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Bravo Media Renew MDLNY & Southern Charm + 3 New Shows

Bravo Media

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As BravoRatings had previously predicted both Southern Charm and Million Dollar Listing New York have been picked up for their sophomore & fourth seasons respectively. In addition Bravo Media have also announced, during their Spring Upfront presentation, that an additional three new unscripted reality series have gone into production. This announcement adds to the 15 New and 16 Returning Shows that Bravo announced in April 2014.

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Bravo Media Offers Up A Double Dose Of “Shahs Of Sunset” Next Week

Bravo Media

In a sign that Bravo Media is indeed worried about the ratings for the third season of Shahs of Sunset they have rescheduled the sixth episode to air this Sunday at 9pm.

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Like a shopping mall needs an anchor tenant, so a TV network needs a massive hit show, or a tent pole as its known in the business; a show that props of the rest of that particular night’s programming. For Bravo Media The Real Housewives of Atlanta admirably and incredibly successfully performs that role.

In the six hours of television aired on Bravo TV between 7pm & 1am Sunday night, November 18th, four hours were dedicated to RHoA programming; one hour to last week’s S06E02 and three to this week’s third episode of this sixth season. A massive 7.3m viewers tuned into those four hours RHoA with the only hour of new programming amassing over half of that, 3,697,000 viewers at the 8pm hour.

At 9pm Thicker Than Water managed to increase its RHoA retention percentage from last week’s 46.84% to this week’s 49.93%, as it had 1,837,000 viewers at 9pm, a figure almost matched by the 10pm RHoA repeat with 1,712,000 viewers aged 2 years and over. Both the 9 & 10pm hours had 18-49 demo ratings of 0.80. Read more

Thicker Than Water – Season 1 Ratings

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Updated Tuesday January 5st after S01E08 aired at 9pm on Sunday January 5th.

Sunday December 8th saw Thicker Than Water take a week off when Shahs of Sunset was given a chance to boost its ratings with a Sunday night airing, pushing Thicker Than Water’s finale air date into calendar year 2014. With the premiere of Blood, Sweat & Heels slated for 9pm, Thicker was pushed back one hour and aired at 10pm, which meant it missed out on having the direct boost of the lead-in provided by The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

However, despite the 10pm time slot, the finale episode which featured the nuptials of Benji and Shanira easily became Thicker’s highest rated episode of their freshman season and should almost guarantee that Bravo Media will commission producers; Sirens Media to film a second season of the Tankard family. A total of 2,286,000 viewers tuned in (1,200,000 aged 18 to 49 years – Demo 1.0 ) which was 6,000 more overall and 100,000 more aged 18-49 than those who watched Nene Leakes’ wedding to Gregg in October 2013 – (See Weddings By Bravo – for the entire weddings ratings history).

Those stellar finale ratings mean that Thicker has finished its freshman season averaging 1,841,875 viewers per episode with 1,000,750 of those aged 18 to 49 years. Married to Medicine has now been displaced as the highest rated non franchise/non spin-off freshman season of any show on Bravo TV, since Queer Eye for The Straight Guy. Married to Medicine’s freshman season contained ten 1 hour episodes (versus Thicker’s 8), with M2M’s two hour season finale combining episodes 9 & 10 and those initial ten episodes averaged 1,804,778 viewers per episode (1,077,556 aged 18-49 – Demo 0.86), and Thicker rated just over 2% higher overall but was down -7.13% in the more important 18 to 49 year old demographic.

That Thicker than Water has rated so well is testament to the fact that negative buzz can have a positive ratings affect. It’s fair to say that when the initial episodes aired many people on social media attacked the show as unwatchable but its ratings throughout its 8 week run prove otherwise and so, I think it’s very safe to say that the Tankard family will get another year gracing Bravo TV screens – the shows many critics be damned! ;-)

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Bravo Ratings For Week Ending Thursday, May 2nd 2013

Bravo Media & Nielsen Media Logos - Sweeps November 11 - November 17 2012

This week saw the final episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and thus the last week until later this year that Bravo Media would be able to air a first run episode of their Number 1 rated show. It also saw the airing of a documentary bought at the Sundance Film Festival; The Queen of Versailles as well as two episodes of The Kandi Factory, two of Dukes of Melrose and a whole host more. Despite all the ratings this week’s Bravo Ratings was one of their weakest in awhile.
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