read more

Bravo Ratings Monday, March 25th – RHoBH Finale & Reunion, LA Shrinks and WWHL

The Adrienne Maloofless RHoBH Reunion - S03E20 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

The Adrienne Maloofless
RHoBH Reunion – S03E20
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

The unprecedented double header aired by Bravo Media last night was a ratings gamble, but did it pay off? It seems, that the answer is NO, as RHoBH scored series lows when compared with the equivalent episodes of its prior seasons.

With Lisa Vanderpump renewing her vows to husband Ken Todd after 30 years of marriage, forming the main setting for the RHoBH Season three finale, it was definitely a big night for Lisa, as at the exact time that her renewal ceremony was airing on Bravo TV, she was in sitting in hair and make-up at the Dancing With the Stars studio, ready to perform the jive with dance partner Gleb Savchenko. Her DWTS performance coincided with the first quarter of the RHoBH reunion, and the question we had, as did Bravo’s executives, was which show, fans of Lisa’s would watch at air time and which they’d DVR? Read more

Bravo Ratings For Week Ending Thursday, March 21st 2013

Bravo Media & Nielsen Media Logos - Sweeps November 11 - November 17 2012
Brad's On Top  As Goreski's ratings beats Zoe's Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Brad’s On Top
As Goreski’s ratings beats Zoe’s
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

This week was pretty eventful for Bravo Ratings as RHoBH faced off against Dancing With The Stars, Patti Stanger hit season high ratings and Brad Goreski out-rated his former boss & now arch-nemesis Rachel Zoe. In late night; Sunday’s Fashion Queens debuted strongly, Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live ratings grew 7% week-on-week and even Kathy Griffin came off her season lows.

Without a doubt the biggest news of the week was The Rachel Zoe Project’s ratings falling below those of It’s A Brad, Brad World on Wednesday. Now a source “close to Zoe” has reportedly complained to Radar Online, that this is all the fault of Bravo Executives and stated:

Rachel thinks it was a very calculated maneuver by Bravo to run Brad’s show after hers, and thinks it’s negatively impacting her fashion empire. Brad has been portrayed in the press in a very sympathetic way, and an all around nice guy. Rachel believes that Brad’s show running after hers is just a negative reminder to their bad break-up when he quit working for her to embark out on his own.

Read more

Bravo PR Confirms Patti Stanger’s Season High Ratings for Millionaire Matchmaker S6

Millionaire Matchmaker

Scoop by Bravo

Tuesday night’s Millionaire Matchmaker saw it hit season high ratings for this sixth season as S06E10 scored 1,415,000 total viewers, 824,000 aged 18-49 and the one number we hadn’t previously reported; 918,000 viewers aged 25 to 54.

In the press release, detailed in full below, Bravo Media state that Millionaire Matchmaker is showing a 13% growth over Season 5 after 10 episodes based on Live plus Same Day Nielsen data. Our analysis shows it’s a little less than that; a 10.69% increase, although that might be down to rounding issues. None-the-less, this is a very good season for Patti Stanger and places her firmly in position to be renewed for a seventh season to air in 2014. Read more