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Bravo Ratings – LATC, Top Chef Seattle, WWHL & LOLWork 28-Nov-2012

Andy Cohen, Snooki, JWOWW, Deena Cortese and Sammi Giancola on WWHL after Top Chef

Andy Cohen, Snooki, JWOWW, Deena Cortese
and Sammi Giancola on WWHL after Top Chef
November 28, 2012 Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

Top Chef Seattle has had three weeks of torrid ratings and so the increase of last night’s fourth episode to 0.50 in the 18-49 demo will give Bravo Media and Magical Elves a little to cheer about. Just don’t expect any press releases yet! Overall, this week saw the total audience climb to 1,115,000 viewers and that has pushed the season-to-date average just above the 1m mark; to 1,003,250 viewers per episode. That’s also reduced the prior season deficits to -36.76 for total audience and -43.33% in the 18-49 demo versus Season 9 and -48.44% total and -56.41% in the 18-49 demo versus All Stars Season 8. Additionally as the season has progressed each week has seen a growth in viewership so perhaps all is not yet lost for Top Chef. Read more

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Bravo Ratings – RHoA & WWHL– Sunday, November 25, 2012

Andy Cohen, Kenya Moore & Tichina Arnold on WWHL after RHoA

Andy Cohen, Kenya Moore & Tichina Arnold
on WWHL 25 November 2012
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

With the last two episodes of RHoA dropping to 1.20’s in the 18-49 demo it’s beginning to appear that the water cooler sensation that was RHoA is beginning to cool a little. Last Sunday night Lifetime network scheduled an additional complication with the much talked about (derisively, though) telemovie ‘Liz & Dick’ starring Lindsay Lohan starting at 9pm – the same time as RHoA.

Although Lifetime managed to attract 3.5m viewers at 9pm, it only managed to rate 1.0 in the 18-49 demo, as RHoA held for a third week at 1.20 for that demographic with 2,251,000 viewers overall. The last time RHoA scored three weeks of 1.20 in the 18-49 demo, was early in 2010’s Season Three. Against Season Four, this 5th season through four episodes, is trending down -13.60% for its total audience and -18.75% in the 18-49 demographic. Against season three which also started slowly, this current season is however showing audience growth of 11.67% and 6.12% (18-49 demo) respectively. Read more

Bravo Ratings – LATC, Top Chef Seattle & LOLWork 21-Nov-2012

Top Chef Seattle - Turkey Special with Tom Colicchio & Emeril Lagasse

Top Chef Seattle – Turkey Special
Tom Colicchio & Emeril Lagasse
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

With the worst start for ratings for any of the 10 seasons of Top Chef or for that matter for the four seasons of Top Chef Masters or even when compared with the two seasons of the cancelled Top Chef Desserts, the third episode, which aired on Thanksgiving Eve lent itself too easily to jokes about Turkeys. And what a ratings turkey this season is proving to be.

The fourth episode of last year’s ninth season; Top Chef Texas, aired the night prior to Thanksgiving in 2011, and drew 1,671,000 viewers with 0.70 in the 18-49 demo. At the time that was a season high for total audience numbers but not for those aged 18-49. Last Wednesday, Tom & Emeril managed to cook up just over 1m viewers for the 1st time this season, as 1,045,000 people tuned in, but their 18-49 demo rating held for the third week at 0.40. This, however means their 10th season average stays below 1 million viewers at 966,000 and a rather paltry (poultry?) 0.40 in the 18-49 demo. Read more

Bravo Ratings – RHoA – Sunday, November 18, 2012

Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore - RHoA - Sunday November 18, 2012

Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore
RHoA – Sunday November 18, 2012
Photo courtesy of BravoTV ©

With Nielsen’s fall Sweeps continuing through Wednesday night of this week, Bravo Media made a perplexing decision in allowing Andy Cohen this week off from hosting his Embassy Row produced talk vehicle ‘Watch What Happens Live‘. In the same week last year both RHoA & RHoBH were airing and although at that time WWHL only aired two nights each week, it might have been smarter to have him host editions this week following those shows to atleast attempt ratings parity. Last year on the same Sunday Cynthia Bailey (along with Keshia Knight Pulliam) were on Andy’s show and 1,415,000 viewers tuned in with 0.60 in the 18-49 demo. This followed RHoA’s fourth season’s third episode repeat at 10pm with 1,697,000 viewers (18-49 demo 0.80) which followed the first run airing at 9pm that 3,239,000 viewers (1.70 18-49 demo) had watched. All in that’s 6,340,000 cumulative live viewers over the 2 and one half hours. Read more

Bravo’s Third Week of Sweeps Isn’t Much Better Than Their Second – Year-on-Year Down 18% & 18-49 Down 25%

Bravo Media & Nielsen Media Logos - Sweeps November 11 - November 17 2012

Bravo Media & Nielsen Media
Copyright Held by Each Entity

As we wrote last week, Bravo Media held back all of their big guns for the second week of Nielsen’s Fall Sweeps and apart from The Real of Housewives of Atlanta’s season five premiere getting off to a record start, the rest of that week was best swept away. So, how did the third week go?

Unfortunately, not only wasn’t it any better but when compared like-for-like with the programming for the same week in 2011, total audience levels declined by 18%. In the equivalent week in 2011 Bravo TV aired a total of 8 hours of original programming over four nights, versus last week’s 12 hours over five nights. The additions being; five versus two episodes of Watch What Happens Live, this year two episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami aired, whereas in 2011 no original programming was aired on Thursday, November 17th and the last difference is LOLwork added on Wednesday’s, giving that night 3 hours of first run programming. Read more