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Bravo Ratings – RHoM – Thursday, November 29, 2012

Andy Cohen, Lea Black and Erin Andrews on WWHL after RHoM, 29 November 2012 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Andy Cohen, Lea Black and Erin Andrews
on WWHL, 29 November 2012
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Update November 30As Do The Parents – So Do The Ratings

Great Camera Deals

After taking a week’s break over Thanksgiving, RHoM returned last Thursday for its 12th episode titled ‘Parent’s Fly South’ and so did the ratings as RHoM’s ratings dropped to their lowest level since it received its Sunday reboot on October 28th. On November 29th 1,023,000 viewers tuned in scoring another 0.50 on the 18-49 demo, but that’s a drop of -9.63% versus the previous episode, which aired on November 15th. Season to date RHoM shows declines versus its freshman season of -9.00% in total audience and -19.44% in the 18-49 demo. With the Reunion being filmed last Friday, November 30th, we’re gathering there are just two regular episodes left and that the Reunion will air on December 20th (although we’ve since been informed that there are 3 regular episodes left plus the Reunion). Read more

Bravo’s Third Week of Sweeps Isn’t Much Better Than Their Second – Year-on-Year Down 18% & 18-49 Down 25%

Bravo Media & Nielsen Media Logos - Sweeps November 11 - November 17 2012

Bravo Media & Nielsen Media
Copyright Held by Each Entity

As we wrote last week, Bravo Media held back all of their big guns for the second week of Nielsen’s Fall Sweeps and apart from The Real of Housewives of Atlanta’s season five premiere getting off to a record start, the rest of that week was best swept away. So, how did the third week go?

Unfortunately, not only wasn’t it any better but when compared like-for-like with the programming for the same week in 2011, total audience levels declined by 18%. In the equivalent week in 2011 Bravo TV aired a total of 8 hours of original programming over four nights, versus last week’s 12 hours over five nights. The additions being; five versus two episodes of Watch What Happens Live, this year two episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami aired, whereas in 2011 no original programming was aired on Thursday, November 17th and the last difference is LOLwork added on Wednesday’s, giving that night 3 hours of first run programming. Read more

Bravo Ratings – RHoM & WWHL – Thursday Nov 15, 2012

Andy Cohen, Ana Quincoces and Camille Paglia on WWHL after RHoM

Andy Cohen, Ana Quincoces and Camille Paglia
On WWHL after RHoM – Nov 15, 2012
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

After two of its last three episodes aired on Sunday nights, either following an RHoA special or a regular episode of RHoA, the ratings topsy turvy that is RHoM, returned to its regular Thursday time slot last night and its ratings returned to their regular Thursday level as well. Without the benefit of the lead-in it had on its Sunday airings, this episode’s audience dropped from last week’s series high, to 1,132,000 and a demo of 0.50.

If ever there was evidence of how getting scheduling right can affect how a show performs in its ratings for each first run airing, RHoM demonstrates this perfectly. RHoM is averaging 1,492,000 viewers, of which 886,000 of them are in the 18 to 49 year age group (18-49 demo of 0.70) when it has aired on a Sunday. Conversely, in its regular Thursday slot, that average drops by a massive 55.67% in total audience (down to 958,444) and by a larger 63.07%, from 886,000 to 543,333 (or 0.40), in the 18-49 demo. Its Thursday ratings push it toward not being green lit for a 3rd season but perhaps with the correct scheduling, and the Sunday numbers prove it, it is worth another season. Read more


Real Housewives of Miami - Season 2 cast RHoM

Real Housewives of Miami – Season 2
Keeps Rating the Best on Sundays
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

On its second Sunday airing, the Real Housewives of Miami, has again scored a series high ratings return but this time in the 18-49 demo, as well. Last week in Bravo Media’s (self titled) Big Premiere Week, which debuted during Nielsen Media’s Fall Sweeps, Bravo PR was only able to issue one ratings press release (on RHoA), as everything else they debuted scored disappointing ratings.

Their latest press release, which can be read in full below, confirms that the next episode of RHoM will air this Thursday November 15th, and then RHoM will presumably skip the week following, as the 22nd is Thanksgiving. Given how well that RHoM is doing on Sundays, perhaps it’s time for Bravo Media to give up on Thursdays, postpone the premiere of Shahs of Sunset, scheduled for December 2nd, and let this season of RHoM conclude with Sunday airings. Read more

Bravo Ratings for Sunday November 11th 2012 – RHoA, RHoM & WWHL

Kandi Burruss and Russell Peters appeared in Andy Cohen's WWHL after RHoA & RHoM

Kandi Burruss and Russell Peters on Andy Cohen’s
WWHL after RHoA & RHoM aired Sunday, Nov 11th
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Dubbed #SouthernSunday on Twitter by RHoM’s production company; Purveyors of Pop, Sunday night saw the first instance of two regular season episodes of competing Real Housewives franchises air consecutively. In what can best be described as Bravo Media‘s own version of a ‘Southern Strategy‘, last week’s record ratings winners, RHoA aired first at 9pm with the Miami wives airing at 10. Bravo Media gave RHoM a great time slot, that last week was used for a repeat of the RHoA premiere, which despite being a repeat, attracted an audience greater than any episode of RHoM has ever achieved. So how did they both do? Read more