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Bravo Ratings For Week Ending Thursday, May 2nd 2013

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This week saw the final episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and thus the last week until later this year that Bravo Media would be able to air a first run episode of their Number 1 rated show. It also saw the airing of a documentary bought at the Sundance Film Festival; The Queen of Versailles as well as two episodes of The Kandi Factory, two of Dukes of Melrose and a whole host more. Despite all the ratings this week’s Bravo Ratings was one of their weakest in awhile.
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Bravo Ratings Sunday, April 28th – RHoA, Married to Medicine, Kandi Factory, WWHL & Fashion Queens


Sunday saw four hours of original programming on Bravo TV which, as far as we are aware, is a first for Bravo Media. Normally the headline program is repeated at the 10pm hour, and of course it’s only since January this year, when first run programming started airing at 8/7c rather than the previous starting time of 9/8c, that a four hour block has existed.
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This Week on Bravo – A Double Dose of Kandi and The Dukes, A Queen of Versailles & RHoA Bows Out

Queen of Versailles

Tonight sees the kick off of Bravo Media’s five nights of original programming with The Real Housewives of Atlanta bowing out via a compilation episode of clips that didn’t contribute to the main story-lines. This used to be packaged as “The Lost Footage” but is now titled “Secrets Revealed“. That subtle name changed seemed to work for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last month, as their third season Secrets rated 55% higher than their second season ‘Lost Footage‘. RHoA hasn’t aired a Lost Footage episode in its four previous seasons, so we don’t have any statistical evidence to predict how many viewers it will attract, but our gut says it will garner around 2m viewers at 8pm tonight.
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Bravo Ratings For Week Ending Thursday, April 25th 2013

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The weren’t particularly any major ratings surprises with Bravo Ratings on Bravo TV this week, with the dominant theme being how the use of a 12 or 14 minute preview of an upcoming Real Housewives episode can help boost ratings for other original programming when the need arises. although perhaps Kim Zolciak’s ratings decline of 28.5% would have been bigger news but for Kandi Burruss seeing a larger 31.5% decline as her audience shrank below 500,000 people.
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Bravo Ratings Sunday, April 21st – RHoA, Married to Medicine, WWHL & Fashion Queens

Bravo PR Andy Cohen WWHL Fashion Queens

Sunday proved another BIG night for Bravo Media, although The Real Housewives of Atlanta, with their highest rated reunion episode ever, still missed out on grabbing the one Real Housewives ratings record it doesn’t hold; The Highest Rated Reunion Episode. At 8/7c, 3,748,000 people (18-49 demo 1.80) tuned in to the third and final installment of the fifth season reunion. Cumulatively 10,905,000 people have watched each of the first airings of the three reunions beating the 8,907,000 people who watched the three reunion episodes last season. With next Sunday’s Secrets Revealed left to air this season, with 24 episodes, becomes the longest season of RHoA to date, as well as the most watched. Read more